SPOTIFY is the world’s MOST POWERFUL marketing tool for independent musicians

Discover a guide on getting your rightful place on Spotify playlists, and riding it.

Curated playlists on Spotify are a really big deal in staying relevant and continuing to be discovered.


Nowadays, anyone can put up their music online to be streamed and listened to – it’s all so easy! One of the most popular websites to get your music out there is Spotify.

On Spotify, there are no publishers and no gatekeepers. Which is great, because it means there’s no one to argue with before getting your music to fans. Also, with over 2 billion playlists, Spotify has a spot for everyone. Get it?

If someone streams your song on Spotify, you get paid a portion of a cent! It’s not a lot, but imagine lots of people listening daily. That’s a pretty big sum.

So how do you get those people to listen to your song? By getting placed on one of the best Spotify playlists, of course! How do you do that, you say? Here are a few tips on making it there.

But first, a little reminder:

You cannot con the system. Getting on a Spotify playlist requires serious work, hard work, time, and consistency. The Spotify algorithm only rewards those who have put in effort on their music and on Spotify too. This means that you have to buckle up; it’s not a smooth ride.

Second, a little background info:

There are two kinds of playlists on Spotify. They are the Spotify Playlists, which consists of playlists that are curated by in-house specialists. There are ones with millions of followers (RapCaviar, mShuffle, Today’s Top Hits, and more) and smaller ones with thousands (Undercurrents, Coffee Break, etc.).

However, not all of them are curated by human beings because of the number of songs pouring in daily; some are algorithm-driven. The belief is that if your song does well in the smaller playlists, then it gets to the big leagues.

Then there are the others. These Spotify playlists range from those owned by Labels like Sony (Filtr), Warner (Topsify), and Universal (Digster) to those created by indie companies and down to average people like you and I.

So now we are done with our little detours, let’s dive into getting you that Spotify playlist placement!


The first step to even getting your music on Spotify is to create an account with them. After that, you need to be verified, so you can have that little blue checkmark that shows you’re credible. Luckily, Spotify has got just the thing to make the process of account creation and confirmation a total breeze, the ‘Spotify for Artists account.’ This account comes with instant verification and cool features like analytics and notifications that help you track how well your music is doing.

Little tip. Take some time to create an eye-catching biography for the Spotify curators; it’ll get their attention.


Why wait to be featured on a big playlist, when you can create yours at the same time? Curate other artists’ music based on mood, genre, or activity and sprinkle in a few of yours – not too much, though. Make sure the title of your playlist is original and exciting. Share links to your playlists on your website and Social, so you can get followers.


Yes, you have to work on getting your fans to follow you on Spotify, add you to their playlists, and of course, stream your songs. Spotify Curators make use of data like the number of plays, skips, listen durations, and finishes to determine whether your work deserves a place on their playlist.

You can’t get this with fake streams either, the algorithm will get you, and you’ll be booted off Spotify along with all your music. So, these  Spotify streams have to be legitimate, and you can only do this a hefty dose of Spotify playlist promotion. We’re talking sharing links everywhere and making sure you stay relevant. Sounds like work, huh? That’s where we come in.

We, at Music Promotion Corp, can make this more comfortable for you. Working with more than 2,000 Spotify Playlists, we can make your dream of getting massive plays on Spotify and boosting your fanbase a reality. We also offer a variety of services which include website design and promotion.

With our four different Spotify promotion packages, we can tailor your Spotify promotion goals to fit your pocket – you don’t have to break the bank on this one. So, why wait? Buy one now!


You don’t have to wait for playlists curators to find you all the time, you can go after them yourself. Do a keyword search on the essential concepts present in your music, then select the playlists that reflect these. Once you have a list, proceed to get the contacts of the curators or owners of these playlists. This should be easy as most owners/curators link their social media accounts too.

Follow them on social, and strike up a conversation. The aim is to build a lasting relationship, not a pitch and run. Curators will be more likely to feature your work if you show some interest in theirs too. Also, don’t only go for the big fish, they’re usually too busy being bombarded with pitches. Start small and work your way up.

Some Spotify playlists have entire websites or social media accounts where you can submit your music. This doesn’t mean you’ll be automatically placed on the playlist, though.


When you get featured on playlists, make sure you show your gratitude. You can share links to the playlists and do all you can to direct people traffic to it; it’s a win-win. You could also invite the owner(s) to your show, so they get a better taste of your music and hopefully feature you more.


Getting your music reviewed on a blog is a great way to gain traction on the Spotify scene. Spotify also crawls music blogs, and if your work is making good waves, then you’ll probably find yourself hanging out in the Fresh Find playlist, huzzah!


You could submit your music directly to Spotify for consideration. There are rules that you have to keep though:

  • The music has to be an unreleased one.
  • It must be submitted at least 7 days before the release date. Earlier submissions get favorable consideration, so it’ll be wise to make that submission earlier than 7 days.
  • It should be submitted with some info (genre, mood, instrumentation, cover/original).
  • Only one track at a time should be submitted. You can only send a second if the first has been released.
  • Keep your fingers crossed. That’s not in the rules, though.

If this is a little overwhelming, we could also help out with your Spotify playlist submission,


Getting a Spotify playlist placement and lots of streams are one thing; keeping the listeners is another. This requires you consistently producing good music. It doesn’t end there, though; you have to make those listeners become your fans. Encourage them to follow you on social media. Add them to your mailing list and keep them posted about your shows, and what you’re up to. Get a Spotify promotion company to help in this journey.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your wings, create a niche in other mediums like Youtube, Amazon, Itunes, etc. You have to work different angles, don’t put your whole time on Spotify, your musical breakthrough might just be somewhere else.


Now you know what you have to do to get into Spotify playlists. You just have to be consistent, make good music, put in some Spotify time, and network. If you do all this, you’re most likely to get that spot one day. It’s no overnight stuff, but steady growth. So, be patient.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks, and we can make it even easier. Just try us!

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