Do you want To Succeed on Spotify in 2020 and go viral?

In theory, streaming should provide all artists with a fair chance of organically building an audience, provided they can game the system.

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The global music streaming industry has expanded exponentially. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Spotify alone has more than seventy-five million subscribers paying for the service.

Many more are free users. It is needless to point out that Spotify is one of the omnipresent music streaming services right now. Use our music promotion services and put yourself into the Spotify chart!

The platform shot to fame for giving amateur and aspiring musicians an avenue to reach out to their target audiences, hoping they can develop a certain degree of popularity and establish a substantial fandom.

Many artists have succeeded. Others are still trying. Spotify is no longer a platform only for budding musicians or for labels. Both established and emerging musicians, bands, singers, songwriters, composers and producers are using the platform with equal zeal.

Spotify also encourages users to generate content. There are innumerable playlists. Many are curated by editors at Spotify. Others have independent curators. You can also try Spotify Playlist Placement Services.

Artists too have their own playlists, not necessarily featuring their songs or albums exclusively. 

Spotify is an empowering platform for unsigned artists. Those who already have an album or single produced by a label can rely on their promotional apparatus to get the necessary boost on Spotify and other platforms.

Unsigned artists must get enough Spotify streams to get noticed. Use our Spotify promotions to get into the best playlists. Their songs should generate traction. Their profiles should have followers. An increasing count of monthly listeners is at the crux of popularity on Spotify.

Since organic Spotify plays and monthly listeners are hard to come by, many artists buy Spotify streams. You can also get some Spotify streams for free.

Steps before you Buy Spotify Streams and Pay

You should have an active profile on Spotify. Create an account and upload your music. It is not necessary to upload lots of songs at the outset. Get started slowly and have a systematic plan of uploading new music over a period of time.

It should be noted that Spotify is not a free music streaming platform. It is not YouTube, Bandcamp or SoundCloud where you can conveniently and promptly upload your music without any complication.

Spotify works on a royalty system. It enables artists to stream their music. Paying members or users of Spotify will listen to the songs they want. Those artists whose songs are being played by paying members will get a royalty. This necessitates getting a distribution service or record label to license the music and properly release it on the platform.

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Choosing a label or distribution service is not very hard these days. There are many services, most of which also have useful tools and resources. Artists can use such resources and tools to improve their music, promote music more effectively and monetize their works through Spotify and other platforms.

Such services are not identical. Some are quite unique and others have similarities. Always compare the entire propositions and then make an informed choice. Some such channels may have exclusivity clauses. If you want to grow fast, you need to buy Spotify plays!

The next step is to verify your profile on Spotify. You must be verified as the artist you say you are on the platform. Verification is not complicated but it is essential as you get to view stats, manage playlists, access more features to manage your profile and use other tools to improve your experience on the platform.

Verified artists get a boost as their profiles are authentic and credible. More users are drawn to verified profiles.

Most Spotify curators are only interested in considering songs or albums by verified artists.

It is unlikely your song will get featured on a Spotify playlist if your profile or account is not verified.

As you verify your profile, you will see the blue checkmark that is a sign of authentication. You can get access to fan insights and analytics. You can create playlists and submit them for users to access.

Profile images and bio can be customized. New releases or every composition you want to share on the platform can be submitted to the editorial team of Spotify. It considers new releases for featured playlists.

Spotify has several tools to be used for promotion. These are available to verified artists. Spotify playlist placement is one of them.

Ways to Get More Spotify Streams Organically

One simple and quick way to reach out to potential listeners and boost popularity is to buy Spotify streams and pay. You can also get some Spotify streams for free from promotional companies.

These are effective ways to boost organic Spotify streams and to establish some degree of popularity. However, you must also work on different tactics to get more organic Spotify streams, without having to pay and not relying solely on free plays.

An easy way to get more Spotify streams organically is to create playlists. You should not only create playlists but also update them from time to time so they remain interesting for users at large and those who follow your profile. One of the basic objectives of artists or users on the platform is to get more monthly listeners.

These are like followers or subscribers. They are notified every time you add a song or update a playlist.

They get to know every update about your profile so they stay hooked and abreast of the latest developments. You should have a sufficient number of Spotify monthly listeners and then the objective should be to grow that following. This can happen with charts and playlists.

Charts and playlists drive enormous traffic or Spotify streams. Users are interested in checking out Spotify playlists catering to specific genres they like. The potential outreach is in millions with such charts and playlists.

You must create playlists smartly. Do not try to cater to all genres unless you are targeting users who do not have any specific preference. Connecting with the target audience and satiating their interests in music is the way to become popular.

The only problem with playlists created by artists who do not have the substantial following is the outreach. There are many playlists with thousands, tens of thousands and in some cases millions of followers. Such Spotify playlists are very hard to get featured on.
A solid social strategy must focus on themes & narrative and you must plan your consistent content so that it is constantly fan nurturing.

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These popular playlists or charts usually consider artists who have already attained a certain degree of popularity. If your song or album has very few Spotify streams then it is unlikely to be considered. On the flip side, if your song has plenty of Spotify streams then getting placed is not only easier but also faster.

It is not uncommon for artists to have their popular songs featured on multiple Spotify playlists. This leads to an exponential increase in the number of plays.

There is a ripple effect on monthly listeners as well. But to get to that starting point one must have the foundation. This foundation is often possible only when you buy Spotify streams. Real Spotify promotion can be also achieved with the help of our Spotify Viral Package.

Reciprocity helps on sites like Spotify. Featuring songs of other artists on your Spotify playlists and them placing your compositions on their curated lists can be beneficial for both of you.

You can also buy Spotify followers! Updating playlist and even the profile or the inventory of songs can be helpful too. Every time you update something, a notification is sent to all the people who follow you or have subscribed.

All your monthly listeners get a notification and they are reminded of your presence. Some artists even improve their released songs and albums. They rerelease the improved versions.

This can also generate sufficient traction. When so much is happening on a site like Spotify, it is necessary to stay in the reckoning. Anyone who fades from the spotlight is no longer remembered unless the artist was celebrated by millions during their heydays.

Secure Spotify Streams through Playlists

Getting your songs featured on popular playlists can get you plenty of organic Spotify streams. You do not have to buy Spotify streams and pay if you have enough organic traction. If you have some popularity on the site, identify the relevant playlists and then submit your songs to their curators.

All curators have guidelines as to what type of music you can submit for consideration, how and when. Many insist on submitting new releases.

Playlists must remain contemporary so old releases are rarely featured by curators. You can submit your unreleased or just-released music to the editorial team of Spotify. This gets you a chance to get featured on official playlists of Spotify. You can also reach out to independent curators.

There are users generated playlists too. Explore the full spectrum. Don’t stop at any one type of playlist as you never know what kind of traction another chart can get you.

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Harness the Influence of Social Media

It is a given that artists should use social media. Any utilization should not be in isolation. If you are trying to get more Spotify streams, then you must harness the power and influence of social media to redirect enough traffic. Try to grow your social media following at the same time you are trying to get more Spotify streams.

You do not have to think too hard about whether or not all your followers on social media are on Spotify. Some may actually sign up to access the playlist you are featured on or just to give you a boost.

Fans of music, regardless of genre, can be very generous and they are willing to walk the extra mile to support the artists they have grown to like. Music Promotion Spotify is a must! 

Do not promote your songs all the time. There are times when you should plug and re-plug your songs. There are times when you should just engage. Our Spotify single promotion package offers the option to promote only one single! Share stories, updates about your gigs, anything interesting happening with your music and other such engaging contents. Promote other artists.

People like it when someone promotes a competitor. Their fans will start to like you on social media and this can lead to a phenomenal boost to Spotify streams. There are instances when you may get Spotify streams for free from unexpected quarters. This is an organic music promotion too and hence has much more impetus.

Use Promotion Tools to get Spotify Streams

Spotify has a few promotion tools and resources. Ad Studio is a helpful tool. It is basically an advertising platform. Artists can plan and launch ad campaigns. The audio campaigns can be easily created and managed through the studio. The ads are usually thirty seconds or shorter. The users of Spotify get to hear these ads during breaks.

The ads are now applicable for mobile and desktop platforms of Spotify. The ads can have an image with a link, hence clickable so you can redirect an interested user to an intended page, song, album or playlist.

You can also redirect them to your official website or a chosen profile. Spotify Album Promotion can be found on MusicPromotionCorp and can get you over 30.000 monthly listeners.

You can use Spotify Code. This is a tag, similar to a QR code, that can be scanned. This code is used to discover and share music on the platform. These codes can be created for profiles, playlists, songs, and albums. You can get these codes and share them across all platforms. These are not limited to Spotify.

They can be used on websites, social media, and third-party sites. Wherever you can generate some traffic from can be the avenue for you to use the codes and redirect some interested users. The codes can be scanned using the scanner that is one of the integral features of the app of Spotify.

You can generate Spotify followers on your social media pages, official website, third-party sites where you may have a profile and other platforms. Twitter, Facebook YouTube, and Instagram are among the more rewarding sites for artists to source followers to their Spotify profile.

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Organic growth and boost to popularity is a dream every artist nurtures. Such popularity is difficult to attain in a short span of time. It may take years. Not all artists have runaway hits.

This necessitates buying Spotify streams. When you buy Spotify streams from Music Promotion Corp, you are essentially developing your popularity. This shall lead to the organic growth of your popularity. Your songs will be in consideration to get featured on popular playlists.

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