Spotify is one of the largest and most popular music streaming sites in the world. It has more than seventy-five million users who pay for premium access. There are many more who access the platform for free. As empowering as Spotify is for musicians, getting noticed and attaining popularity on the platform is one daunting task. It is not very hard to get a few plays. Artists can always get their friends to play their songs.

This limited activity can get some other users to play those songs as well. But the ripple effect does not lead to big numbers, either in plays or monthly listeners. For any artist to have significant popularity, their songs must register thousands of plays and there should be a respectable number of monthly listeners.

All artists in pursuit of a following and subsequently popularity need to boost plays on Spotify. If there are thousands of Spotify plays for a song, it is deemed as popular and an artist can hope to get it placed on playlists, which shall further boost its outreach.

Popular playlists have stringent criteria. It is hard to break into those playlists unless a song has already generated enough traction. The dearth of plays, monthly listeners or followers, shares or reposts and comments compel artists to look for relevant services of Spotify promotion companies.

Three Distinct Approaches to Spotify Promotion

There are a few ways to boost plays on Spotify. You can buy Spotify plays. You can use social media to redirect some of your followers onto your song on Spotify. This can have a cognizable impact but Spotify promotion is not just about plays or streams. Considering the full scope of Spotify promotion and also what an artist needs, there are three distinct approaches and it is often imperative to consider the two legitimate practices among these.

One of the three approaches is not encouraged at all. This is basically a black hat practice. It involves generating fake accounts or profiles and getting those to increase the number of plays. These fake and hence inactive profiles or accounts can also be used to increase the number of monthly listeners. If the accounts have been created properly then they will lead to an actual increase in the number of plays or monthly listeners.

However, this will be detected sooner or later. Spotify will have its algorithm flag such accounts. Removal of such accounts will take away the plays and monthly listeners from your songs. The profile of an artist will also come under scrutiny. If it is found that the artist has intentionally and consciously used a questionable practice to boost the popularity of their songs and albums or the profile in general, then the platform can take penalizing action. The account may be suspended. The artist may be flagged and the profile may be banned, temporarily or permanently.

The two other approaches are organic and inorganic Spotify promotion. Organic Spotify promotion is what you can do on your own and using all resources available but not by paying for anything. Inorganic Spotify’s promotion is about paying for promotional campaigns to generate enough interest. Both organic and inorganic Spotify promotion are possible within the ambit of the site and beyond.

For instance, Spotify ad is an inorganic method of promotion but it is within the ambit of the site. It is an advertising feature made available by Spotify itself. But if you buy Spotify plays through a promotion company then it is beyond the ambit of the site. It is a completely legitimate practice unless the Spotify promotion companies are using fake accounts or inactive profiles. Then this becomes the illegitimate practice that shall put your account under suspicion.

Types of Spotify Promotion

One of the first objectives of most artists is to boost plays on Spotify. You can buy Spotify plays and boost the number. This should create a ripple effect and get more organic Spotify plays. Spotify promotion is not just about plays. The second objective should be to get monthly listeners or followers. An artist with plenty of plays for a song but not enough followers is a poor indicator of popularity.

It actually shows that the artist may have got the plays for a particular song using some means but is not exactly a popular profile so people are not following the account.

The third objective of Spotify’s promotion is to get placed on Spotify playlists. There are playlists on Spotify curated by editors of the platform. There are independent playlists that are curated by users. Artists to have their own playlists.

These playlists can provide a significant boost to a song and hence the profile of an artist. Not all playlists are popular. Getting placed on any random playlist is not the goal. Spotify’s promotion should try to get a song featured on the most popular playlists. These are hard to get featured on.

Many of these playlists use popularity as the most important criterion. The time of release, the genre of a song and other aspects of the profile of an artist do matter but it is the popularity that gets one the pass to be featured on a playlist.

If you already have substantial popularity, then getting on these playlists should not be a major challenge. Otherwise, you must first buy Spotify plays, use other promotional campaigns to try and make a song go viral or attain enough monthly listeners to be deemed eligible for playlist placement by curators.

At the crux of it all lies the simple quest of how to get more Spotify streams. The Spotify plays to start the whole process. There is no popularity without a sufficient boost to Spotify plays, either organically or inorganically.

You will need the services of Spotify promotional companies, not just for streams but also monthly listeners, reposts and playlist placement. Here is a list of the best Spotify promotional companies for your perusal.

How To Get More Spotify Streams

The easiest, quickest and surest way to get more Spotify streams is to use the specialized services of a promotion company.

Music Promotion Corp is one of the most credible Spotify promotion companies. You can secure plays, monthly listeners and followers, shares or reposts and also playlist placement. You can also make a song go viral. The company has the ability to expand your outreach exponentially.

You can buy Spotify plays ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. You can effectively reach out to tens of t

Music Promotion Corp has the fastest turnaround time. Delivery starts almost immediately. You can boost plays on Spotify within a few hours. Most orders are delivered in a day up to three days. If you place an order for a large number of Spotify plays or monthly listeners then you may have to give Music Promotion Corp around five to seven days.

The company delivers all the plays or listeners you buy. If there is a dip in the monthly listeners while the delivery is on, you can get that compensated. You will have the net addition to your monthly listeners or plays when you use the services of one of the most trusted Spotify promotion companies. You can also get some free Spotify plays.

Top Spotify Promotion Companies

There are many Spotify promotion companies out there. You can choose Omari as it specializes in organic Spotify promotion. You can get plays and monthly listeners. The company assists independent artists and also provides its services to record labels. Omari is known for its professional approach and reliable delivery. The service is efficient and delivery is quick. DiamoonMedia is another popular Spotify promotion company. They are able to deliver large numbers of plays and monthly listeners. There are packages you can choose from.

Some artists try and use Fiverr but the sellers available through the platform are not as reliable. They can at best provide a handful of plays but large numbers are hard for them. Some Spotify promotion companies use Fiverr to reach out to new artists but then you can always contact them through their official website. Routing your requisites through Fiverr does not make any sense. There are many sellers on Fiverr who have a rather questionable and at times outright illegitimate practices. If you come across people promising thousands of Spotify plays for a few bucks, stay away as you are unlikely to get what you may pay for.

You may buy Spotify plays from Streamify. It can deliver plays quickly and uses genuine profiles to do the same. It does not get fake or inactive profiles to generate plays for artists. As an artist, you should always pay heed to the profiles of users who are playing your song and listening to your albums in due course of time. Do not let any Spotify promotion company deliver plays from inactive or fake accounts. Streamify is a credible company. It can boost plays on Spotify. It can also help with other types of Spotify promotion. The company offers a free trial.

Online Music Promotion is also among credible Spotify promotion companies. It can generate plays for albums and songs. There are different packages. You can decide how many plays or listeners you want and accordingly place an order. They have the ability to deliver in bulk. Music Promotion Corp has the maximum capacity to deliver plays in bulk and also has the most reasonable prices for the same. Online Music Promotion does not come close but it can provide the service. Not all Spotify promotion companies can deliver in bulk.

There are many such Spotify promotion companies with varying specializations. Spotistar works well if you want a sustained count of plays and listeners every month. This company does not specialize in viral campaigns like Music Promotion Corp. So, if you want to plan a viral campaign for a given song then Music Promotion Corp is your natural choice. Also, the company can keep up a sustained inflow of plays and increase in monthly listeners if you want and choose a plan accordingly.

StreamKO, My Music Viral, Social Fans Geek, SpotiFLY, TT Streaming, Like Service 24 and Mass Media Plus are some of the reliable Spotify promotion companies. These have their strengths but if you want to plan holistic Spotify promotion then your default choice should be Music Promotion Corp. The company can deliver plays and listeners. It can successfully place your songs on relevant playlists, including those that are popular and pay heed to only those songs that have created some buzz.

Choose the Best Spotify Promotion Company

Many artists do not get the recognition and fame they deserve. This is not just true for Spotify but for the entire global music industry in general. There are many artists who attain popularity but are not really exceptional musicians.

Many talented musicians try to gain a following through various means but the fandom they deserve remains elusive. The only way to change that reality is to use the services of the best Spotify promotion company.

Music Promotion Corp has already delivered its services to thousands of artists. It has helped promote tens of thousands of songs. The company uses profiles based primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom along with some countries in the European Union. It is possible to generate plays from distinct parts of the country and beyond. Geo-targeting is possible, whether you buy Spotify plays or want to increase the count of monthly listeners.

Their viral campaign can be planned and executed simultaneously as you get more buys or listeners. You can also use their playlist placement service as a particular song gets more popular. Many playlists require new releases as they do not consider old songs. The whole release including the various campaigns can be planned smartly with Music Promotion Corp. Artists should plan for organic promotion but one needs a boost. Inorganic Spotify promotion provides that boost and in a very short span of time.

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