Whether you are a new musician or an experienced artist, your number of streams on Apple Music or any other music streaming service matters a lot.

The higher your stream count is, the more likely you are to book gigs, land a label, and see a profit for your art.

For many young artists, it can be a challenge to get a higher music stream count.

With there being so many musicians today, it is really easy to get lost in the mess. Luckily, there are many resources available to increase your number of streams on Apple Music and other services.

For example, Music Promotion Corp is one of the leading services that help young artists boost their streaming numbers and find more success in their music.

Read on to find out how to get more Apple Music streams with Music Promotion Corp!

Who Music Promotion Corp?

Music Promotion Corp helps artists grow their fanbase to reach more listeners and find greater success within the industry.

With the help of Music Promotion Corp, you can start promoting your music more effectively so that you can get into the official charts and go viral.

This service’s dedication to serving the music industry has allowed them to service countless artists and musicians worldwide.

Today, Music Promotion Corp has nearly 1 million engagements on their platform, half a million registered users, and half a million engagements from their customers.

Additionally, Music Promotion Corp has nearly 80,000 running campaigns and 53,000 product campaigns.

How does it work?

When you pay for a music package through Music Promotion Corp, you will essentially buy Apple Music streams.

For your Apple streams pay, you will receive an increase of streams, but the service gives you more exposure options.

Music Promotion Corp boosts exposure and fan involvement by placing your submitted track on radio play, sending it to active listeners, offering an Instagram promotion, and more.

Music Promotion Corp even sends your music to US record labels, so you have more exposure to labels as well.

Your music can be found by interested listeners through these various promotional services, allowing you to grow your fanbase.

At the same time, you have more exposure to professionals in the industry to land a more professional gig and label.

Music Promotion Corp Services For Apple Music

With Music Promotion Corp, you will have three different options to choose from for Apple Music.

This includes Apple Music’s New Entry, Apple Music Best Seller, and Apple Music Viral, with the New Entry being the least amount of promotion and Viral being the most.

Other Streaming Services Music Promotion Corp Serves

Apple Music isn’t the only streaming service that Music Promotion Corp serves. Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the radio are all serviced by this promotional account.

Music Promotion Corp serves even more music services than this, making them a leader in music promotion.

How To Get More Apple Music Streams With Music Promotion Corp!

Starting your journey to a more successful music career through Music Promotion Corp is extremely easy and straightforward.

Here is how to get more Apple Music streams with Music Promotion Corp!

1.      Select A Package

You begin by selecting your package. For the most amount of listens, select the Apple Music Viral option. Though this option is the most expensive, it is the best option if you want to pay for Apple Music streams.

2.      Upload Your Link

After selecting your package, all you need to do is upload your link. From there, Music Promotion Corp does the rest.

With that link, they give you more exposure to the hits list and record labels so that your Apple Music streams go up.

3.      Watch Your Stream Numbers Go Up

Once you submit your link, sit back, and watch the results. You should expect to see an increase in your Apple streams within 24 to 48 hours.

Why Does Streaming Number Matter?

Back in the day, musicians focused most of their time on selling songs and albums. Today, more artists focus their attention on streams.

The reason for this is that most users stream music today instead of buying it. Despite this fact, many artists still wonder whether or not streaming is worth it.

Although your streaming count does not necessarily relate to your number of fans, your streaming number matters a lot in terms of your relevance, press, and potential. To succeed in this industry today, you need a high streaming number. Here’s why:

Shows You Are Worth Listening To

It may be helpful to think of your streaming number as a restaurant review. Are you more likely to go to a restaurant with many good reviews, or are you more likely to go to a restaurant with no reviews?

Most people would lean towards the restaurant with good reviews because they know that they’re going to get good food and service out of it.

Your number of streams works in the same way. If the new listener finds you and sees that you have many streams, they know that your music is at least worth the listen.

On the other hand, if you have no streams, the listener is more likely to write you off before even giving you a listen.

Makes You More Attractive In The Music Industry

In addition to showing listeners that you matter, your streaming number proves to the industry leaders that you are relevant and worth paying for.

No label will pay for to be produced if you have no listeners or streams. Streams tell them that customers are interested in what you are putting out.

Related to the industry is the press. In many ways, celebrities are created by their press, not their art. If you have enough streams, the press will take notice, exposing you to even more potential listeners and cause a stir about your name.

You may begin being featured in blogs, magazines, and interviews. The more you are involved in these items, the more people you can reach with your music.

Cold Hard Truth About Streaming

Even though boosting your number of streams is highly important, you should not get bogged down by unhelpful thinking or focus too much on the numbers instead of your passion. Here are some cold hard truths about streaming and the industry today:

Stream Number Does NOT Mean Number Of Fans

The first thing you should stop doing when thinking about your stream number is relating your number of streams to your fans’ number. You are likely to have way more streams than you are fans. This is just a fact of the nature of streaming.

For example, things can go viral for negative reasons. If the song is so horrendous, it can go viral, but you may have no fans out of it.

Hopefully, you don’t ever experience this with your music, but it is important to keep in mind that streams do not equal fans.

Don’t Quit Your Daily Job

Many new artists think that if they increase their streaming numbers that they can quit their day job. This is sadly untrue for almost every artist. Streaming does not generate enough money for you to live off of.

On average, Spotify only pays $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream. With these numbers in mind, you need to have around a million streams to make $6,000. Since it is incredibly difficult to reach 1 million streams, it is easy to see how one could not sustain their lifestyle based on streaming alone.

Is it worth to buy Apple Music Streams?

Even though you shouldn’t quit your day job, you shouldn’t ignore your stream count either. On the contrary, you should still focus on them.

Your number of Apple streams matter a lot, and if you want to make it anywhere in the industry, you need to raise that number.

Unlike other services, Music Promotion Corp has a lot of experience in the industry, ensuring that your money is well spent.

Your Apple Music streams will increase, as well as your streaming on other services if you select other packages.

When you pay for Apple Music streams through Music Promotion Corp, you are not only increasing your stream count, but you are also increasing your exposure.

Exposure is what matters, and it is what is going to make you money.

Overall, Apple Music streams pay for themselves, and it is worth learning how to get more Apple Music streams with Music Promotion Corp!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is super easy as to how to get more Apple Music streams with Music Promotion Corp!

All you need to do is select a package and insert your link. From there, Music Promotion Corp does the rest. Just by paying a small amount of money, you can increase your Apple streams and exposure.

If you want to see even more success for your music, consider promoting it on other sites as well.

Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube are all popular services that generate a lot of streams.

By using multiple services together, you can expose yourself to even more viewers, increasing your streams and the possibility of making it!

Use MusicPromotionCorp to promote your Apple Music and get thoauds of new listeners.

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