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    Is Music your Life? Does it set your heart on fire? Is it more than a hobby?  Do you spend almost any time you have to create and write music? If so you would also want your music to reach out to masses but for that, you have run along and searched for various music distribution companies. All though there are many but finding one which meets your requirements and needs is really a tough one. Also, do you think that the amount of time you spend in searching for them seems like a waste, which could have been utilized in writing or creating a new piece?

 SoundCloud Promotion Free is the solution for you. Get free SoundCloud plays using our free promotion.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a website that allows its user to upload audio. It can be your own creation which you can share and promote using SoundCloud Promotion Free.

This is a company based in Berlin, Germany. It came into being in August 2007. Since the company started it has developed in great bounds and it provides music distribution platform and sharing of the same to its users. SoundCloud has become a platform which is quite popular in emerging talent, as they can share their music with masses.

How can you use SoundCloud Promotion Free?

If you are a budding musician and are looking for ways to promote your music in the year 2018, you have come to the right article. We will now see how one can promote his or her song using SoundCloud Promotion Free in 2018. There are various ways to promote your audio on SoundCloud which are:

  • Use Social Media– Social Media the thriving media in the Industry. The diverse variety of audience you get there is incomparable to any other technique. From school kids to Adults everyone is present on Social Media. To promote your music on these you can directly use SoundCloud which provides plugins to other applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many others.

If your content is good and is in liking to the audience you have targeted, within hours you can see your audio getting more plays and views, hence increasing your visibility. But if such is not the case then you would have to work a little more. One should share live audio streaming, offer giveaways, have contests to increase visibility and this need to be done on regular basis not just once or twice.

  • Mutual Support– The latest trend is to mutually help each other in increasing the views. You could help other emerging artists by recommending and can get the same service in return. For this search the artists which have similar target audience like yours and make a group. This way you can increase your plays and fans can also earn SoundCloud badges and standing.
  • Make a Marketing Plan–If you are looking to promote your music in 2018 through SoundCloud Promotion Free, come up with a marketing plan. Search all the concerts going on in the year related to you. Make it a compulsion if possible to attend all of them. If there is an option of participating, do that. Make a video upload it on Social Media and increase your visibility. Once you have some visibility you can also use SoundCloud Pro Services, which will cater to your needs and help you promote your music.
  • Identify your target audience– When you curate new music you most of the time know what kind of audience will like listening to it. Always keep looking for more of your fans. You can always look at the profiles of other singers and know their fan base. If you have a small fan following, get to know how they found you, seek their help indirectly by asking them to spread your music to their like-minded friends. Join forums and discussions on the same and look for ways to increase your fans.
  • Use the Follow Method-On SoundCloud platform you can follow up to 2000 users. From our statistics, 10-15% of all the profiles will follow you back, which is a great way to increase your SoundCloud followers. Please don’t follow more than 30-50 users per day, if you don’t want your account to be flagged. Also, don’t forget to have a good user picture and cover if you want to increase the views on your profile.
  • Facebook Groups-This is one of the best ways to promote your tracks and get more SoundCloud plays and likes. These groups have over 50.000 members and are the perfect place where you can start promoting for SoundCloud for free. SoundCloud Network{VIP}, SoundCloud Music Unchained, SoundCloud Underground Hip-Hop are the best groups on Facebook with a lot of interaction. Just make a post on one of these groups and you will get more than 100 free SoundCloud plays.
  • Use Tags-When you upload your track on SoundCloud make sure you use all the tags so people can find your song. Thousands of people are searching daily on SoundCloud using tags, and if you are not using them, nobody will hear your song. Using the correct tags, like music genre, can give your track the extra push it needs to get noticed.
  • Comment on other people tracks–  Leaving comments is a great way to interact with other artists. Always give them an honest opinion about their music and they will most likely do the same for you. Don’t spam too much with comments because this can hurt your account. Leaving 10-15 comments per day is a great way to get to know other creators and possibly new fans.
  • Promote your SoundCloud profile-It doesn’t take to much to be an active user on the platform. Make sure you listen to other artists, repost their tracks, follow them and sometimes leave a comment. When you do all these things be sure that others will return the favor, and will do the same thing for you.
  • Ensure your SoundCloud content looks great– Many musicians think it’s enough to upload the track on SoundCloud and leave it like that. You need to add a complete description for your track, complete your profile with your social links like Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and official website. Don’t forget to include your Bio into the profile description.
  • Make sure your tracks can be downloaded– Doing this not only helps you gain more credibility but also is a good business practice. Share your sound for free and this will come back to you getting more SoundCloud plays.
  • Reach out the Music Bloggers– Instead of submitting your music to Bloggers, make a little research about them and find out what they need. A simple way is to send them an email and do something free for their website or blog. In return be assured that they will promote your song on their Music Blog without any costs, that way you are getting free SoundCloud promotion.
  • Keep an eye on Fake plays– There are some websites that provide fake play services to the customer. These services can increase your view and play count and can also surge your likes, comments, and reposts. Most of these sites use bots to increase the number. Though if SoundCloud when analyzing your profile comes to know about it, it can cancel your subscription as it is not legal. There are some sites which use multiple user accounts to provide fake play services, which is legal but very rare to be found.
  • Post your Music on Forums– The first step is to do a little research about musical forums. Then register and post about your new SoundCloud release or album. On these forums, there are a lot of music lovers eager to listen and discover new music live yours.
  • Create a Music Video– Having a video is a great way to give your song an extra boost. Share your video on Facebook and don’t forget to add your SoundCloud profile link into the video description. This is a great marketing strategy that many artists use. The visibility of your Facebook Page will increase, but also your SoundCloud listeners.

Features in SoundCloud

There are many features that make SoundCloud Promotion Free services interesting to the users. These are:

  • You can upload your audio file or music using Url‘s directly on platforms like Facebook, twitter etc.
  • If you are a registered user you can listen to an unlimited number of files and upload about 180 minutes of audio without paying any money.
  • It supports widgets and apps, one can directly share the widgets on their blogs or sites and SoundCloud will tweet audios directly.
  • If you are a user you can make as many playlists as you want and share, like, repost them. You can also follow other users and can make a free download of the audios available of the other user.
  • It lets you post timed comments on the audio clip, which appears on the part you liked.

These are most of the ways you can use SoundCloud Promotion Free. Use  MusicPromotionCorp and take your time, if you follow these steps diligently you can increase your visibility and popularity exponentially through SoundCloud. Getting known through your music is a great feeling though there goes quite a lot of hard work and promotion to make your music noticeable to the vast mass of the audience out there. Still, it’s all worth the pain. Once you achieve what you have targeted as your goal, the feeling of accomplishment is awesome. Music moves hearts. If you have the potential and are hard working you would definitely achieve the desired result. Enjoy Making Good Music!!

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