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There are many different ways for artists to get 500 Soundcloud plays, and they should think about their strengths and weaknesses before executing their Soundcloud marketing strategy.

First and foremost, artists should make sure that they are promoting their Soundcloud link as much as possible, whether it’s in an interview, in their profile, or on their other social media profiles.

You should message your fans and other artists in order to get a bigger following, as well. Artists might be surprised at how effective some personalized messages can be, and they can hire someone on their team to send messages if they want to focus on their craft.

Soundcloud is an amazing platform that allows you to share your tracks and music with music enthusiasts throughout the world. It is a social network with the only aim of connecting musicians and music lovers.

As a musician or budding artist recognition and the awareness of your existence is very important.

This also requires the promotion of the work you have created which involves sharing your creation with people with interest in a similar genre of music.


Create the Foundation for Popularity on SoundCloud

Every artist has to start from scratch. Some artists get the backing of record labels and their publicists strategize subsequent promotions. A few artists become famous and their music becomes a sensation.

Most artists will need to spend a lot of time, effort and also money to have enough exposure that can pave the way for a hit single or an album. SoundCloud provides the necessary pedestal for budding musicians and artists but it still is a competitive platform.

There are too many artists using SoundCloud to reach out to their potential fans. Unless you have something really distinct or amazing in comparison to offer, the audience is not going to gravitate towards your single or album. You must create the foundation for popularity on SoundCloud.

    One way to create the base is to secure free SoundCloud plays. A song or track that does not have any significant number of plays will not generate any traction. You can get some of your friends to listen to the composition but that may only account for a dozen or so. Even if you get a few scores of plays, the number does fall substantially short of having any ripple effect.

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How to Get 500 SoundCloud Plays Free?

All you have to do is go to the SoundCloud page of Music Promotion Corp and subscribe. You can subscribe to newsletters and other updates by providing your email address. Share the link to your SoundCloud track as you enter the email address to subscribe. This will immediately get you free 500 SoundCloud plays.

The plays will start showing up in a few minutes. You may get free SoundCloud plays delivered within twenty-four hours. There is no easier way to get SoundCloud free plays.

You do not have to stay confined to the free 500 SoundCloud plays. We offer as many as 3000 free SoundCloud plays in 2019. This is essentially what you get in the Starter Package, which is a paid service, but you can be eligible for it if you make a post about Music Promotion Corp and share it on social networks or social media platforms.

You can post about Music Promotion Corp on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Provide the proof of such post on your social network or social media profile and you will qualify for the Starter Package at no cost. You can send the proof via the live chat. You can also provide the links to the songs or tracks that we should consider for the 3000 SoundCloud views free. This is the best SoundCloud promotion for free you can secure right now.



The Path beyond Free SoundCloud Promotion

The free plays on SoundCloud shall give you a head start. You will have a foundation you can build on. However, there is much more that must be done to sustain the music promotion. There should be carefully planned campaigns that can increase your popularity in due course of time.

There should also be attempts to make specific songs go viral. Your eventual objective may be to get ten thousand plays for a particular song, fifty thousand plays for an album, a hundred thousand followers in three months and an international bestseller by the end of the year.

Whatever is your specific objective, you must plan your promotion accordingly. Music Promotion Corp has eight different types of promotional campaigns. You can use one or all of them depending on your needs in specific phases.

You can secure the 500 free SoundCloud plays and then go for more. There is a 15 Days Promotion priced at $115 but is now discounted to $35.00. The pack enables you to choose up to ten tracks already uploaded on your profile. These tracks will generate thirty thousand to fifty thousand real plays.

The chosen songs will get a thousand to two thousand real likes. There will also be five hundred to fifteen hundred reposts on SoundCloud. Your songs will be reaching listeners across the United States and in Europe. The number of plays, likes, and reposts generated from within the United States and from Europe shall be in the proportion of four to one.

All the plays, likes and reposts are from genuine users who are active on the platform. You can be assured of the high quality of these profiles. There are no fake users plugging the tracks and trying to boost the popularity in futility.

All the promotions start immediately, usually within the twenty-four hours after the order is placed, processed and confirmed. The delivery time varies.

The 15 Days Promotion pack has an obvious turnaround time. It takes fifteen days for all deliverables. The progression is timed wisely so there is a continuous improvement of the stats on your profile or for chosen songs.

The steady increase in exposure augurs well for artists who are looking for a subsequent more organic target audience or listeners.

There is a Bestseller package for aspiring musicians and budding artists. This pack is priced at $75 but is now discounted to $10. One to three tracks can be chosen for ten thousand to fifteen thousand real plays, five hundred to a thousand real likes and two hundred and fifty to five hundred real reposts.

All profiles are genuine and active. The delivery starts in a day and takes three to five days. Both the fifteen days promotion and the bestseller campaign can be ordered as many times as artists want and this is not just applicable for different songs or albums. The same song or track can be promoted time and again.

The only check is that you must have one order delivered completely before placing another for the same album, song or track.

The quantum of plays, likes, and reposts offered through these packages provides a substantial boost to the fame of an artist and also the individual popularity of a song, track or album. Both are necessary.

While the starter packs can be sufficient to provide the necessary boost to anyone, there is a Viral campaign priced at $195 but now available for $95. The purpose of this campaign is simple. A song or track needs to go viral. The plan is viable for one to twenty songs. The objective could be to get the profile go viral on SoundCloud. The specific targets are a hundred thousand real plays, a thousand to five thousand real likes and a thousand to two thousand real reposts.

The delivery time is seven to ten days. The campaign is designed in a way to generate more traction and to fuel natural engagements, including likes, comments, shares and more new followers. This promotion can get a song, album or profile onto the SoundCloud Chart.

Each of these SoundCloud promotions aims for natural engagement. The eventual objective is not just to increase the number of plays, likes, shares or reposts but to get more listeners organically checking out the compositions, commenting on them and following the profile.

There are standalone promotions as well. You could get Real Soundcloud Followers for as little as $3. You can get as many as ten thousand real followers for $300. You can buy a hundred organic likes for as little as $3 or ten thousand for $125. There are packages for SoundCloud plays, ranging from a thousand to fifty thousand priced between $5 and $95. Entire albums can also be promoted.

The cost of SoundCloud Album/EP Promotion is now down from $55 to $35. You can provide the album link and secure twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand real plays, a thousand to two thousand real likes, five hundred to fifteen hundred real reposts and generate more comments. You can also secure more followers as a direct result.

From plays to reposts, you can buy thousands of them and exponentially expand your outreach to millions of listeners on SoundCloud. You can get thousands of plays and likes for every track in your album or post on your profile.

All tracks shall get equal importance and clock thousands of new listeners. You can buy a hundred to ten thousand reposts for $3 to $105 for up to ten tracks at a time. All deliveries start in a day and take anywhere from twenty-four hours up to seven or ten days depending on the magnitude of the order.

Take the Reins of your Popularity on SoundCloud

Artists can wait for their songs to get popular. All musicians, songwriters, singers, and producers should improve their creations over time. They should engage with their audience and do everything in their power to offer the best music experience to their fans. Such endeavors are not always enough.

One must take the reins of their popularity on SoundCloud, among other platforms. Plan the promotions to that effect. 

Improve your music’s visibility

Once you become a member on Soundcloud after registration you must put in the efforts to build and grow your community and the number of your followers which results in further sharing of your work which is the first step of promoting your creation.

Soundcloud is a place for music producers as well where they are always looking out for tracks and your song might be the next thing that would interest them. To gain recognition for your work and to make the world know of your existence as an artist maximum exposure of your music to the masses is very essential and Soundcloud does just that.

It is the easiest and the simplest means of improving your music’s visibility and exposure at the global level. This is very true as there are over 20 million Soundcloud users and the number just keeps increasing every day.

The option of interacting and connecting with other musicians and artists makes Soundcloud a better music platform than YouTube for new artists

Though a very popular video sharing site, YouTube never caters to the actual need of musicians. Because here a lot of heeds are given to the making of the music video which again involves money and Soundcloud is all about audio music SoundCloud and the money that you invest in the video can be spent to improvise the quality of your music.

YouTube is devoid of social networking influence which is otherwise experienced with FaceBook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.

World of music promotion on SoundCloud

One thing is for sure, that if you follow all the things properly and if your music has that spark then instantly it can become tremendously popular. With the help of this one can discover a whole new world of music promotion. It was never so easy and convenient to show your talents in front of everyone.

Artists might also want to network with other artists in their genre to build a community of some kind. If artists can reshare and repost, it can go a long way towards helping you get 500 free Soundcloud plays.

Soundcloud has hundreds of millions of followers, so SEO and hashtags can go a long way towards getting you more fans than ever before. In addition, artists should upload consistently in order to gain fans. You may even find that DJs on Soundcloud are interested in remixing your music, which can lead to even more fans than ever before.

Another great way to get 500 Soundcloud plays is to give accurate descriptions about your songs. If your fans know that there is a “story” behind your song, they may gravitate more towards your content and understanding how and why you created a specific song.

Artists can also throw contests on Soundcloud to make sure that their fans stay engaged, as well.

Artists may even want to join Facebook groups that focus on a specific genre in order to promote their content. Of course, you should also make sure that everyone in your life shares the music if possible, whether it’s a friend, family, or co-worker.

It might take some extra time and effort to post your Soundcloud link in your Instagram posts or on online music forums, but it can go a long way towards helping you get 500 free Soundcloud plays. You should also make sure that you research the right tags and hashtags to utilize, as well.

Music Promotion Corp does currently have an offer where you can shout out our company for 500 free Soundcloud plays, but it’s for a limited time only. If you are serious about building your Soundcloud following for free, take advantage of this offer!

But today thanks to SoundCloud, it has become possible and is also very popular too. You can get SoundCloud plays free today.



Here are some tips to promote your music on SoundCloud:

  1. The first and most important thing is to sign up for it. One needs to form a new profile with a suitable name. The profile name should attract people and should also give a hint about your type of music. Then the profile graphic also plays a vital role as it will let others know about you better. Have the name in capital letters so that you are more searchable. So this is the first step towards uploading your posts.
  2. SoundCloud gives you an opportunity for free music uploading at the start but it is for limited minutes. So it is always better to pay the minimum amount and get it unlimited. This way one can upload a number of soundtracks without worry.
  3. Always share your music. This way it will reach a large number of people and they would come to know about it. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others to share it.
  4. With a pro unlimited account on SoundCloud, it will give you complete information about who are your fans, they belong to which country and where your songs are most popular. This will give one idea to plan future tracks. It will also show who is listening to your songs and who are downloading it. It is very beneficial for any person to know all these things to understand the response they are getting.
  5. If you have many fans, let them feel special. Pay special attention to them. Form their mailing list and inform them in advance about your recent track, your concert dates and contact them through the mail. This will involve them more and their interest will increase.
  6. There are many groups on SoundCloud. So if you find which is of your type, then join it. See that they are reputed one and share your track with them. This will help you build more audiences. You can also buy SoundCloud plays.
  7. Replay to all the comments that have been made by your fans, other members or anybody else. Be polite in your response and take it in a positive way. It will help you improve in the future. This will help you to connect with the fans.
  8. One more technique that is very helpful in building fans is to perform live for them online. This is gaining popularity recently and one gets a tremendous response from the followers. Not only performance but also interact with your fans. Answer them, listen to their queries and try to make them feel special. It goes a long way in creating a bond with them.
  9. Try and upload a very casual video which can also be taken from a mobile. But upload good quality songs as it will give your impression to your fans. Be satisfied with the posts and then only upload it.
  10. If you yourself do not have the time to do all the things, think of hiring a person or company who will take care of all the things. This will help one to manage their profile better and also will help you to concentrate on your work.

  When you have a steady fan following make use of them for promoting your music. Encourage them to share your music on other social networks like MySpace, Facebook, etc. I appreciate them for their comments and make it a point of replying to all the comments that you receive. Make use of your fans and other artists to outsource your music.

This is a tactic used to increase the number of audiences interested in your music and also to gain maximum visibility. As a new artist hoping to gain recognition for the songs you upload is never happening. So make use of other artists and launch your songs alongside their releases.

This will intrigue the followers and fans of that artist to listen to your work as well.  And; by following the above-mentioned pointers you can make the most of this platform to increase your fan base which reflects your popularity.

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