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Soundcloud is an amazing platform that allows you to share your tracks and music with music enthusiast throughout the world. It is a social network with the only aim of connecting musicians and music lovers. As a musician or budding artist recognition and the awareness of your existence is very important.

This also requires promotion of the work you have created which involves sharing your creation with people with interest in the similar genre of music.

Improve your music’s visibility

    Once you become a member on Soundcloud after registration you must put in the efforts to build and grow your community and the number of your followers which results in further sharing of your work which is the first step of promoting your creation.

Soundcloud is a place for music producers as well where they are always looking out for tracks and your song might be the next thing that would interest them. To gain recognition for your work and to make the world know of your existence as an artist maximum exposure of your music to the masses is very essential and Soundcloud does just that.

It is the easiest and the simplest means of improving your music’s visibility and exposure at the global level. This is very true as there are over 20 million Soundcloud users and the number just keeps increasing every day.

The option of interacting and connecting with other musicians and artists makes Soundcloud a better music platform than YouTube for new artists

Though a very popular video sharing site, YouTube never caters the actual need of musicians. Because here a lot of heeds is given to the making of the music video which again involves money and Soundcloud is all about audio music SoundCloud and the money that you invest on video can be spent to improvise the quality of your music. YouTube is devoid of social networking influence which is otherwise experienced with FaceBook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.


World of music promotion on SoundCloud

One thing is for sure, that if you follow all the things properly and if your music has that spark then instantly it can become tremendously popular. With the help of this one can discover a whole new world of music promotion. It was never so easy and convenient to show your talents in front of everyone. But today thanks to SoundCloud, it has become possible and is also very popular too. You can get SoundCloud plays free today.


Here are some tips to promote your music on SoundCloud:

  1. The first and most important thing is to sign up for it. One needs to form a new profile with a suitable name. The profile name should attract people and should also give a hint about your type of music. Then the profile graphic also plays a vital role as it will let others know about you better. Have the name in capital letters so that you are more searchable. So this is the first step towards uploading your posts.
  2. SoundCloud gives you an opportunity for free music uploading in the start but it is for limited minutes. So it is always better to pay the minimum amount and get it unlimited. This way one can upload a number of soundtracks without worry.
  3. Always share your music. This way it will reach a large number of people and they would come to know about it. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others to share it.
  4. With a pro unlimited account on SoundCloud, it will give you complete information about who are your fans, they belong to which country and where your songs are most popular. This will give one idea to plan future tracks. It will also show who is listening to your songs and who are downloading it. It is very beneficial for any person to know all these things to understand the response they are getting.
  5. If you have many fans, let them feel special. Pay special attention to them. Form their mailing list and inform them in advance about your recent track, your concert dates and contact them through the mail. This will involve them more and their interest will increase.
  6. There are many groups on SoundCloud. So if you find which is of your type, then join it. See that they are reputed one and share your track with them. This will help you build more audiences. You can also buy SoundCloud plays.
  7. Replay to all the comments that have been made by your fans, other members or anybody else. Be polite in your response and take it in a positive way. It will help you improve in the future. This will help you to connect with the fans.
  8. One more technique which is very helpful in building fans is to perform live for them online. This is gaining popularity recently and one gets tremendous response from the followers. Not only performance but also interact with your fans. Answer them, listen to their queries and try to make them feel special. It goes a long way in creating a bond with them.
  9. Try and upload a very casual video which can also be taken from a mobile. But upload good quality songs as it will give your impression to your fans. Be satisfied with the posts and then only upload it.
  10. If you yourself do not have the time to do all the things, think of hiring a person or company who will take care of all the things. This will help one to manage their profile better and also will help you to concentrate on your work.

  When you have a steady fan following make use of them for promoting your music. Encourage them to share your music on other social networks like MySpace, Facebook, etc. Appreciate them for their comments and make it a point of replying to all the comments that you receive. Make use of your fans and other artists to outsource your music.

This is a tactic used to increase the number of audiences interested in your music and also to gain maximum visibility. As a new artist hoping to gain recognition for the songs you upload is never happening. So make use of other artists and launch your songs alongside their releases.

This will intrigue the followers and fans of that artist to listen to your work as well.  And; by following the above-mentioned pointers you can make the most of this platform to increase your fan base which reflects your popularity.

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