When Apple first introduced iTunes in 2003, no one could have comprehended the impact it would have on music streaming.

In all fairness, music streaming was a relatively foreign concept back then.

Today, however, it’s difficult to envision a life without the accessibility and ease of music streaming services.

According to recent statistics, Apple Music tops the world with over 49.5 million users as the leading streaming service. Spotify comes in close at 47.7 million, followed by Pandora Radio with 38.6 million.

Not only did Apple Music make it easier for its users to stream music, but it likewise opened up an entire world for musicians to be able to market their music more effectively.

The streaming service in itself acted as a host and as a business partner with musicians to promote their music.

In fact, a major chunk of a musician’s revenue in today’s time comes from Apple Music marketing.

The question thus becomes: How can an emerging artist successfully market their music using Apple Music?

Services Offered By Apple Music

Apple Music has a separate and dedicated site for musicians to log onto. The site is Apple Music for Artists.

After signing up, the provider creates a business profile for the user with several features and statistics relating to their music.

Services rendered by Apple Music marketing campaign include:

 Artist milestones

Listeners; daily, monthly, annually, and average

 Overall streams

Most played songs

 Global performance

 Overall music performance

Customized musician portfolio before you head on over marketing your apple music, you’ll need to create a musician profile for your music with Apple Music.

This is done to keep logs and efficiently compare statistics. Apple Music allows you to understand trends in the music industry worldwide. It allows users to be able to understand genres that are dominating, songs that are listened to most frequently, and how your music sits in the sea of it all.

MusicPromotionCorp is offering the best apple music marketing strategy to gain more listeners and streams.

While statistics and logs are great, but an even better way to compare trends and understand growing concepts in music is by studying something we’ve all unwittingly studied before (even if we didn’t realize it) – Playlists.

Apple Music Playlists

A playlist is a list of songs categorized in varied aspects, such as:

 Top Ten

 Specific Genres

Daily, Monthly, and Yearly, and several other categories.

Every user has his or her own curated Apple Music playlist, or one that their music streaming provider assembles for them based on an algorithm.

This algorithm studies their most frequented songs, the artists they’re most likely to follow, the genre of music they prefer, and so forth.

How does a playlist help a musician?

To put it simply, an Apple Music playlist is probably the easiest way for you to understand what you’re up against.

Granted most playlists are brand specific, as in an artist who’s already popular is more likely to be on the top tens.

However, the growing and varying trends in playlists allow emerging artists to be able to strategize and market their music a whole lot more efficiently.

Marketing Your Music on Apple Music

Uploading Your Music

Before you can have your own account on Apple Music as an official artist, you’ll need to upload your music onto the platform. This, sadly, isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. Every artist needs apple music marketing to boost their strems.

Many emerging artists would rather upload their music onto YouTube or Soundcloud to avoid the seemingly complicated process that’s on Apple Music. It might seem daunting at first, perhaps it did so to you too.

However, just to be clear it’s time-consuming for sure, but very rewarding.

To upload our music onto Apple Music you’ll need to get in touch with record label collectors and have them upload your music.

This is where many musicians back off because label managers aren’t easy to get a hold of.

After uploading your music, you can log into your Apple Music account and ask the platform for access to the artist’s account.

Every artist will need an Apple music marketing campaign to boost their listeners.

We’ve already detailed why the artists’ account is a big deal. It basically helps you strategize your music marketing and keep track of how it’s doing.

Claiming Your Artists’ Account

1. Enter details for your Apple ID and log in.

2. Choose the ‘Artist Section’ from the menu of options for what you’d like to manage.

3. Click the ‘+’ icon on the next screen.

4. Enter your iTunes store artist page and URL.

5. Select your role as either the manager, artist, band member, etc, and enter the necessary details.

6. The necessary details include; artist management contact and label contact information.

7. Enter done.

Using Apple Music Toolbox

The Apple Music Toolbox is a collection of different badges, widgets, and access links for your music across several other social media platforms.

The toolbox allows artists to upload their music simultaneously on other platforms, such as:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Keeping up With Social Media

There are over 3 billion people across the globe who have at least one social media account.

This means that there are that many people who can potentially listen to your music, while the numbers might seem far fetched for an emerging artist, you can market your music efficiently on social platforms to reach at least a portion of these people.

To market your music on other social platforms while increasing your revenue on Apple Music, you’ll need to link to your Apple Music account with each upload and teaser.

The latter is an interesting concept. It’s like a trailer for a movie that a production house puts out before the movie’s actual release.

This way, on the day of the movie’s release, there’s a large crowd gathered outside.

A teaser can be a snippet of the song that you’re set to release along with a release date. Apple music marketing is a necessity nowadays!

An interesting thing many musicians do is that they offer to give their fans an exclusive peek at their music before anyone else via any one platform.

In this case, you could offer fans the chance to get your music before anyone else by buying the album on Apple Music before anyone else can.

Getting on Playlists

Apple Music curates and creates playlists all year round (some more frequently than others) with dedicated categories.

Buy Apple Music Marketing from MusicPromotionCorp and get thousands of new listeners.

The platform does so to make it easier on listeners who are looking for a collective list where they can find music that’s similar in a genre with their taste.

For example; if you’re a country singer and you make it onto the Top 10 New Country Singles playlist, you’ll have a greater chance at marketing your song to a targeted audience – people who are looking for new country songs to listen to.

The question is: How will you get there?

 Increase your daily viewership on your artist profile by marketing your music on social media platforms.

 Upload some of your music onto popular, free sites such as YouTube to establish a fan base.

 Enter access links to your Apple Music account along with every single, teaser, or music video you put out

. Form partnerships with blogs and media releases to publish your press releases.

 Increase viewership in your locality by marketing via word of mouth to those around you.

Prereleases and Exclusives

Similar to a teaser on social media, a pre-release or an exclusive is made to excite an audience before an album or a single is released.

The pre-release works in the same way: an artist hints at releasing more music or the full version of a track by releasing a snippet of it beforehand.

Their fan base is eager and anxious for more upcoming music because of this snippet. By far the most effective apple music marketing campaign is offered by us!

When the music actually launches, there’s a pre-estimated queue in place already for the music. Thereby boosting its sales almost immediately. This is also one of the many ways you can get your music onto a playlist.

For example; if you have more one-day sales than any other artist in your genre, you guarantee a place in the playlist as the most selling artist on the first day.

Other listeners would want to know about this artist who’s made it onto the top and listen in. It all comes down to strategizing and marketing your music right.

Likewise, your fans could also indirectly market your music for you by word of mouth or sharing on their own social media how they’re anticipating your new release.

Indirect music marketing works just as well as big business marketing, here’s why:

 The audience is a ‘target’ audience; this means that besides marketing a song to 100 people out of which 25 would have listened to your music, you’re spending less on marketing to 40 people out of which 30 will definitely tune in.

Indirect marketing is cost-efficient and time-saving exclusive is somewhat different than a pre-release. It’s like a secret fan club for people to get in touch with your music before anyone else by paying an additional fee.

This is done to target more audience onto your Apple Music account where they can listen to the tracks and simultaneously bring profits.


Apple Music is leading the world as the most frequently used and popular music streaming service.

Artists and budding musicians have an opportunity to market their music more efficiently by uploading their tracks and keeping logs via Apple Music.

Buy apple music marketing isn’t an easy job especially if you’re an independent musician or a band, which is why it’s essential to know all the right things (and where you could go wrong) before starting.

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