There are so many people out there that love singing, and some of them might be more talented than others.

You might know a friend that sings in the shower all the time, and thinks that they have what it takes to make it big – but never actually takes it seriously.

You might also know people that can sing incredibly well but have too many personal or professional obligations to pursue a music career or bother looking into how to get discovered as a singer.

Other artists might think that they wanted to be a singer, only to find out that they prefer a creative career of a different kind.

It’s not as if there is one path when it comes to discovering how to get famous for singing.

There are some artists that might upload a cover song to Youtube, only to find that the original artist has posted or tweeted about the song.

Now that the song has gone viral, they might suddenly have thousands of followers that are interested in what they have to offer.

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This is obviously not an everyday situation, and there are some artists that might have to tour for years before a manager helps them understand how to get known as a music artist.

There is a lot of information out there that will claim to tell you the best way how to become a singer.

At the end of the day, here’s some advice that should help you on your journey on how to become a popular musician.







Vocal Coach

First things first – you might think that you are great at singing, but does everyone else? You might want to contact anyone you know in the music industry and get their opinion on your voice and music.

It’s one thing if your best friends think that they know how to become a singer and tell you that they will help you.

It is much different if you are submitting music to record labels and they are extremely interested, and calling you day and night and telling you how to get famous for singing, and telling you that you should sign a deal with them.

If you want to improve the way that you sing, you also might want to change your lifestyle. If you smoke all day, the smoke can actually damage your vocal cords.

If your life goal involves how to get discovered as a singer, you might want to consider a healthier lifestyle where you exercise and cut out other bad habits.

A vocal coach can also give you priceless tools, strategies, and advice about how to become a singer, and it might be a great investment for your future.

Of course, vocal coaches do cost money – so make sure that you have some money saved up or have someone willing to invest in you before you contact a vocal coach.


There are so many men and women that currently look up to artists as their role models, and are doing everything that they can to figure out how to become a famous singer.

This is smart, but it has to be something that you are constantly studying and researching.

You might think it’s funny to watch interviews and singers give their opinions and perspectives, but the truth is that it can teach you a lot about media training.

Of course, you will also want to listen to as much music as possible to determine how to get discovered as a singer.

This research isn’t just about listening to as many albums as possible and figuring out the strengths of singers. It’s also about understanding when and where certain singers were discovered.

If you live in Iowa, you might find that figuring out how to get famous for singing involves one important step: moving to a city with a viable entertainment scene.

Many singers have been discovered in cities like Los Angeles or New York City, where there are plenty of record labels and executives hoping to sign singers.

It’s not just about being in the right city, either. What’s the point of moving to a city if you aren’t actually getting out there and letting it be known that you are a talented singer?

You might want to figure out where the best open mics are or talk to venues about possibly opening up for other artists.

You will also want to speak to your fans and get feedback on your music! Your fans can help you understand how to get discovered as a singer, believe it or not – they might rave about a song that you make as your single, and that finally gets your attention in the industry.


At the end of the day, music tends to shift according to trends. There was a period in time where so many singers were focused on autotune, but that trend is not as popular anymore.

There are also many singers that thrived on love ballads, but putting out a love ballad that sounds like it was made decades ago might not sound as good today.

Anyone who is trying to learn how to become a singer should know about the best producers and artists out there that are making the “freshest” music out there.

If you are talented enough and work hard enough, you might be able to collaborate with some of these artists and producers and make a hit song!

Famous artists don’t work with just anybody, but they do end up working with other artists. They might believe in an artist enough to work with them for free of charge for a collaboration.

If you have the money to collaborate with a famous artist and believe that this one song can determine how to become a famous singer – that might be the best option for you.

You might be making sure that your live show is as dynamic as possible so that your own fans become your advocates, as well – and there’s nothing wrong with this way about how to get famous for singing.

Either way, you will have to connect and work with powerful people in the music industry – and it might take years to break in the right circle!

The Right Image

If you are serious about how to become a famous singer, you will need to understand that your fans will want to know more about who you are, what clothes you like, what music you like, and more.

Have you ever noticed that with famous singers, their interviews often get hundreds of thousands and even millions of views?

This is an indication that when it comes to how to get known as a music artist – it’s actually more than just the music. Fans want to be able to connect with you, and know more about your story.

You might be an inspiration to your local city, or you might have causes that you support, or you might even speak about what your interests are in order to figure out how fans can connect with you more.

Fans also want to understand your “look”. While you are figuring out how to become a famous singer, you will want to know more about the fans that you are attracting.

Lady Gaga is extremely interested in fashion, and one of the ways involving how to get discovered as a singer is to move in different circles in the entertainment industry. How will you appeal top them?

Some singers have gone through phases where they wear certain clothes according to the music that they are putting out at the time.

Do you have a hip-hop edge to your music? You may find that understanding how to become a singer involves understanding more than one genre, and picking the right clothes, associates, and events to associate with your brand.


In your quest to figure out how to get discovered as a singer, you will find that many powerful people often already know each other – whether they are executives, models, actors and actresses, publicists, and more.

If you are discovered at an open mic by an executive who is friends with famous singers, you have a better chance regarding how to become a famous singer.

The executive has a lot more pull in the industry than an artist and might ask them to do a favor and help you out.

You also will have to work with other artists, and they might even have their own advice about how to get famous for singing.

Some artists might tell you to focus on a particular media platform or post more about your music and your personal life.

Why not get some advice about how to get known as a music artist from people that have already made it? If it is possible for you to have these conversations, you should have them as often as possible.

Of course, nothing beats practice and hard work. If you are constantly in the studio perfecting your songs, and also constantly doing shows to perfect the way that you perform – it might not be long before people are asking YOU how to get known as a famous music artist.

Either way, becoming a famous singer isn’t impossible: you just have to be willing to work very hard!

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