There is no way to deny that Spotify has forever changed the music scene. While the music industry used to measure success by how many units were sold and often focused on the first week – listeners and industry insiders now focus on how many streams that various artists have. In fact, a certain amount of streams can also determine the kind of deal that up-and-coming artists get, and gives them some leverage in terms of negotiation.

The company is now over 10 years old and has solidified itself. There are many ways in which artists can take advantage of the service, and here, we speak about how Spotify playlist promotion can increase your monthly listeners.

     There used to be a time where music was most discovered on various music blogs, but these days, many influencers are curating playlists in order to highlight some of the newer artists. This benefits both the artists and the curator, and the listener also benefits, as well. It’s a great symbiotic relationship in which everybody gains credibility thanks to a new artist. For a new artist, some playlist promotion might be that extra step that you need for more visibility.

Gone are the days of Myspace, where artists such as Calvin Harris and Lilly Allen were discovered. It’s now all about the amazing playlists where new artists of any genre can get noticed, and their career might be changed forever. Some notable playlists such as Rap Caviar have a tremendous amount of influence over the music industry in general, and that doesn’t appear to be changing at all.

    Either way, Spotify isn’t going anywhere, and it now boasts 200 million monthly listeners and is adding more listeners, as well. Last year, popular music website DJ Booth put it succinctly: “Playlists break artists in 2018.” The company gets tens of thousands of submissions from various artists, which make it an incredible tool for the next artist to get discovered. In fact, Spotify’s importance cannot be downplayed, especially due to the fact that competing platform Soundcloud has been struggling financially for some time now.

The Changing Music Industry

There are plenty of amazing artists out there that simply do not have the visibility or exposure that they should. The truth is that performing at shows doesn’t do the job anymore. While a live show is obviously an important part of a successful music career – where does it really get you impressing several locals when you could potentially reach millions? These days, there are artists getting discovered daily.

There is even evidence to suggest that songs have become shorter in order to deal with shorter attention spans with regards to listeners, thanks to the amount of music that is constantly released. One obvious example is the song, “I Love It”, which is a collaboration between rappers Lil’ Pump and Kanye West, and the video is barely longer than two minutes. However, the song has garnered hundreds of millions of streams and views. The point is that songs are shorter than they have ever been.

    The great thing about Spotify is that you can use it in conjunction with your social media. There are more fans that want to actually know about the artist more than ever. This might include additional tools such as Instagram lives, Reddit AMAs, and tweets. Either way, you can actually use your social media to make sure that you have more of a fanbase. In this way, you can show how Spotify playlist promotion can increase your monthly listeners.

    Of course, this does require some strategic thinking. You should have a smart team around you, that understands your fanbase and demographics. As an artist, you should understand that the internet is forever. Doja Cat, who is an upcoming female artist that went viral thanks to the success of her viral video “Moooo!”, which went viral very quickly. She sang and rapped on the song while she danced in a cow costume, and many praised not only her singing and rapping abilities but her sense of humor.

However, her rise to fame now has some bumps in the road, thanks to some comments that she made in the past that many believe to be homophobic. The truth is that every artist should think about which opinions that they want to make public, and in what manner.

    Spotify even allows the chance to create tailored audio ad campaigns, which is a great addition. It’s easy to see how fans might be interested in knowing lists from certain influencers, and artists, as well. That’s also why influencers play a bigger role than ever because the right influencer’s “co-sign” can mean a lot in the music industry.

Furthermore, if you are grouped with other respected artists in a playlist, you begin associated with music that you are competing with. This now allows fans to potentially associate with larger artists, and can also mean that you could potentially gain fans from their audience.

    Spotify is clearly focused on growth, proven by the fact that they recently picked up podcast companies, proving that it clearly wants to be the king of media and not only music. One can argue that one of the most influential podcasts in music is The Joe Budden Podcast, which also has been influential in increasing the popularity of artists such as Sabrina Claudio, 6Lack, and many more.

    It is easy and obvious to see how Spotify playlist promotion can increase your monthly listeners, and your monthly listeners could eventually lead to a sizable fanbase. Of course, it depends on the persistence and hustle of the artist. This certainly doesn’t mean that an artist can reach a certain point, and slack off.

Even the most popular artists in the world are focused on making sure that their fans are always receiving content of all kinds. If you have enough monthly listeners, one can certainly make a living off of music, and decide to dedicate all of their time and energy to music, which could be the difference that allows them to be truly successful.

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