There are many platforms out there where artists can take advantage of new fans and demographics, but Spotify remains one of the most important platforms for musicians, bands, and artists.

If you’re a successful artist, there’s a good chance that you have a solid Spotify following and a large number of Spotify monthly listeners.

Of course, it can be tough for independent artists to compete with those who are signed to record labels, and many artists are trying to figure out how to get more fans on Spotify.

Some artists might know some influencers and do everything they can to land on a Spotify playlist or two.

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Other artists might care less about the playlists, and focus on making sure that they promote on social media so that they can figure out what works best when it comes to how to get more followers on Spotify.

Either way, here are some quick tips on how to promote a Spotify playlist.

Play The Curator Role Yourself

One of the most innovative ways for artists to learn how to get more fans on Spotify is to realize that it’s beneficial for them to appear as a respected Spotify curator themselves.

Some of the best artists in the world were first co-signed by major artists, who told the world that this new artist was “one to watch”.

Do your fans already trust your judgment when it comes to music, and do you already praise albums that you love, no matter who makes them?

If you are a natural curator, then fans might be intrigued to see what you are offering on Spotify, and this can be your personal strategy regarding how to increase Spotify playlist followers.

There is an added benefit here: if you recommend some great music, your OWN following will grow.

This means that more people, than ever, will probably check out your music, which might lead to more tour revenue and more sold merchandise.

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You might find that your “curator” role can be a lucrative one, where you can promote your music and products.

If you are already a curator – this advice might not be particularly useful, but there’s nothing wrong with being both an artist and a curator, even if you may need to make a decision down the line about committing to one side or another.

Connect With Influencers

Social media is often about influencer marketing, and you may have heard of “influencers” without realizing that they can directly help promote your music to more people than ever before.

The right blog or Youtuber can shout you out, and you may not realize it: but this maybe how to get more fans on Spotify than ever before. You should do this type of Spotify music promotion and bring more fans

Let’s say that you only have a couple of thousand fans on Spotify, but a music influencer with 1 million followers decides to shout you out – it’s easy to see how this can multiply your fanbase, seemingly, overnight!

Of course, it isn’t always that easy for people to figure out how to get more fans on Spotify. You might want to start e-mailing music influencers that can tell you how to get people to follow your Spotify playlist.

You may even want to consult with a professional contact to make sure that the e-mail is worded properly because a well-worded e-mail might mean that an influencer is willing to teach you how to increase Spotify playlist followers.

Help From Other Artists

It might be an uncomfortable favor to ask, but you might want to cross-promote with other artists.

Let’s say that you are a pop band, and you are friends with many other pop artists. Collaborate with other artists and get a Spotify playlist promotion to increase the followers.

There’s a good chance that pop fans might like both of your music, so why not promote THEIR playlist, and they can promote yours?

It’s these kinds of cross-promotion opportunities that lead to real Spotify follower growth, and it’s a great way to learn how to get more followers on Spotify.

Update All The Time

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or a Spotify curator – you constantly need to be making new content!

The most famous Youtubers often were making a video a day before they were even famous, and it’s this kind of dedication and persistence that can lead to you understanding how to get more followers on Spotify.

Does this mean that you have to make a new playlist every day? Of course not.

However, it does mean that you should understand that a competing influencer making a playlist every week might end up growing quicker than your following if you are only putting out one playlist a month.

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You also shouldn’t be creating just to create, so you might want to take the time out to relax and make sure that you aren’t overdoing it.

Either way, you should engage with your fans and update them on your latest playlist work.

Your fans might end up telling their friends about your playlist, and that’s an obvious way regarding how to increase Spotify playlist followers.

You also might want to comment on other topics in the world, to let your followers know that you are more than just a voice in music, and have an opinion on other topics.

The Right Fan Engagement

You might be trying to figure out how to promote your Spotify playlist, but the truth is that fans often want to know what you are doing and thinking about.

You might want to consider putting up polls about a genre of music and ask controversial questions like whether an album is overrated, underrated, or classic.

There are so many music influencers on Twitter that gain thousands of Spotify followers simply by asking these quality questions, and also engage with fans and have conversations.

What’s stopping you from figuring out how to promote a Spotify playlist by asking more questions about the music on the playlist and encouraging conversation?

You also will want to crack the right jokes with fans, if you are the type to have a sense of humor. You might find that you are the type of curator/influencer that understands memes, or has a witty retort to many other tweets.

If you keep doing this, you may find that your witty replies go viral, and is a great method regarding how to get followers on Spotify. You also can throw contests and quizzes to engage your fans, as well!

Add Value To Followers

There’s a very simple rule when it comes to an understanding of how to promote your Spotify playlist: add value.

Let’s say that you have an incredible playlist within a certain genre, but also keep up with when certain albums are being released.

These artists might appreciate the fact that you are in tune with their releases, and may end up engaging with you, which is ANOTHER great way regarding how to get people to follow your Spotify playlist.

Even if artists don’t appreciate it, fans will love the fact that you also tell them about the new releases, and you have just become that much more valuable of a music influencer.

This strategy doesn’t have to be limited to new releases if you are a curator trying to understand how to promote a Spotify playlist.

You might want to update your followers on controversial tweets by artists, releases of music videos, or even when some new merchandise comes out that might be related to some of your playlists.


At the end of the day, there are many artists and curators that understand that controversy can sell.

A prominent musician can put out a sex tape tomorrow, and if he/she is famous, she may end up being the trending topic in the music industry.

This might mean that more fans than ever know who you are – but it’s the WAY that you got the music promotion that might cause issues.

It’s not as if sexy photos are going to convince fans that you know more about music than ever, and it’s not the way to go about how to get more fans on Spotify.

You should also know your stuff! A music curator can damage his/her reputation by getting facts wrong about all sorts of albums.

There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion, but if it seems like your personal ego and agenda is getting in the way of how to get people to follow your Spotify playlist, you might have a serious problem.

Let’s say that you are interested in a music blogger, but notice that he/she is sending angry tweets/posts about their ex all of the time.

It can be a beautiful thing to love music and get paid for curating it, even if you are constantly figuring out how to get more followers on Spotify.

One of the best things about progress is that your own fans will become your advocates and that your fans should consistently grow over time. Of course, this all depends on the value that you bring about your followers.

You should also be constantly working on new ideas about how to increase Spotify playlist followers, or mastering how to get people to follow your Spotify playlist.

This might turn you off from following them because they are clearly going through something.

If you are serious about understanding how to promote your Spotify playlist, make sure to post on as many social media channels as possible – but also make sure to understand what NOT to talk about.

Your fans might want to hear your music opinions, but that doesn’t mean that they want to hear your takes on religion and politics.

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