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How to Promote your Google Play Music and Get More Sales

    Google Play enables artists to sell their music directly to users who can access the compositions directly through the app, add new albums to their library and listen to the songs whenever they want using the integrated media player. Google Play is empowering for both artists and fans but it is not easy for the former to find a foothold. It is a crowded marketplace. That the platform is overcrowded is not an overstatement. More artists are vying for an audience on the platform and this is increasing the competition. No artist can do without Google Play music promotion.

How to Promote your Google Play Music and Get More Sales

    The first step is to realize the nature of the promotion one needs. It is imperative to have a strategy that transcends Google Play. Artists will have to rely on multiple platforms and try and bring all their fans onto monetizing channels. Sharing a song on Facebook or Twitter, promoting on Instagram and YouTube, sharing tracks on SoundCloud and Spotify are quintessential requirements. Artists should announce their presence on platforms like Google Play and iTunes so their fans and interested audiences can check out their profiles and possibly buy the albums or songs.

    Google Play music promotion needs a lucid objective. Not all listeners use Google Play. Many use iTunes and there are dedicated audiences on SoundCloud and Spotify among other platforms. There are many users who explore all these platforms to search for new artists. There is no decline in consumption of new music. But there is also no dearth of new artists so any promotion tactic should be targeted, the objective should be lucid and concerted attempts must be made to complete the quest. Any ambiguity will hurt the promotional campaign. It is not possible to attain multiple objectives with just one promotion. There must be short term, midterm, and long term objectives. Campaigns must be devised accordingly.

Sell your Albums with MusicPromotionCorp

    Some platforms are more relevant to attain some popularity. SoundCloud and Spotify are primarily about exposure. Artists looking for some fame will want to generate a substantial following and fandom on these sites. Google Play and iTunes are more like e-commerce for artists. While these mediums definitely contribute to popularity and fandom of artists, the primary objective is to sell the music. There is a certain extent beyond which artists cannot continue offering music for free. Monetization is a basic requirement and hence any Google Play music promotion should be aimed to get more sales.

    MusicPromotionCorp has three distinct packages for artists. There is a Starter Pack that enables artists to reach out to two thousand people through Google Play. The package is priced at $25 but a discount is available so you can sign up for the promotion for as little as five dollars. This starter pack is useful for beginners. Those who have limited or no exposure on the platform will definitely benefit by reaching out to two thousand people who are unaware of the artist being present on Google Play. Exposure is the foundation of popularity. One has to spread awareness and the starter pack does just that. The ultimate objective is sales but it begins with letting people know.

    There is a Bestseller package designed to help artists reach out to as many as five thousand new users. It should be noted that the exposure pertains to new users and not those who may already be aware of an album, song or artist. Five thousand new listeners make for a sizeable potential audience, probably fans too. The package is priced at $35 but is now available for $25. Depending on the pricing of songs or albums, artists can easily recoup the investment into Google Play music promotion with the bestseller package with a few dozen sales. Reaching out to five thousand people should generate at least a few hundred sales, well over the dozen or two that will justify the initial investment.

    Google Play music promotion should not be a onetime exercise. It has to be an ongoing process but there are instances when one must try to go viral with one composition or more. Every artist has their own favorite. Some compositions are always better than others. It is these tracks that should be promoted with greater passion and in a more effective manner, hoping they will go viral. Any artist who has a track or an album go viral will attain instant fame. The popularity can then serve as the foundation to win more fans and get more sales. How to promote your Google Play music and get more sales becomes more rewarding when you plan a viral campaign.

    Music Promotion Corp has a Viral Package priced at a hundred and fifty dollars but artists can now avail it for ninety-five dollars. The plan is to reach out to as many people as possible in a very short span of time to attain an instant boost. A song or album needs immediate impetus to go viral. When plenty of people check out a song, pay for it and add to their library, Google Play also pays attention and picks up such artists and their creations for the featured section. A viral promotional campaign is about setting the ball in motion.

Plan & Review Google Play Music Promotion

    Artists should have a definitive plan at the outset of conceiving a promotional campaign. The objective should be well defined. The plan must be immaculate and the implementation should be impeccable. The outcome should be assessed to ascertain if the plan has worked as expected. Music Promotion Corp assures verifiable developments. Google Play music promotion should not aim for any perceived success. Many artists think outreach alone will eventually have an impact on the bottling line. This is not a given. Promotions should produce the expected results that can be measured and only then can one consider the strategy to have been effective.

How to get started

As said earlier, this amazing music streaming service is an app of Google Play Store that brings a pathway to users to stream across a variety of platforms for more than 50,000 of their favorite songs all for free, in addition to that it also allows the free users to listen to their created stations. It’s a wonderful app that is featured with lots of functions, so finding the one like it can be arduous. Here’s the best way to grab the most of Google Play Store as being one of the best deals to stream in music from old to new songs online. It offers three services all stored in one.

Some music apps charge a lot to let you avail their music services due to your musical behavior. But unfortunately it’s not known to all that in the music subscription, Google has a furtive weapon? Yes! You heard right it is YouTube Red that is one of the best features of Google Play Store to stream music via their subscriptions for those which are not available in the Play Music app as it is able to stay away from YouTube commercials.

So in that way both the YouTube Red and Google Play Music are the best deals available online for streaming best music forever that soothes one to relieve stress, stay calm, swing moods and express their love to their loved ones. Hence, starting off on Google Play Music is simple and easy when followed few steps.


The user who wants to stream music needs to upload and download its app on their device. Never mind if you’re a free user looking forward to pulling music from the cloud to stream or get access to the kind of music which you thought to purchase from Google Play on your hard drive that is an encrypted cloud. Know about the useful tricks which help you get the music from the locker of Google Play online. Just be aware of following things before you begin to download or upload music on your device. So downloading and uploading music through Google Play had become very easy.


Once the change is on the horizon choose any one subscription from Google store as it offers three subscriptions as one is the Google Play Music itself, the second is YouTube Red and the third is YouTube Music. Recently, a rumor came into being that there is one more subscription of Google. If it is true then it is said that it is going to bring collectively into one to help the user access without many efforts. Well, it is not sure what has reached near the horizon, however, assure that the Google Music services are going to be the best that is worth each penny which means value for money and a great experience.


Google Play needs some changes so that it allows all the users to access the music which they wish to listen. No service is 100% perfect, in the same way, Google Play is also having some flaws which are required to fix, be it a device policy that had expired or the clunky UI.

List of changes


While we had talked about the changes which need to be fixed here is the solution to fix the flaws of Google that are known as Google I/O that is shortly going to be accessed by, public. Among the many Google products and services, there are few updates during the coveted keynote, and few of the services need some drastic and possibly game such as Music on Google Play.


The whole Google Play App needs some changes or if possible a complete makeover. The Google Play for Music needs everything related to the app layout overhaul to streamline and condense the Material Design UI. This will help to showcase much better on screen at any given time.


The menu of app is overlapped which makes it impossible to scroll down for addition of songs in playlist or My Library that help you to listen to the music of your choice.


The Homepage which shows you everything from new releases suggested stations and YouTube from where you get a list of songs to listen is not ignorable and needs to change for user-friendly access.


The bottom tabs on the hamburger menu need to be reprioritized to perform a compact layout because few things are bloated, downright crazy and cluttered to access.


Google is accessed all over the world for the content which we want to view. The second comes to YouTube. From the past it is one of the best SEO tools but today it has it’s own multifunctional apps such as Google Play Store where millions and millions of songs are stored to ease the users access them from old to new melodies, rock to classical music, jazz, mixed versions, local and international and many more. Today one can access Music through different streams like Google Play, YouTube Red, iTunes with best net connectivity on any of your Smartphones, PC’s, Laptop, Tablets, and Radio stations.

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