How Youtube Views Can Help Your Business/Passion


There are all sorts of businesses, influencers, and artists that are trying to get more exposure over the Internet. In fact, countless businesses are paying for SEO services to make sure that they can get more traffic, and potentially more revenue. For those who are unaware, the term “SEO” refers to “search engine optimization”, and these businesses are hoping to climb up search engine rankings so that they are one of the first businesses that users and consumers see when they search for specific words.

Over 2 billion users log into Youtube every month. When you consider that the global population is currently hovering around 7.8 billion people – this means that over 25% of people in this world are using Youtube as a platform! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a comprehensive Youtube strategy in place to let consumers know that you exist, and understand what you have to offer.

Create The Right Content


Many organizations will tell you that you have to create valuable content in order to get more free youtube views, and that makes sense. If you have a business in a certain sector, you will want to create content that appeals to specific consumers so that they can get more information about a subject.

For example, let’s say that you are a fitness influencer. You might charge a certain amount for a consultation, and your business could be doing well. However, you can build your e-mail list or get more customers if you create Youtube videos with actionable advice for existing customers and potential new customers. They could potentially share this content with their own network, and your Youtube channel will grow. It’s important to remember that free youtube views could potentially turn into paying customers and REAL revenue.

There’s another aspect to consider if you are serious about getting free youtube views – it’s about creating content that is relevant. For example, many people are thinking about fitness differently thanks to the global pandemic, and the fact that they are no longer going to the gym. A smart fitness influencer might use this as an opportunity to provide a “pandemic workout”, and many consumers will find value in this content. As a result, your free youtube views can help build your business during the pandemic, and they may eventually contact you and become a customer.

If you are serious about creating the right content for free youtube views, make sure that the content is:

  • Valuable
  • Entertaining (to some extent)
  • Relevant

Grow A Community


You can also get free youtube views by considering your subscribers as a real community. It’s important to remember that one passionate customer can actually be your best marketer. If a customer truly loves your business or your art, that kind of word-of-mouth marketing can help you tremendously. Of course, these days, “word of mouth” marketing often means that these customers will speak about your content on various social media platforms.

Some businesses even might start a forum to help these individuals connect and share information. In this manner, you can grow a community, and this community will help add to your free youtube views. This will require a lot of time and effort, and it should be a strategy that spans across various platforms. This is a great way to get Youtube views free, and it can also help your business in the long-term.

Music Promotion Corp knows that free youtube views can lead to thousands of views, which can lead to more views, which can lead to a real community. That’s why we are offering 1000 free youtube views for a limited time, and believe that influencers should use this opportunity to help them grow an active customer base and community.

The Right Voice


A lot of influencers understand that they want to pursue a certain niche, but they often don’t think about the exact voice that they want to have in that particular industry. Let’s say that you are an IT company hoping to sign up small businesses as clients. You can absolutely get more business through free Youtube views, but there are a couple of things to consider.

When you are creating content for these small businesses, what kind of content do you want to create? Will you be creating long-form videos or short videos? Are you trying to appeal to a certain age? There are a lot of aspects to consider before you create your content.

Here are some ways to find the right brand voice to help you get free youtube views on your channel:

  • The length of your videos
  • The kind of content you want to put out
  • The “tone” of the content (will it be technical? Formal? Informal? casual?)
  • What topics to speak on

If you’re a business coach, for example, you want to provide valuable content for entrepreneurs. However, there might be some topics that you refuse to cover – such as politics and religion. It might not benefit you to speak on controversial business practices, but you also might want to cover those topics for those interested.

You might also speak on what it’s like to hire freelancers, outsource work, or how to keep your employees happy. The best Youtubers have a specific lane, and completely understand what they’ll cover, what they won’t, and HOW they will cover specific topics.

Some influencers might find that their sense of humor is their best asset. As a result, you will have to find the right balance between educating and entertaining, and that isn’t always easy for those trying to get free youtube views.

Music Promotion Corp and our 1000 free youtube views might not be able to immediately catapult you to global popularity, but it can be a useful start for content creators and influencers of all kinds. Remember to browse through all of our packages and see what we have to offer, and choose the package that works best for your needs.




It’s also important to understand that the biggest influencers in the world also make sure to connect with OTHER influencers, as well. We all know that a Youtube channel can get free youtube views on the right content, but why not try to appeal to other Youtube audiences out there?

Another great way to get free youtube views while also appealing to different audiences is to conduct interviews relevant to your niche. Let’s say that you are a health/wellness influencer, and have uploaded some great content regarding food and exercise that could help many people who need it.

Why not conduct interviews with OTHER health/wellness influencers in order to get free youtube views? In return, you can allow the other influencer to promote whatever product/services that they have, so that it makes sense for both of you. Of course, if the influencer is massive, they might ask you for some form of payment in order to benefit from the cross-promotion. Entrepreneurs and influencers will have to decide whether this makes sense, and whether the free youtube views will eventually make up for it in the long-term.

If you combine cross-promotion with the current Music Promotion Corp offer in order to get 1000 free Youtube views, you might find that this is an effective way to grow your channel and your business.



You might be figuring out how to get free Youtube views, but will learn that you will come up with more effective strategies later on. Sometimes, it takes the experience of uploading content and finding out what works and doesn’t. You also might find that you get more comfortable talking to a camera over time, and you may want to consider rehearsing your videos before actually uploading the content. Of course, you should consider getting feedback from those close to you in order to make sure that you are giving viewers the best content possible.

There are plenty of ways to get free youtube views. Many channels wait for some kind of viral trend or topic and go out of their way to create content giving their opinion on the topic. This way, you can benefit from “piggybacking” on content that many others are already curious about. You will also want to research your sector extensively, to find out what content might already be saturated. If you can provide valuable content in a unique voice, there’s a good chance that you will continue to grow and get free youtube views in the future.

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, an influencer, or an artist – you also will want to consider how much money you want to invest in your Youtube content strategy. This might make some money, as equipment and software to edit videos aren’t always cheap. Either way, the free youtube views can do wonders for your business, and if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on your Youtube content – you should be prepared to spend a lot of time researching the competition and refining your brand voice.

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