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There are all sorts of ways for artists to make an impression and gain a following. There are situations where an artist’s music might go viral, or be featured in a very successful TV show or movie show. This might be the step needed for their career to truly “blow up.” Of course, for many other artists, the struggle is a slow grind, and they book shows, connect with new people, and try to find their way into a music industry that can be ruthless.

Some of the world’s largest artists in the world also have a huge Youtube following. This makes sense, of course, they might have millions of fans all around the world. These fans then subscribe to their Youtube channel, so that they can be notified about their latest music video, tour announcement, or update on their personal life. Music Promotion Corp is running an offer where we are supporting artists with free youtube promotion, but for a limited time only!

Perfect Your Craft

It’s important for artists to remember that the first impression is everything. You might believe that your song is incredible, but have you checked with your close friends and diehard fans to find out that this is the right content to promote? Everyone loves youtube promotion free, but are you promoting the RIGHT things? This could mean the difference between a mediocre music video getting thousands of free youtube views, and an incredible music video getting millions of views.

Of course, with Youtube – it’s not just about the music! Your music should also be as good as it can be, but you also will want to create a music video that makes sense with the song (for the most part). A creative music video can propel an unknown artist into instant fame – and you don’t even need a lot of money to make it happen! You might want to brainstorm some unique music video concepts that could potentially go viral before thinking about promoting youtube channel free.


Submit To The Right Channels

Okay, so you’ve got the right music, and you’re sure that other people will love the music. You should have some idea about what Youtube channels might like your music, and chances are, it might be Youtube channels that you already listen to! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an indie-folk artist or a metal band, there are Youtube channels and playlists for genres of all kinds.

You might be a beatmaker submitting your beats to a Youtube channel that plays instrumentals all the time, and find that these views lead to people contacting you and asking to buy your beats. You might also find that one submission actually leads to a major Youtube channel supporting you, and it leads to you getting more fans on other social media platforms. Music Promotion Corp can help you promote Youtube channel free, and it might lead to more views from people that you never expected! You can only find out if you put yourself out there.

It’s important to understand the channel’s guidelines and what they want. After all, they would be doing you a favor if they ended up featuring your music. You also might not want to submit all of your music at once, and see whether you get a response from your first submission. Artists should also have lists of Youtube channels that might feature their music, and move on to other channels if they aren’t really getting much feedback. If you send your music out to hundreds of Youtube channels and no one responds – the truth is that you might have to go back to the drawing board or consider other music strategies than trying to gain free Youtube subscribers.

Stick With It

If you talk to older people, you’ll find that there are millions of people that played music at some time or another. Some people decided to play music to blow off some steam when they were a teenager but grew out of it as they started their career. Other people might’ve played with a cover band as a side gig and a way to make extra money, but never really took it seriously. Of course, there are still other artists that have made a living off of their music for years, or even decades! One thing you will find is that many of these people simply didn’t “stick with it”, and that can make all the difference.

You might not be sure whether you’ll be playing music forever, but are you sure that you’ll be making music a year or two from now? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t be afraid to release your music! It can be tempting to be a perfectionist, or you might be worried about negative comments. However, you will never gain free Youtube subscribers unless you are uploading as much content as possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to upload a new music video every day, but it does mean that you shouldn’t expect thousands of subscribers if you are an unknown artist that uploads one song every six months.

Music Promotion Corp has the expertise and experience to make sure that your Youtube promotion free leads to real people watching your videos, which can lead to real fans at your show the next time that you tour. However, you have to maintain your work ethic for consistent success. You should make sure that you have the time and resources to record music, record music videos, and upload them as much as you possibly can.


Be Interactive On Youtube

If someone tells you to be “more interactive” on a social media platform, you might first think this means that you should be commenting on someone else’s tweets or posting under their Facebook status. What could this possibly have to do with Youtube channels? Well, the truth is that many Youtube channels grow with free Youtube promotion by actually commenting on other larger channels. Other users might see your comment, and if it’s insightful or interesting enough, they might end up clicking on your channel.

Since Music Promotion Corp is already running a limited offer where you can promote youtube video free, why not comment on other Youtube channels that make sense? One thing that you can do is to figure out some of the largest artists in your genre and find out through social media whether they are dropping any music anytime soon. You can even make sure that you turn notifications on so you know EXACTLY when the music video comes out. This way, you can drop a funny or interesting comment and also let viewers know that you’re an artist, as well..they might end up checking out your Youtube channel and your music!

Of course, you can also leave comments on anything that makes sense. You might have an observation to make on a music documentary on Youtube, and that’s free Youtube promotion right there. You also might suggest making a “guest video” for a larger Youtube channel – this way, you can get exposure, and they don’t have to put forth much effort towards getting paid (since the video would be uploaded on THEIR channel). While there are Youtube channels that might not be open to this, some maybe – and that’s another great way to get Free youtube subscribers!



It’s hard for anyone to get attention from Youtube subscribers – whether you’re a business or a music artist. However, there are still ways to make sure that your song leads to new fans, and you might find that your fans end up promoting for you, as well. If you get popular enough, your fans will Promote Youtube channel free on their own socials, and influencers might even begin raving about your music project.

Of course, this does take work on your part. You might have the most incredible music in the world, but it’s hard to get millions of views if you only have thousands of subscribers. It can be a slow grind – it’s also hard to get thousands of views if you have hundreds of free youtube subscribers. You might also want to do some research regarding SEO and keywords if you are serious about free youtube promotion, and piggybacking on trending topics can get your music video seen by more fans than ever before. You might find that it’s worth it to pay a Youtube channel to get more exposure, or collaborate with a large artist – but those are decisions that you will have to make, and they depend on how much you are willing or able to spend.

The first thing to do is make as much quality music as possible, and create music videos that have the viewer wanting to watch more. In fact, if fans start watching your music videos for longer periods of time, this definitely helps with the money that you will make off of your Youtube channel.
Music Promotion Corp has all sorts of youtube promotion packages available to help you take advantage of Youtube, but for now…enjoy and take advantage of our free youtube promotion!

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