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At Music Promotion Corp, we understand that it can be a very difficult time for many artists out there. The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting the lives of people all across the world, and this means that many musicians cannot tour and do live shows to make a living. We understand that it can be a difficult time, which is why we are taking the opportunity to offer Free Spotify promotion for a limited time.

Many artists have been able to take their career to the next level by making some simple decisions regarding how they present themselves to an audience or fanbase or making connections with influencers and curators. We believe that Free Spotify promo can potentially change your life, and you should understand that you could be only one viral moment away from success and fame.

Seek Out Advice

Before you take advantage of our incredible offer regarding Free Spotify promotion, remember that you should always be seeking advice from potential mentors in the music industry. There are many reasons why a mentor can help you – they could potentially introduce you to industry insiders, give you creative feedback, or even get involved with your career professionally.

You might feel as though you know exactly which way you want your career to go – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Artists are often driven and stubborn, and its this ability to stick to their vision that often separates the successful artist from an artist that never truly breaks through to the other side. The truth is that you can reach out to individuals easier than ever before, thanks to technology.

If you have the resources, you might consider booking time with a consultant of some kind, or e-mailing a successful music manager and ask if they are willing to speak with you regarding your career. You might be surprised to find that powerful people might answer you and can give you the kind of advice that you won’t get on other music blogs, websites, or articles. If you want to succeed in the music industry, you should recognize that it’s not just about finding a Free Spotify promotion service – it’s also about having the right knowledge to succeed.

Do The Research

It doesn’t matter what your industry is – you should be doing research to make sure that you are successful. This isn’t something that is a secret in many other industries. A scientist will likely stay abreast of all of the latest discoveries to make sure that their findings are relevant. A journalist is constantly reading the news, to find new stories and new ANGLES to cover those stories. Why do artists feel like they don’t need to research the music industry? Some might naturally find industry trends interesting – but if you don’t, at the very least, make sure that someone on your team is doing the research. You can become successful through Music Promotion Corp and our Free Spotify promo, but you should also educate yourself to maximize the promotion.

For example, you might want to keep a list of new and emerging artists in your genre. If you start racking up free Spotify plays, you might decide that it’s time to reach out to some of these artists for collaborations. One of the great things about collaborations is that you can introduce your music to new fanbases, and this can also help fuel your own Free Spotify promotion. If you’re a new artist, it might not mean that you can work with the world-famous multi-platinum artist…but what if you start working with a local artist that is getting more popular?

You never know the kind of steps you can take once you research artists around you, or even finding the next great music blogger to help see what he/she thinks of her music. In modern times, there are music reviewers on Youtube that enjoy a huge following. Anthony Fantano, known as one of the world’s most famous music critics, has over 2 million subscribers. It is easy to see how finding the right music blogger/Youtuber can change your entire career, especially if you couple it with Music Promotion Corp’s Spotify promotion free.


Go Beyond Spotify

Spotify is extremely popular, and it’s only becoming more popular. Spotify already has hundreds of millions of users, and it’s one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. This is one of the reasons why you should take advantage of our Free Spotify promotion service, for a limited time, because you never know how long we are running the offer!


Of course, at Music Promotion Corp, we understand that there is more than one way to help accelerate your career. You should also go out of your way to interact with your fans on whatever platforms are available. Facebook has billions of monthly active users, and a significant portion of the world has a Facebook profile. You should make sure that you create a fan page to help build your own community and fan base, and this could be a great tool when it comes to informing fans about tours or projects. You also might want to Twitter to show your personality, and offer thoughts, and engage with fans who are interested in interacting with an artist that they admire and appreciate.

We do believe in artists and understand that it’s the perfect time to help give you a leg up with Free Spotify playlist submission. What if a curator ends up loving your music, and you end up landing on a playlist that thousands of people hear? What if your song ends up being the most listened-to song on the playlist? You never know the kind of traction that you can get with Spotify, but you should also make sure to cross-promote on as many platforms as possible.

Saving Time

One of the other great things about what we are offering is the fact that our free Spotify playlist placement means that you have time to do everything else. Musicians often tour to make sure that their music is promoted, and they might spend a lot of time doing media interviews. Why not leave the promotion to the experts for a change, which gives you more time for the rest of your life?

You also have more time to create more music, and what artist doesn’t want to keep creating? We know that many artists don’t really understand the music promotion world, which is why Music Promotion Corp can handle all of your music promotion needs, whatever they are. We know that free Spotify promo also means more free time for you to create your next incredible project that your fans are waiting for!


It is hard work to be a music artist. You might have to deal with the fact that you work with concert promoters that aren’t always honest, music industry executives that don’t have your best interests at heart, and fans that demand the best material from you. It might be a lot for someone who isn’t used to being a musician, but our Free Spotify promo can help you gain more fans than ever before. You can then become an independent artist quicker than ever before, and may even one day be able to get to the point where you make a living with your music!

A Spotify promotion package might not change your life, but it can be the first step in a journey towards financial freedom. Music Promotion Corp is proud to work with artists in all genres and help them land on playlists that they never could have landed on before. It does take some time and money to develop a great music career, but why turn down a Free Spotify promo? Music Promotion Corp hopes that you will consider working with us and taking a step towards an illustrious music career.

The right Spotify free promotion can do wonders for an artist, and you might find that other artists actually end up discovering you. What is great about this? Well, you might find that other artists begin reaching out to you to collaborate, and this could mean new leverage the next time that you get a record deal or an offer of any kind. It means more money in your pocket, and more leverage when it comes to creative direction. Music Promotion Corp has access to many curators and influencers and can make sure that you land on the right playlists for your genre. Your Spotify free promo can definitely help you find more fans, artists, and even music executives!

At Music Promotion Corp, we are proud to offer this Free Spotify playlist submission, but remember to ACT NOW! We don’t know when exactly this offer will end as of press time, but it will be a limited offer. Don’t wait too long and regret that you never signed up with us! Music Promotion Corp hopes that you are doing well during these times, and I hope you will take advantage of our Spotify promotion free offer!

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