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There are many ways for artists to establish themselves and make a living off of their music, but it can often take a lot of time, money, and effort. Some musicians are able to make a living just by playing local shows in their own city, while other artists become world-famous thanks to one song that goes viral all across the world. Every artist’s journey is different, but a Spotify playlist submission is getting more and more relevant to musicians who want to take their craft seriously.

A free Spotify playlist submission is definitely a way to get in the door, but artists and content creators should make sure that they have multiple strategies in place to reach as many fans as possible. Music Promotion Corp has many packages to help artists with their Spotify playlist submission. Here are some aspects of playlist submission to consider, and some strategies to implement.

Choosing Content


Many artists are very creative individuals, but they might not have the business acumen needed to succeed. This is one of the reasons why artists require managers and publicists to help them maneuver through the music industry. Often, artists might want to make a certain song a single, but it won’t really translate to success. Similarly, artists might think that an album is finished, while a record label disagrees. If you are serious about Spotify playlist submission, you have to make absolutely sure that you choose the right song, for the right playlist.

You will need to have a circle of music professionals to help advise you on choosing the best songs for your Spotify playlist submission. You should also try to maximize your content, as well. Let’s say that your album has some love songs, some songs for the nightclub, and some inspirational songs. You should consider making a Spotify playlist submission for each of these, and recognize that multiple songs can land on several playlists. This will certainly help with overall exposure and could lead to more artist credibility, which leads to more revenue.

Think About Timing


Many artists go out of their way to create the best work possible, but they might not always think about the timing of the music, and how this factors into their Spotify playlist submission. First and foremost, you should be thinking about free Spotify playlist submission BEFORE you even release the song. Playlists often want to “break” artists, and put listeners on to new music so that they gain credibility. If you have already released the song, and it has gained some traction, a curator might feel like it isn’t a selection that is “fresh” enough to make their playlist. Of course, this also depends on whether the playlist focuses on new music or not.

You should also think about what time it is, and the sounds of your song. Are there any other songs that sound similar, production-wise, to your specific Spotify playlist submission? If you have a chorus that is already similar to a smash hit, it’s easy to see why a curator might want to pass on that particular choice. However, you might have a fresh song that is dropping JUST in time for summer, which sounds perfect for a beach day or a barbecue. If you think about timing, it might help you tremendously in your chances for a playlist submission Spotify.

Gather Info


There’s one very important thing that you can do that many artists and bands tend to forget: listen to your fans. You may have recorded a song that you think is your next big hit, but if you find out that all of your fans only find the song mediocre – you should rethink your free Spotify playlist submission immediately. Your fans can offer some incredible feedback regarding your music, and they might even have some advice about which playlists to consider.

Your network and fans may also have opinions about which artists you should reach out to. One of the ways that many artists come up immediately is through paying for a high-profile collaboration. If you are an artist that has saved enough money and has enough resources, you could always consider this route. Artists might also pay for an expensive producer, as well, which can make your selection a better consideration for a Spotify for artist playlist submission.


Another way that information can help you is that you can create the profile for your “ideal fan” – or what the average fan looks like. Is it a 12-year-old girl because you make pop music without explicit lyrics? Then you will have to consider different playlists than someone who appeals to a 40-year-old man. You should make sure that you know what you are doing and have researched extensively before putting effort into a specific Spotify playlist submission.

The Right Pitch


Spotify curators want to know more about artists and their stories. If you don’t have a specific story of any kind, this won’t be effective. You should be able to articulate something about your background, influences, and obstacles, in a way that can make your free Spotify playlist submission stand out. You only have 500 characters to make this happen, and you should take your time and make sure that it’s worked perfectly. Of course, it’s also important to remember that you may want to hire an expert to help you craft the pitch if you don’t think that you can write it yourself.

The right pitch should also include any major achievements so that the curator will know that you take your career seriously. Let’s say that you are a rapper, and speak about your influences, and where you are from. This is much different from a pitch that elaborates on some major rappers that you once opened for, what producers you worked with, and whether some of your songs charted before. The curators are much more likely to go with the latter pitch for a Spotify playlist submission hip hop, and this is something that you and your team should understand.

Playlist Submission Advice

There are other things to consider for artists and/or bands and their Spotify playlist submission. You should be submitting music to playlists that are established and have a certain amount of followers, but what if they simply aren’t as relevant anymore? You might jump at the chance to submit music to a playlist with 50,000 followers…but what if people haven’t been listening to the playlist for years? It might be better to submit music to a playlist with 10,000 followers but is gaining more traction recently.

Also, make sure that you don’t overwhelm a curator. You should be putting your best foot forward, and sending them the song that you think can absolutely land on the playlist. You also need to consider the length of the song…if you send a curator an 8-minute song, then it could affect the “flow” of a playlist, which is one of the most important aspects of a playlist. Too many artists don’t think about this with their Spotify playlist submission free, but it should be recognized. You should also never be submitting more than three songs to a curator because they get music sent to them all the time! Music Promotion Corp is the kind of Spotify playlist submission service that can better your chances of actually landing on a playlist.



There are a lot of different aspects to the right Spotify playlist submission. You should make it known that you are serious about your music when you reach out to music curators, whether it’s through Twitter, Instagram, or a networking event. If you take your craft seriously, there’s a good chance that the curator may take a chance on you. You have to make the Spotify playlist submission curator feel as if THEY are lucky to have found you before anyone else, and that your selection would improve their playlist considerably.

At the end of the day, you also have to make sure that you are creating the best music possible. You may want to record as much as possible, and you may find that the music you are creating in one month is already better than your past work. If you continue to keep recording and elevating your craft, you may find that you soon have the perfect track for a Spotify playlist submission. Of course, you should always make sure that the pitch is short, sweet, and contains relevant and credible information regarding your career.

Artists should gather as much insight as possible, and undergo extensive research before thinking about a Spotify for artists playlist submission. Artists should also go out of their way to make sure that their bio offers information about their music career and their previous work. The right pitch can also be integral to a successful Spotify playlist submission, as well. Music Promotion Corp has the experience and expertise to make sure that you land on the right playlists that can further your career.


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