Helping Your Chances Of Spotify Playlist Placement


There are many artists that are trying to take their career to the next level, and it isn’t always easy. There are musicians that might live in a city that doesn’t have much of a music scene, and there are other artists that are trying to enter a niche that already seems saturated. There are countless music curators that are gaining relevance in the music industry due to the fact that they understand the best Spotify playlist placement, and there are steps that can be taken so that artists can have a better chance at landing on a playlist.

Artists that are interested in Spotify playlist placement need to understand that it can take a lot of work to land on the right playlist. Many musicians should understand that it can often take years for their strategies to work, so those hoping for overnight success might need to re-evaluate their expectations. Here are some ways that artists can improve their chances of Spotify playlist placement.

Relationships With Content Creators


The Internet has some incredible music blogs, and the truth is that many music labels downplayed blogs in the beginning. Of course, no one could truly predict how the Internet would change human civilization forever. Regardless, there was once a time when physical CDs were sold. Once the music industry began shifting towards MP3s, blogs suddenly became more relevant. For the first time in history, a music fan could visit a music blog and listen to some of their favorite music for free online. Music blogs have become more relevant over the years, and there are music websites and blogs that are extremely important to the success of artists.

If you are hoping for Spotify playlist placement, you also have to think beyond Spotify. You should research music blogs that are relevant to your genre, and reach out to these blogs and let them know that you are actively creating music. You might not get a response at first, but persistence is the name of the game. If you keep sending out quality music to a blog, there’s a good chance that you will eventually get featured. Once you are featured in a major blog, this improves your chances of Spotify playlist placement significantly.

Of course, music blogs aren’t the only ways that artists can build relationships with content creators. There are many well-known music reviewers that have Youtube channels, for example, and some of them even have millions of subscribers. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that getting featured on one of these channels can help you get free Spotify playlist placement.

If you don’t have a relationship with music influencers, bloggers, or creators – Music Promotion Corp can still help you with the best Spotify playlist placement services around. Our packages have helped countless clients gain more visibility and exposure, and our track record speaks for itself.

Build Your Fanbase The Right Way

There are so many talented artists out there that fly under the radar or don’t get the attention they deserve. Some of these artists might be doing everything that they can to get noticed, only to get snubbed because of one of many reasons. However, there are countless artists that believe that they should get more exposure, or deserve free Spotify playlist placement.

Artists should go out of their way to interact with their fans. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to remember the name of every fan that speaks to you at a live show, but it does mean that you should show that you appreciate any love given. If a fan praises your new song to their social media followers, you should go out of your way to show that you appreciate the post, and magnify the post, as well.

This is important because it helps give artists authentic credibility since THEY are not speaking about how their music is – these are fans praising YOUR music, and you are showing your appreciation. This is important when curators are trying to find the next Spotify playlist placement.

However, there’s a wrong way to go about promoting your music. You shouldn’t be spamming your timeline constantly with the same song or video. This can be extremely annoying to your followers, and they might feel as though you don’t understand how to truly build a fanbase. This could end up affecting your brand and whether you get a Spotify playlist placement. There are fans that might not want to support you anymore if they feel like you aren’t really engaging with them. The best Spotify playlist placement happens with artists that engage with fans without overdoing it.

In addition, you will want to use a legitimate service to promote your Spotify like Music Promotion Corp. If you use a sketchy service, you may find that fans will call you out on the fact that you seem to have a million followers, but very few engagements. This definitely damages your artist’s credibility, which damages your chances at playlist placement Spotify.

More Leverage For Our Clients


Companies and organizations want to work with fresh voices that are getting attention because they know that there is a tremendous potential for growth. Of course, this applies to much more than comedy. You might be a gamer, a model, or a musician, and notice that your follower count will influence every part of your career.

If you are serious about gaining leverage in your industry, Music Promotion Corp can help to make sure that you get free Instagram video views, which also means that you become a higher priority to Instagram itself. This is one of the reasons why the biggest influencers often end up on the “Explore” page because they have the “social proof” necessary for Instagram to introduce them to new users. If you are interested in a free Instagram views trial, Music Promotion Corp has an incredible array of packages to choose from.

Researching The Right Playlists


If you are serious about Spotify playlist placement, you should understand which playlists you want to target. One of the most important things to do is to make a list of the playlists that are relevant to your music and make sure to submit to these playlists when you feel like your music is ready. The playlist placement Spotify process can be a tough one, and you shouldn’t be wasting time submitting music to the wrong playlist. For example, you should make sure that the genre makes sense. If you consistently submit your music to playlists that don’t fit the genre, you run the risk of getting ignored by music curators.

Another smart tactic is to find out which music curators can be reached directly. Some curators are clear about the fact that they are always ready to listen to submissions, and they might even put out their e-mail addresses to encourage them to try to get a Spotify playlist placement. Other curators are a bit more elusive. Either way, you should make sure that you are aware of who the music curators are.

Let’s say that you are a local artist and get a real buzz in your city. You are steadily getting thousands of followers every month, and are happy about your success. What if a major music curator followed you on Twitter or Instagram, and you didn’t even realize it? This is why it’s extremely important to pay attention to who the music curators are because you can start conversations with them that can lead to a real Spotify playlist placement. While this might not mean that you suddenly become a star, it can help your career significantly.


You can also get a Spotify playlist placement by building an email list to help interact and engage with fans. This means that more fans will be speaking about you on social media, which can improve your chances with respect to free Spotify playlist placement. Music Promotion Corp is a company that is experienced when it comes to Spotify playlist placement, and we are proud of the fact that we help content creators and artists get playlist placement Spotify on a daily basis.



Cross-promotion is important in any industry, and it’s one of the reasons that artists collaborate so much. If you are a rapper that collaborates with a singer, it means that you can now get fans from a whole different genre and demographic – and this can help your career for many reasons. You can now sell more units, get more streams, and get paid more per show. This is integral for artists that are serious not just about Spotify playlist placement but making a living as an artist in general.

Consider which collaborations make sense for your brand, and also ask your fans what artists they think would make for a great collaboration. You may find that the right collaboration can change your career trajectory forever.



There’s a good chance that you enjoy playlists yourself. There are playlists for all sorts of occasions and situations – whether you want to listen to songs that motivate you, help you get through a breakup or songs from a certain era that make you feel nostalgic. This is one of the reasons that Spotify playlist placement has become so important in the music industry. For example, Rap Caviar, a Spotify playlist, is one of the most important rap playlists in the world.

Many rappers have become more successful just by landing on that particular playlist, and other artists have gained visibility through free Spotify playlist placement. Music Promotion Corp can help you with the best Spotify playlist placement strategy possible, and figure out what can be done to help with visibility.


One of the best things about free Spotify playlist placement is it’s one of the things that artists can do just off the strength of their talent. You don’t necessarily have to spend money to market your music and get on a playlist, and it’s possible to actually land on one simply with the right song, the right fans, and the right timing.

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