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There are few platforms that are more relevant to music promotion than Instagram, and there’s a reason for that. Instagram allows fans to get a look into the lives of their favorite artists, and they can find out more about what they like to do on a day-to-day basis. Of course, the Instagram Live option also allows artists to actually interact with fans, as well.

Music Promotion Corp understands that many artists are trying to build a following on Instagram, and we are proud to offer a free Instagram promotion that is only running for a limited time. We all know that some of the largest artists in the world have tens of millions of followers, and Instagram is a great way to spread the word about your music. You will often find that some of the most popular artists have a lot of real Instagram likes, for example, and it’s a great way to measure popularity, for example.

Figure Out Your Lane

One of the first things you can do if you are serious about taking advantage of Free Instagram promotion is to understand EXACTLY what you want to offer on your Instagram. Some bands might use their Instagram to give fans a glimpse into their lives behind the scenes, but some artists might think that a more secretive approach can work. A lot of this depends on your music and your brand. If you are a mysterious artist that puts out an album every five years, it clearly doesn’t make sense for you to post on Instagram about your daily routine. Instead, you might be more mystic about your approach to gaining Free instagram followers.

Other musicians might find that Instagram is a great way to promote everything that you have going on. What if one of your band members has a business? You may find that a shout-out can lead to some real revenue for that person, and you might even get Free Instagram followers based on pictures of your product. Of course, there are other people that might follow you based on the kind of photos you take. Let’s say that you are an artist on tour, and post photos from all over the world on your Instagram – you can use your hobby to get more Free Instagram followers.

Some artists might be open about using “thirst traps”, or use sex to attract new fans. Other musicians might not be comfortable with that. If you want Free Instagram views, you should figure out what you want to post, and how often, and figure out exactly how you want to execute an Instagram strategy. No matter what your lane is, our Free Instagram likes promotion at Music Promotion Corp can get you closer to your goals!

Use Instagram Tools

We all know that hashtags can work. There are many businesses and influencers that are able to capitalize on hashtags on all sorts of social media platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You might find that using hashtags relevant to your music genre can lead to Free Instagram likes or an extra 100 free Instagram views. Why wouldn’t you try to learn more about which hashtags are successful? This research could lead to some real long-term success.

You also might want to take advantage of your profile and place all links to your music in our profile. When users come to your profile, it should be clear that you are a musician, and they might want to immediately find out about your music and where they can find it. There’s nothing wrong with getting Free Instagram likes, but you should make it easy for visitors to find out about your art and purchase it, because that will motivate you to keep posting and sharing your music!

Connect With Creators

There is one very simple thing that you can do to get some free Instagram promotion – and it involves reaching out to influencers. Let’s say that you are an independent artist, and are booking many more shows and notice that your streams are going up. You might know some famous Youtubers or influencers that create content and listen to music that is similar to yours. Why not contact them and let them know that they can use your music, royalty-free?

There are countless major artists that are signed to major record labels. These labels often do not allow anyone to use their music without getting paid, but with an independent artist – you can just give them permission! It should be noted that this strategy doesn’t work if you are already signed to a record deal that doesn’t ALLOW you to give permission to use your music. Otherwise, if these influencers use your music in their videos, it could lead to free Instagram followers! It’s easy to see how an influencer with millions of followers shouting your music out can lead to Instagram views free.

Of course, you could always engage with other larger artists and support them. If you gain a large following, you might find that your comments under larger artists get more likes, and they might see your message and decide to find out more about YOU. It’s important to make sure that the comment is funny or insightful for maximum engagement or to get Free Instagram likes.

Offer As Much Value As You Can

You might be a musician that is offering your fans a look into your life or your process in the studio, and that’s awesome! However, why not provide your followers with more than just your music? You can offer some advice to your fans about anything: productivity, dating, cooking, traveling, or anything else. If you offer a tremendous amount of value to your followers, you might get Free Instagram followers that follow you for the advice, but stay for the music!

You can get Free Instagram likes if you provide value on some specific posts. It’s also important to try to include more media in your posts: people love photos and videos! If you are just posting text, for example, this isn’t the kind of thing that leads to a lot of engagement.


The first thing about Free Instagram promotion you have to understand is that it’s a lot of work. There are all sorts of people that have become successful on Instagram, whether they are in the modeling world, the art world, the acting world, the comedy world, and the music world. If you are serious about figuring out how to get followers on Instagram free, it may take a whole lot of time, effort, and strategy. If you are posting valuable content every day, and also showcasing your music on your Instagram, you will definitely gain a following faster than someone who is only posting once a month.

You might not think much about 100 Instagram likes free, but many in the music industry measure interest by how many “likes” you get on a picture. This is one of the reasons why it’s best to figure out the kind of “brand” you want to project on the platform. Music Promotion Corp understands the importance of finding your voice on Instagram because it’s a great way to target the right demographic and Get free Instagram followers.

There are so many ways to use Instagram, and you may find that your fans connect with you in more ways than one. They might appreciate a silly video where you make fun of yourself, a video where you are teasing some new music, or even taking photos on a vacation. You can also change your bio and pictures right before a new album release, just to help keep things interesting.

Music Promotion Corp understands that Instagram can help fuel your music career and take it to the next level, and we hope that you take advantage of our free Instagram promotion. You might find that it’s a great strategy not only to get some Free Instagram likes, and also build a following. Of course, artists should also be using strategies on many other platforms – which is something that Music Promotion Corp can also help with. Take advantage of our limited offer today!

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