There are so many hip-hop fans that are in love with the hip-hop genre, but they might not realize exactly how do rappers make money.

The music industry used to sell physical units, and they would often be sold at retail chains all over the world.

These days, rappers are often paid by streams, and there is some controversy about whether they are getting their fair share of the pie on platforms like Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, and more.

Of course, rappers can still get money from many of the shows that they perform. It’s also important to note that the amount of money that they make per show depends on many different factors.

Artists don’t just rely on one source of revenue anymore. Many successful artists have side hustles of all kinds, whether they invest in real estate or decide to start a business that might not have anything to do with the music industry.

Others might end up starting a business WITHIN the music industry, such as a record label or an artist consultancy of some kind.

Another way that rappers make money is by offering their services to other artists, as well

About Shows

Let’s say that you are interested in finding out how much do rappers make per show. This would take some research, but you might find out the amount very quickly if you know the right people.

For example, let’s say that you are trying to book one of the most well-known rappers in the world.

There are some cases in which you can contact booking agents that will give you an estimate regarding how much it will cost for that artist to appear, and what he or she normally charges for a show.

If you want to know how much money do rappers make, you will have to know more about their career. First, are they internationally known artists that can draw crowds of hundreds of thousands of people?

Of course, this means that they can charge a lot of money to perform.

Other rappers might have had one or two hits, but haven’t released critically acclaimed music in a long time.

In this case, the amount involving how much do rappers make the per show will have changed dramatically


There’s one much more obvious way regarding how rappers make money, and it involves ghostwriting. For those that don’t know, rappers often decide to write lyrics for other artists, that might not be as lyrically inclined.

Let’s say that an actor decides that he or she wants to put out an album because he/she has the money and free time to do so – and feels like taking a break from his acting career.

He might contact an established artist to help him or her actually writes the lyrics to a song, once the producer gives them the beat. Some of the most successful rappers in the world, like Jay-Z and Nas, have ghostwritten lyrics for others.


Rappers have a strong connection to nightlife. There are so many rappers that have become famous thanks to performances at well-known nightclubs.

The nightlife scene in metropolitan cities has been very important to the hip-hop scene in general, and sometimes – it isn’t even about shows!

Believe it or not, for those wondering how much money do rappers make: rappers often get paid simply to appear at nightclubs!

You read that right: rappers are often paid to show up to nightclubs, and they don’t even have to perform songs!

They might attract a whole new crowd of people that will then end up spending thousands at the nightclub, thanks to media attention.

If you are wondering how rappers make money, keep in mind that there might be some clubs that pay them often for “walk-throughs”, and this can definitely help rappers survive in tough times.


Let’s say that you are a rapper that isn’t exactly business-minded. There are some creative souls that simply aren’t interested in starting businesses.

There are so many artists that enjoy living a celebrity lifestyle, and that might involve doing things like spending a lot of money, traveling, and partying.

Other celebrities might live more frugal lifestyles.

Either way, one of the questions you might want to ask if you are wondering how much do rappers make is how many endorsements do they have?

Rappers might have endorsement deals with many different products and services. Let’s say that there’s some new app out there and they want to get the word out about the app.

A tech startup with a lot of money might hire a rapper to promote their app, while other companies might be interested in rappers for their products.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s shampoo, a restaurant chain, or a clothing line – endorsements are a big reason for rapper money.

The right endorsement or sponsorship can be a significant source of rapper money, and should not be downplayed.

Of course, rappers should make sure that they associate themselves with companies that make sense for their personal brand.


One of the great things about music is that there is such a need for it in terms of content. Think about the last movie that you saw: there was a good chance that there was a lot of music in the movie, and guess what?

Movies are a great avenue for how rappers make money, and one rap song featured in a blockbuster movie could mean a lot of money for the right artist.

Many executives also understand that TV shows are often how rappers make money.

If you are wondering how rappers make money, it’s important to remember that there might be a commercial that wants to use music to captivate a consumer.

They might end up choosing a rap hit, and that’s a very common way to explain how do rappers get paid.

There might be some rappers that have managers with connections to Hollywood, and they also might even be able to get their songs featured more often than others.

This can definitely influence how much do rappers make, and it can be a nice boost in income for an artist who needs it.







Entrepreneur Attitude

There are some artists that are very business-minded, and they might also feel like it’s their responsibility to help newer music artists that enter the music industry.

Of course, there is a lot of money in it for them if they sign artists that become stars.

Many rappers start record labels, and it’s one of the most common ways when it comes to figuring out how much do rappers make.

If a rapper signs successful artists, they might even end up making more money off of THOSE artists than off their own music!

There are so many other ways for rappers to make money. Some artists might end up understanding how rappers make money, and decide that it’s time for them to get into a certain business.

You might be a rapper that starts up a clothing store, a marijuana dispensary or even invest in real estate. Other artists might end up investing in stocks or companies that show promise and can end up making more money than ever before.

An artist might also have other creative energy that they channel into other ventures. There have been situations where music artists have gotten paid off of documentaries for example, that later get bought out by companies like Netflix.

This is another answer to the question, how do rappers get paid, and other rappers might even host a TV show or two to make millions on the side.

Rappers might also pop up in a funny movie as a cameo, and of course – this isn’t free!

If you want to know how do rappers make money, it’s often through companies that they own – whether it’s a headphone company, a retail store, or even a recording studio of some kind.


The truth is that rappers are people, and they are often people with a lot of money and connections. It isn’t surprising that the answer to how rappers make money is changing every day.

There are artists that might be getting paid off of a viral video, which leads to an increase in streams.

Other artists might have released a shirt that has become very popular with a certain demographic, or a snapback hat that becomes very popular with their fans.

You might be also surprised to find that there are some superstars that can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in ONE night!

This might be extremely rare, but it’s possible for those who are on a superstar level.

Some artists might have signed a record deal where they don’t get as much money from their music as other artists, and you might wonder about how do rappers get paid if this is the case.

The answer is usually that they make most of their money through tours, but there are other artists that might have ended up investing their money into other vehicles.

Ultimately, there are many ways to make rapper money – and some of them don’t even involve rapping!

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