There are a lot of milestones where artists realize that their careers might be working out better than they imagined.

A more established artist might have reposted their music, or a music executive might have reached out to them and offered them a deal.

Other artists might finally realize that they are becoming successful once they are getting paid a certain amount for a show, or their video gets a specific amount of views.

Successful artists also often land on high-profile websites like worldstarhiphop.

For those who don’t know, worldstarhiphop gets hundreds of millions of visits per month.

This is the kind of music promotion that many artists would pay a lot of money for, and it’s one of the reasons that world star is so successful.

It isn’t always easy to land on worldstar or world star insta, but here is some advice that can finally help you land on the website.

Make Sure It’s Professional

You might be an artist that has been working for years, and you could be eager to record with your producer who has a lot of beats around. You have to ask yourself the hard questions here.

Are you recording with people that will really take your career to the next level, or are they simply the only people that are around?

Artists need to understand that investing in established producers can help you when it comes to music marketing and promotion.

Is your song recorded professionally? You should make sure that your sound engineer has mixed and mastered the song before you record a video.

Lastly, you should try to make sure that your music video is extremely professional.

This means several things: making sure that the video matches the music, ensuring that the acting is professional, and simply just making sure that it “looks” like a well-done video.

If you are recording your music video randomly from your phone, it might not look like it belongs on world star hip hop.

In fact, there’s a good chance that they will reject your video if it doesn’t look professional enough.

Be As Unique As Possible

There are many music videos that gain a lot of attention, but the truth is that you should try to stand out as much as possible.

There are so many established artists that tend to have their music video look a certain way.

They might hire the same video vixens, drive the same cars, and even hire the same music video directors! You want to make sure that the video fits with the song if you want to land on world star hip hop.

If you are a singer and are promoting your video, you shouldn’t be just you hanging around a bunch of your friends. It should showcase the story of the song so that it can be clear what the song is about.

Similarly, you might want to try some different things to make your music video interesting.

You might consider taking a comedic approach to your music video, filming it from different angles, or doing some creative edits to spice things up.

If you are unique, it doesn’t guarantee that you will land on world star hip hop mobile, but it can improve your chances.

Get Featured Elsewhere

If you are serious about getting on worldstarhiphop mobile, you should do your best to create a buzz of some kind. It’s realistic to understand that as a new artist, not everyone knows your name.

However, you should make the effort to submit your music to as many websites and blogs as possible if you want to make it on worldstarhiphop.

If you include where else you’ve been featured, it can help worldstarhiphop take you seriously, since you are clearly featured elsewhere.

Worldstarhiphop wants to make sure that they are featuring videos from artists that people like. If you only have one video uploaded and it has 5,000 views, that isn’t that impressive.

However, if you have uploaded twenty videos, and you have ground to the point where you have about 50,000 views on each of them – it might be saying something.

You could showcase your versatility here, as you might have one song for the club, another for the ladies, etc.

Also, you might have shown that you are collaborating with other artists, as well, which gives you more credibility.

The Submission Process

The entertainment industry isn’t always very forgiving. It’s no secret that auditions for those who are trying to act can be brutal, and the submission process at world star hip hop isn’t exactly easy.

There are some rumors about the exact guidelines, with some people claiming that they won’t feature your video for free unless you have about 50,000 views.

You might be extremely talented and think that this is unfair. Curators will have to really enjoy your music video in order to be featured for free. If they reject you, this shouldn’t discourage you that much.

However, you have to understand that world star hip hop video’s perspective: they have to entertain all of their visitors, and they can’t do that by constantly featuring artists that the public doesn’t know about.

If you are somehow able to land on worldstarhiphop insta, or worldstarhiphop youtube, it can be huge for you.

However, you might find that it doesn’t necessarily change your life.

If you get your video featured, it’s not the same as getting a record deal or getting your music viral.

Yes, you may have a CHANCE to go viral. At the same time, there are independent artists that have had their video featured on world star hip hop music, but their career never took off like they thought it would.

Let’s say that you already have an incredible job, and have been saving up money for your music career. You can now afford to spend thousands of dollars on your music career, and will still be financially stable.

There are definitely some great options here if you are serious about being featured on worldstarhiphop mobile.

It’s important to note that this will usually cost somewhere in the realm of a thousand dollars. If you only have a few thousand dollars to your name, this isn’t realistic for a struggling artist.

In addition, you aren’t somehow guaranteed a million views simply because you paid to be featured on world star hip hop mobile.

MusicPromotionCorp can help you get your videos featured on world star hip hop mobile, and it might help you get more connections in the music industry.

It might cost you some money, but you never know: you could potentially get your music featured on worldstarhiphop for free if curators decide to choose your music video.


Artists know that it can take a lot of money to promote themselves, which is why so many artists end up signing record label deals. It can be exhausting to spend money and do live shows only to not see tangible results.

You might have to organize a whole team that can help you with music promotion, whether it involves getting you more mentions on social media, putting up posters in your hometown, or simply networking with music executives for potential partnerships.

Either way, world star hip hop mobile remains a staple of the game, especially when it comes to hip-hop music.

Let’s say that you do get a video on world star hip hop mobile for free. This is a great accomplishment, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop working at your music career. You also might want to pay a lot of attention to the analytics.

How is the like/dislike ratio? What are the comments saying? What artists are they comparing you to, and why?

You might find that the feedback is different from what you expected, but it’s important to get as much information as possible so that you know how and when to adjust.

You may also decide that it’s worth it to pay world star hip hop video directly to make sure that your video gets promoted the right way. You might also find that this helps you make other connections, and makes more people come out to your shows.

It’s important to understand exactly what you want to accomplish and to choose the right song/video to promote.

After all, this is a big financial decision, and you don’t want to keep spending thousands every year to promote your music videos if it is clear that it isn’t working out for you.

There are few music websites as important as world star hip hop, and it can definitely help put you on the map.

However, it’s important to recognize that every artist’s journey is different, and it’s not just about one worldstarhiphop promotion campaign.

Music Promotion Corp can help you promote your music the smarter way, and make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck!

Contact us anytime for more information.

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