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Music Marketing Manager

Edy is our Music Marketing Manager. He worked for MTV, Universal Studio and FHM1 and he is the most experienced member of our team.



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Jordan is our marketing specialist. He handles all the orders and makes sure they are delivered on time!



Creative Marketing Specialist

Mia is our creative marketing specialist. She is originally from Italy and speaks five different languages. A real asset to our company.



Marketing Agent

Mark is our marketing agent. He is helping our artists getting deals with major music labels.

Any artist should have a strong carefully crafted Facebook page to engage with their audience and also increase their fan base and sales. Facebook advertising is an effective marketing tool that allows an artist to focus on what they, do, meaning music while being active in growing their followers without spending too much time and money on this.

We customize the campaigns to your audience and genres, and with the help of tools like buying Facebook followers and fans, we can boost a starting page to gain notoriety and have a steady growth, or even become viral. But buying Facebook views and posts or likes is not limited only to fresh pages, this can also help established brands improve their rank and keep developing.

Quality content provided on your Facebook page is the most important as it allows your fans to connect with you as an artist and also as a person. We will make sure that with our help promoting it through our network of affiliates and partners will lead to an organic Facebook promotion.

Our experience in this field helping thousands of artists and brands is put to work in building your brand and create an increased exposure and industry credibility and connections. Because having the likes without any real engagement is a futile effort, it must be partnered with a unique and engaging content on your page. This way when you buy Facebook followers they will interact with you through your page and will result in an organic effective campaign that will get you recognized fast.

We follow the Terms of Use and also provide real profiles from real people, using legitimate organic methods like Facebook ads and our extensive network, and also any order you place to us is made through secure payment methods, while also offering you the privacy you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages are for buying Facebook promotion?
As an artist, you face the challenge of finding the right balance between creating music and also promoting it and engaging with your audience, and gaining more followers and fans. Facebook promotion is a great tool for promoting your music, and our Facebook advertising packages will help you achieve success while focusing on your art.
Why should I buy Facebook Likes?
There is a direct correlation between the number of people who like your Facebook page and the reach you will have to new potential fans. You will benefit when you buy Facebook likes from a boost that will increase your fan base, and your posts will be seen by ever-growing numbers potentially becoming viral.
Why buying Facebook Views helps me?
Building the habit of uploading quality video content regularly will definitely help you build your brand awareness. It is wise to upload not only videos with your artistic projects but also other clips that would reveal you’re the true self to your audience and create that special connection with them. Having this regular content upload strategy will help you rank high in the search results, but it may not always work to full capacity. This is where you can help by buying Facebook views to improve the results and make your content popular.
Is this organic Facebook promotion?
Yes, we promote your music content via our network of affiliates and partners using Facebook ads and group posting to grow your fan base.
Is buying Facebook likes safe?
Absolutely! If you want a strong and more reputable brand then a larger following our service is perfect for your needs. We promote your Facebook page via FB ads to get you the likes you need to become famous.
How can I get more Facebook likes organically?
Although getting more likes is a very important part of any Facebook advertising strategy, it must come as a result of good content you post regularly. This will secure an organic fan base growth with real people you truly like what you put out there and want to connect with you. Your content must provide real value and in return, it will return valuable and loyal followers as fans. You must avoid getting too focused on getting likes and instead strive to deliver the best most engaging content.
Why buying Facebook likes is helping me?
Your Facebook page is your marketing tool to reach more people who will connect with your music and grow your sales. If you’re just engaging with people on Facebook who have no interest in what you provide, then it makes no sense to keep doing it. Having 10,000 Likes on your Facebook Page means a lot if they are engaging with you. When you buy Facebook fans they are real people who are expressing an interest in your content.
How do you Buy Facebook Likes?
We offer different packages for buying Facebook Likes. Our best seller package is the option where you buy 1000 Facebook Likes. These are real people, with a real profile with will engage with your content on Facebook.

Get Connected and Socialize More with Facebook

It’s Not Just a Social Media Platform; It’s Rather a Storehouse of Great Valuable Energy

In this growing generation of ours, who isn’t on Facebook? Much more than watching YouTube or Netflix, an individual spends a minimum of 4 hours scrolling through Facebook posts and messages. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is a vast social media platform for individuals wanting to connect to someone, share stories, or even to find love. In fact, one can even find a good career option through Facebook and even launch new start-ups and business ideas on Facebook. A great trend that has taken the world by storm is the utility of Facebook in promoting and launching great events, movies, and even other lifestyle events. It’s, therefore, an opportunity for all to be a part of this whole social community. From housewives to youngsters, businessmen to aged individuals, all of them understand the value and importance of this social platform. There are certain steps to be followed to create a Facebook account and in order to promote an account, some tips and tricks are required to be followed. But let’s first create an attractive Facebook account.

Simple steps to an efficient Facebook profile:

There need not be any serious designing or patterning done to create a Facebook profile. Just a few simple steps and everything is set and done.

  • First, an unregistered user needs to register himself or herself
  • Secondly, logging in now easier by using the email id and password.
  • Giving a good picture along with an appropriate write up is beneficial.
  • When scrolling through a Facebook account, one’s hobbies and interests also matters
  • When all the detailing is filled, it’s time to send friend requests to known persons already using Facebook.

With the above stated, a conversion can start effectively and with ease.

Ways to make a Facebook page highlighted with active promotion:

Everyone desires to be famous and well known in a social platform like Facebook or Twitter. But in order to be a highlighted entity, certain ways are required to be taken up to promote a page. It needs a bit of education so that others can recognize the individual much easily. Therefore, here are some of the terrific and premium ways to see an increased growth of friend requests and other followers through Facebook promotion in the personal as well as the business sector-


  • Keeping the profile link as the email signature-

With such a step, a huge number of people can easily locate other individuals and there is much more publicity.

  • Giving reasons to follow a profile can also in promotions. Using the cover photo can also increase followers count.
  • Tagging someone in a post or picture can be an accurate method of self-promotion.
  • Posting suitable content related to modern day activities can boost up promotions.


  • Customizing the business Facebook page can help in recognition of that respective company and therefore, secure promotion.
  • Indicating the Business URL on the Facebook page can act as a sort of highlighter and people can thus notice it.
  • Also indicating the business Facebook link on one’s personal profile can lead to the extra viewing of that page and therefore, more promotion.
  • Creating a business team that would help in promotion would be beneficial.
  • If on Twitter, the business profile link can be shared there and this would lead to more effective promotions.
  • Adding a personalized like box can show the number of individuals liking a page and this would give a rough estimate of all the follower number.
  • Finally, when in business ventures with other companies, giving a successful introduction about a business profile can lead to further increased promotions and also better understanding between companies.

Promotion involves both facebook marketing and Facebook advertising of a particular business or personal profile for sheer profit. All contents and articles posted needs ridiculous effective promotions which are targeted to a group of audience. In fact, being live and participating in campaigns can also help in the promotion efforts.


Ways to increase Facebook likes:

With a perfect profile running smoothly, it’s now time to earn a significant amount of likes without much effort. There are lots of applications available all over the internet that helps in increasing like counts. In fact, one can even buy facebook likes. It’s more like adding more subscribers to an existing account. One should, however, make an effort to engage in rigorous activities to hike up the number of likes. A few ways to buy likes on Facebook are as follows:

  • Advertising, i.e. uploading suitable content and posts can increase more Facebook fans than anything else.
  • Starting a social media campaign.
  • Running a competition of any sort where a large number of individuals can participate.
  • Uploading HD photos of all business events and other group activities.
  • Posing questions related to contemporary topics will regulate the flow of likes.
  • Adding a ‘follow me’ icon can also boost up Facebook likes.

However, the above points are in reference to a particular profile. But what Facebook page likes? Many business enterprises promote their pages by using several applications that let all to buy facebook page likes. In order to do so, here is a list of steps to follow:

  • Content is important. A Facebook page should be very active in uploading fruitful contents.
  • A good picture along with cover photo is mandatory.
  • Letting people know the basic motives behind a particular Facebook page is worth a good step.
  • Companies can buy facebook page likes by subscribing to several apps that shower a minimum of 200 likes per hour.
  • Finally, the auto-like option can also be used to boost up the like numbers.

Though facebook likes are quite relevant and necessary to all, effort shouldn’t be replaced by comfort. It’s therefore very essential to work hard and create an amazing Facebook page that automatically gets all the likes.


Increasing Facebook followers:

Though techniques of growing likes are quite helpful in getting that splendid facebook image, followers count is also an essential topic to keep in mind. Along with likes, one can also buy facebook followers as well. Everyone or the other has their own opinions and it’s necessary for all to have a grip on the best that they can achieve. The best way to connect and interact with a large group of audience is to buy followers on Facebook. In order to create an impact, here are the ways to increase Facebook followers:

  • Adding a productive write up about oneself or of a particular company can boost followers count.
  • Launching a like button can capture followers to like or unlike a particular content.
  • Promotions via twitter and email accounts-

There is no gain without any pain. Therefore, promotions everywhere would prove to be beneficial.

  • Posting photos and videos of events.
  • Participating in social conversations and active live sessions can increase followers.
  • A recent trend of using hashtags is a beneficial trick to get noticed and so it’s a useful tool to increase followers.
  • Having an Instagram account can connect both the platforms together and so there can be mutual followers following both the accounts.
  • Posting advertisements are proven to expand followers.

There are even applications that donate followers just by a simple subscription. The followers are not faking it and within minutes, a Facebook profile or page would be flooding with followers.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page:

Facebook is not only for businessmen or other professionals; it’s also a platform for promoting good talent. Enriched youngsters can think of creating a career on Facebook by promoting their respective talents. This would enable all to create various fan pages. A Facebook fan page hits millions of likes within a single day if it goes through perfect promotions. However, one can also buy facebook fans, if he or she does not go through effective popularity. Ways to gain facebook fans are listed under:

  • Promoting one’s talent effectively through all social platforms mainly on
  • Having a good designed and well-organized fan page to get immediate attention.
  • Posting photos and posts of various musical or theatrical events, dance and music videos, etc.
  • Artists trying to increase fans number can log into several sites to buy packages that shower millions of fans within seconds.
  • Finally, updating about all events and performances and even going live can increase fans on Facebook.

For all promotions done, there are specific strategies that need immediate attention. For all brands and artists to boost fans, relationships are important. For better visibility and interaction on Facebook, socializing is a must.

Methods to boost views on all social platforms, especially Facebook:

All campaigns undertaken by artists and other professionals have different aims. For some, it might be popularity; and for some, it can be for a good cause. When all posts are updated and shared on facebook regarding any event or performance, the main concern is about its viewing. It really matters to individuals and other businessmen to see and count the number of views that have been recorded against a particular post or video or photo. This also ensures the effectiveness and quality of the work uploaded. If a post has good mature content, it is liked and viewed very well. If a musical or dance video is able to impress many, it is viewed in millions. Therefore, what makes a work more viewable? It is simply quality and effort and of course promotions. However, if an individual is really disheartened and is really making all the efforts to boost up views, he or she can take up the following methods to buy facebook views.

To buy Facebook video views:

  • Packages for one month or two months are available that can increase viewing by a minimum of 30%.
  • Other than packages, several sites promote good videos which can also help in increasing number of views.
  • All videos uploaded must be of a good quality and content. Such videos will automatically get views from a large number of audiences.

To buy Facebook post views:

  • It’s of the foremost necessity to upload good content that shows the better side of a brand or an individual.
  • Everything should be in line with all the trendy and hot topics.
  • Bad content decreases likes and also followers; the result is very fewer
  • Applying a full strategic plan as to how a post can automatically have views is also recommended.
  • Finally, all posts uploaded should be directed to a particular group of individuals who has the capacity to understand and share the content effectively.

The final verdict:

The advantages and disadvantages of being on Facebook:

Facebook’s popularity can never diminish. It’s rising to a point where it’s impossible to reach. With all the more increasing technology and digitalization, social media platforms are towards slow advancement and acceleration. Facebook caters to so many interests for millions of its users. Therefore, it surely has some excellent qualities to offer-

  • It’s absolutely easy to use Facebook without much brainstorming. One need not be a tech lover to be on facebook.
  • It’s highly versatile and compatible.
  • It’s a great platform to meet new people and engage in conversations.
  • One can simply show his or her talent and get appreciated worldwide.
  • Moreover, Facebook also provides education.

A careful look at some of the cons of using Facebook:

  • An average individual spends at least 4-5 hours on Facebook, which is pretty time-consuming.
  • There are so many fraud and fake accounts on Facebook and it’s hard to distinguish between them.
  • There is a concern for privacy which is not available always.
  • Lastly, it’s absolutely addictive. Scrolling through posts and videos and profiles uselessly is a bad addiction.

Apart from all of the above disadvantages, Facebook is and will be one of the most successful social platforms of all times. It does bring the whole world together. People are able to stabilize themselves and showcase their talents through Facebook. Venturing forth into such opportunities can increase chances of a much more higher personality and therefore, Facebook provides it all.

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