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What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the three most popular digital music streaming platforms in the world. The online streaming service also hosts videos and podcasts along with songs. The primary objective of Spotify can be split into two.

First, it is to help artists release their songs, reach out to fans worldwide and earn through royalties. Second, it lets users from around the world discover new music and also follow artists they already like. There are free and paid users.

You can sign up for Spotify as a user without paying any subscription fee every month. Signing up is simple and easy. You can use your email address. You may also use your Facebook profile to sign up. Spotify Premium is the paid version. Users do not have to sign up for a long term commitment. You can always try the paid service for a month and then switch to the free version.

Spotify Free and Spotify Premium have different features obviously. One important difference is the advertisement. Spotify Premium is free of advertisement. The free version has limited features.

How Spotify Works?

You can access Spotify on your desktop or mobile. You can check the mobile website or download the app. Many people use their Facebook credentials to sign up. This makes it easy to find friends and follow them, check what they are listening to and share the songs that you discover.

As you sign in with your Facebook profile or by using your email and choosing a password, you will be prompted to choose between free and paid versions. Select the subscription you want and get going. Downloading and installing the free version takes a few moments. If you have reliable data connectivity and sufficient speed, then the app will be downloaded, installed and ready to go in less than five minutes. The app is available for both Android and iOS. If you need different types of Spotify promotions, MusicPromotionCorp can help you big time.

You get to stream music on Spotify from the moment you sign in successfully. You cannot really download songs. Spotify has an offline mode available for premium users but it is not exactly a download feature. You can favorite many songs that can be accessed and played even when you are not connected to the internet. This feature helps people to save data.

There are instances when users are on the road or traveling to someplace where data is precious. The offline mode enables users to listen to their favorite songs regardless of internet connectivity. However, the limit is just over three thousand songs and you can access them from a maximum of three devices.

These songs cannot be copied or reproduced. You will not have access to the offline mode or the favorited songs if you cancel the subscription. There is a save option for every album. Save to your music and you will have the album accessible in offline mode.

Quality of Songs and Data Consumption on Spotify

The two are interrelated. You can choose the quality of the songs you play or listen to. This will influence how much data the app or website version consumes. Using Spotify for an hour to stream music online can consume fifty megabytes if you choose normal quality. Listening to such normal quality songs for twenty-four hours will consume one gigabyte.

If you choose high quality, then one gigabyte will be consumed in around fifteen hours or less. At the highest quality, streaming will cost you around one gigabyte of data in only seven hours. The data consumption increases if you watch videos.

The normal quality of streaming is ninety-six kilobits per second. High quality is a hundred and sixty kilobits per second and the finest or extreme quality is three hundred and twenty kilobits per second. What you can do to save on data is access songs when you are using broadband or wireless internet, stream them or save them so you can have them in the offline mode. You can always delete songs from the offline mode to make space for others.

This will save you a lot of data when you are on the move. Mobile data is expensive and it is rarely unlimited. It is not just the songs and videos that consume data. The app itself also consumes some data to operate. It is not much but it will amount to substantial usage over a mobile data bill cycle.

Connecting with Users on Spotify

It is not just the artists who want to reach out to their fans, users to want to connect with others. Spotify is not very different from a social network. You can make friends, share songs and also engage in discussions. Those who use their Facebook profile can easily connect with the same friends. Every user has an activity feed.

This can also be used to find fellow users. The app has a search feature that can be used to find potential friends. If you happen to know the username of a friend then you can search by that. There is a search box where you can put in the username and find a friend.

Navigating Spotify to Celebrate Music

Finding songs is as easy as checking the activity feed, using the search feature or simply browsing to find music by genre, artist or playlists. You can also create your own playlist. Pick the songs you wish to add to your playlist. You can create playlists by genres or artists. You can also follow playlists created and curated by other users. Playlist promotion should be your priority as an artist.

You can follow the playlists of artists. The editorial team of Spotify also curates its own playlists. There are a lot of Spotify playlist curators as well.

Spotify will learn about your preferences in music and the algorithm will help you find artists in those genres. There is a discover feature in the app. You get recommendations. There are other features such as release radar and discover weekly that simplify the quest of finding new music to listen to. You can also listen to the radio station.

Spotify Connect is a feature that enables Bluetooth connectivity. You can stream the music through output devices connected via Bluetooth. You can also use wireless internet connectivity.

You can route the music through smart speakers and home automation systems. Spotify supports multiroom functionality so you can play and effectively broadcast songs everywhere in your house.

Cost of Spotify

You can sign up and use Spotify for free. The premium version costs $9.99 per month. The premium version is ad-free. You get an unlimited skip and the highest quality of streaming. You also get to use Spotify Connect. This is not available in the free version.

There is a premium version for your whole family. You can have as many as six people use the same account and access all the features. But all members should be residing at the same address. This plan costs $14.99 per month. Students get a discount. They pay $4.99 per month.

The free version has limited features. You can play music but in shuffle mode. You cannot skip more than six times in an hour. Radio is not available. Daily Mix playlists are available. You can discover artists and their music. You can share songs with friends. You can access playlist and albums. You can use the free version on desktop, tablet or mobile.

The free version is fine if you want to test the app or the desktop and mobile websites. If you want to truly enjoy Spotify, you must seriously consider the premium version.

Other Features of Spotify

There are many features on Spotify that are not really relevant for users but artists find them quintessential. Spotify Codes simplify sharing. Users can generate codes that can be scanned by the app. Such codes can be shared with friends so they can check out the music you have just experienced.

Artists use such codes for Spotify promotion. There are many ways to devise Spotify music promotion and codes are handy. These codes can be used for music or songs, artists, bands and brands. The codes can also be shared across social media.

Spotify Time Capsule is another useful feature. This is basically a kind of personalization. Every user leaves a trail of what they listen to, favorite and share. The algorithm picks up these crumbs and understands what you might like. You get a tailored playlist or recommendations according to your preferences and history of use.

This is a cool feature to have. Daily Mix playlists on Spotify are similar. It is an automatically generated list of songs that you may like. This too is influenced by what the algorithm tracks, learn and infers about you. Spotify playlist promo is a must when you are a new artist.

Spotify has a private listening mode that enables users to not share what they are listening to. If you have used an email address and password to create the account then this is not much of a concern. Those who use Facebook to log in will have their friends get an update about the song one is listening to right now. This real-time update or sharing of activity can be blocked by using the site or app in private listening mode.

Deleting a Spotify Account

Spotify is no longer just about music. It has news, podcasts and different forms of content to keep users engaged. If for whatever reason you wish to delete your account, you can consider downgrading from the premium version to the free version. If you want to quit and part ways then you should go to the support page and there is a guide about how you can close the account.

You can also simply log in, go to account settings, choose the option that reads I want to close my Spotify account permanently.

How does Spotify Promotion work?

Artists have to explore everything about Spotify promotion. What is Spotify promotion has no generic answer because there are different approaches?

Many artists prefer organic Spotify promotion.

Most artists will rely on Spotify promotion services. Spotify playlist submission looks easier on paper than it is in practice.

Spotify playlist promotion also sounds fairly simple till you realize there are thousands of such curated lists that already populate the site and the app.

Spotify promotion has to be multipronged. Every artist who is trying to gain a foothold on the platform and reach out to a significant number of users should have a holistic strategy. The first step is to buy plays. One should buy enough plays on Spotify to create a ripple effect. Users should be enticed by the number of plays that a song is worth checking out.

Then comes monthly listeners as it is an indicator of popularity. Spotify artist promotion should have a definitive and measurable impact. A sustained increase in the number of monthly listeners will draw other users to the profile of an artist. This will have an effect on the number of plays each song gets.

Spotify playlist promotion is crucial. Artists should make playlists, not only of their own songs but also of others. This leads to reciprocity and aspiring musicians or unsigned artists should leverage this tactic.

Spotify playlist submission is also important. It is actually crucial to attaining popularity. There are many playlists in every genre that have tens of thousands of listeners. Some playlists have users in the millions. Getting featured on such a Spotify playlist can change the fortune of an artist. It is not unrealistic to expect a record label offering a contract. You can also buy Spotify plays to grow your monthly listeners.

The royalties can also hit the roof if a song or several tracks get featured on the most popular playlists on Spotify.

Music Promotion Corp offers a plethora of services. You can buy plays and monthly listeners to give your profile the boost necessary to reach out to more users. You can plan a  Spotify viral campaign. This will get a song go viral and thousands of people will get to discover you and your creations.

You can use Spotify playlist submission and Spotify playlist promotion services too.

These are effective Spotify music promotion tactics that should be deployed strategically to attain the desired popularity on the platform.

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