Spotify playlist is a curated chart of songs and other types of compositions. Apple’s playlist is also basically the same. Both Spotify and Apple Music have editorial teams. There are curators who choose relevant songs for specific genres and create playlists

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These official Spotify curators usually prefer the most popular songs in respective genres. They also prioritize new releases. The objective of these curators is to entice users with new and fresh songs in their favorite genres from artists they follow and those they may be unaware of Spotify and Apple Music also want to promote the best talents in the music industry. Hence, they choose songs that are really good for their playlists so the artists and their creations get a boost.

Record labels also rely on Spotify playlist promotion and Apple playlist promotion to reach out to more listeners.

Importance of Playlists on Spotify and Apple Music

Let us consider an artist profile with a dozen songs and a few hundred monthly listeners. You can imagine any number of songs and a modest following.

The songs of such an artist will reach out to the monthly listeners and some more users who may come across the releases. The reach is limited. Artists must leverage social media and all other available avenues to promote their songs. They may get a few more plays through such endeavors. A rare song can go viral.

Some songs may find their place on recommendations or automatically generated radio broadcasts. Such songs will get an outreach beyond the immediate following of an artist. If there is any way for an artist to reach out to tens of thousands or potentially millions of fans around the world, then it is Spotify playlist promotion. The only other way is if a song goes viral, which is often a matter of sheer luck.

Apple’s playlist placement can also happen due to luck. As is the case with Spotify too. An artist may have one of the songs placed on a popular playlist and it can become a sensation almost overnight. There are playlists on both Spotify and Apple Music that are followed by millions of people. There have been songs in recent years that have clocked from a few hundred plays to ten million plays after they had been placed on popular playlists.

This can be a matter of luck but the quality of music does play a role. Apple and Spotify curators do get influenced by the quality of music. However, whenever there is a matter of luck, there is a great deal of uncertainty. This is why artists should plan a Spotify playlist promotion. It does not start with Spotify playlist submission.

Many artists rush through their Spotify music promotion campaigns. Every tactic should be meticulously planned and must be a consequential element of a larger strategy.

The Basics of Apple and Spotify Playlist Promotion

There are three ways you can expect Spotify or Apple playlist promotion. You can hope your song will get picked up by the curators. You can go for Spotify playlist submission and wish that your song gets selected. You can pay for Spotify playlist promotion.

This may not be surprising to many. Even record labels pay for Spotify playlist promotion. There are playlists that charge two thousand dollars for successful Spotify playlist submission. There are more popular playlists that charge as much as ten thousand dollars. You may not be in a situation to pay such steep fees. You cannot always rely on your luck either. Hence, you should take matters up in your own hands and plan Spotify or Apple playlist promotion.

Identify Relevant Spotify Playlist and the Curators

You must do sufficient research and find relevant playlists. You can use genre as a criterion. The relevant genre should not be the only factor. You should check out the popularity of a playlist. Try to identify the curators and learn more about them. Opting for Spotify playlist submission straight away without doing any homework or understanding how the curator’s work is going to be a futile exercise. Do not go for random Spotify playlist submission.

There are different types of curators. Playlists are curated by music bloggers, websites publishing music-related news, weeklies and magazines, influencers, tastemakers and opinion shapers, celebrities such as authors or poets, brands in several industries, fellow artists and bands, radio stations, music fans, and general users. Both Apple and Spotify have their official curators as well.

These curators select songs for the official playlists that get the maximum traction on both these platforms. You can go for this officially curated Spotify playlist or Apple playlist. You can also go to other playlists. The keyword is relevance. You must assess the potential outreach if your song gets placed on the playlist. You should also consider the likelihood of getting your song placed. Do not be pessimistic about Spotify playlist submission. Do not be overoptimistic either.

Create your own Spotify or Apple Playlist

You can always create an Apple or Spotify playlist of your own. You can compile a list of your best songs and publish them. Your monthly listeners will get the notification. They may like the playlist and share it. You can hope to get much more traction with your Spotify playlist than what individual songs were generating. You can also include songs from other artists in the playlists.

These artists may reciprocate by including your songs in their playlists. This can be effective in Spotify music promotion for all collaborating artists. Music fans are not always as stringently divided as fans of football or soccer clubs. Fans of music do support artists who promote their favorite musicians.

Many artists collaborate with one another and also get fans involved. Asking fans what they might want to be included in a playlist is a great way to engage. Fans feel like they have a stake and that their voices are getting heard and appreciated.

Appreciating fans for their love is definitely something artists must do and curating a playlist in a way to accommodate their favorites or preferences is certainly one effective way. If there are users who have their own Spotify playlists, artists can always ask them to include a few songs, especially if such fans are already monthly listeners.

Creating your own Spotify or Apple playlist does not guarantee an outreach. You still need to work on Spotify or Apply for playlist promotion. The playlist should be shared, people must be informed and there should be enough listeners for the curated chart to have any impact. It is futile to have a playlist that no one listens to.

The problem with such self-curated playlists for artists is that others are doing the same. Users get bombarded with the same messages so they can be obviously tired. Many users do not respond to such requests so there has to be another way to work on Apple or Spotify playlist promotion.

A Stepwise Guide to Apple or Spotify Playlist Submission

The first step is to verify your profile unless you have already done it. Try to grow your fanbase. The more monthly listeners you have and the higher number of plays a specific song has, the greater are your chances of succeeding at Spotify or Apple playlist promotion. Your profile does not have to be globally popular. You do not need millions of listeners. A substantial following is all you need for the curators to pay heed.

You should have an interesting profile and a compelling digital presence. Curators are not interested in artists who are not serious about their work and those who do not have their digital house in perfect order. You should have enough songs, your fans must be active on the platform, your social media presence should be engaging and sustained, there should be enough activity on your profiles and not just on Spotify or Apple and your artistry should have potential.

There should be sufficient information about you as an artist, your bio, photos and videos, tour calendar and other relevant details so curators know your profile is worthwhile. Placing your song on a playlist is not just an endorsement of one composition. It is also about boosting the popularity of a profile.

Take your time to sort everything. Make sure all information is relevant, useful and updated. You should also choose the right time to contact curators. Do not send a random email or message. You must understand the curators. Follow their playlists. Check out the types of songs a particular Spotify or Apple playlist has been consistently featuring. Every genre has a distinct sensibility.

Curators often tend to reveal their preferred sensibilities through the songs they choose for the playlists. You must know enough about the curators and their preferences for successful Spotify playlist submission.

Make a shortlist of playlists that you will be submitted your songs to. Do not proceed with Spotify playlist submission just yet. Listen to those playlists, subscribe or follow, send an introductory message to the curators and also engage with the fans who are also playing the same songs.

Share the playlists and become a part of what is happening. Then wait till you have a new song. An already published song that is quite old may not entice many curators. There are many curators who clearly state in their Spotify playlist submission guidelines that they only consider new releases or about to be released songs. Adhere to these guidelines and make a timely Spotify playlist submission.

The same approach should be taken with Apple playlist promotion.

Learn more about the curators. Follow them and their playlist profiles if available on social media and networks. Use your official profile, that of an artist or band, to follow the curators. You must let them know that you are serious and invested in your music. Curators are not necessarily inaccessible.

They too are fans of music and want to celebrate awesome creations. Establishing some kind of camaraderie will augur well for artists. Official curators often have artist liaison channels. Such avenues should also be explored.

The Right Strategy for Apple and Spotify Playlist Submission and Promotion

Give curators a reason to promote your music. Unless you are paying the curators or brands making the playlists, they should have some reward and it should be worthwhile.

One of the reasons why curators prefer new releases or songs that are yet to be released on the platform is the chance to share something fresh with their subscribers or followers. If a song has been everywhere or at several places and does not offer any value to the playlist, it is likely to be ignored and curators are conscious of the impact their decisions have.

You should consider Apple and Spotify playlist submission before releasing a song. Send a private link to the curators. Let them listen to your song. Spotify or Apple playlist promotion can be the official release of your song. Instead of releasing it through your profile and hoping to get a few more plays than the number of monthly listeners you have, the song can immediately be accessible to the entire following of the playlist.

This can effectively be a grand release for your song. You can, of course, make the song available on your profile too.

Do not presume your Spotify playlist submission will be successful. You have to follow up. Many artists give up. They think curators do not respond and they don’t care enough to even read the emails. Some curators may not actually read all the messages but there is no reason to generalize. You should keep following up till you succeed in your attempts to capitalize on Apple playlist promotion.

Spotify music promotion is a long term game. You do not just play it once. Whether you win or lose in your first or a few attempts, you must persist and only then can you expect to reap rewards. An easier way is to use the expertise of a Spotify playlist submission and Apple playlist promotion company.

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