There have been so many shifts in the music industry that it’s easy to understand how music promotion services have changed dramatically. Decades ago, consumers would travel to their local record store and actually purchase physical units of music.

These days, a young professional could listen to any music that they want, on their own headphones, on their daily commute to work.

The music industry has always required music promotion services, but now the services offered are much different.

Some music promotion packages are focused on one specific platform, while other companies offer a strategy for more than one social media platform at a time.

You might also want to hire individual consultants to help with your brand messaging, but this is only reserved for those who are making enough money in music.

If you are a struggling artist that is only able to play two bars in your hometown – that’s fine, and you should continue to work hard, but you shouldn’t be thinking of hiring a publicist any time soon.

How do you know how and when to really go forward with the best music promotion tactics possible?

The Right Personality

Some artists are charismatic people, and their fans might already be attracted to the way that they look, act, and create their art.

One of the reasons why Doja Cat was able to become famous was because she dressed up in a cow costume and made a song about “being a cow.”

It might sound ridiculous, but the truth is that this was a great way for her to break into the music industry, and she has since put out many various hits. Would this music promotion tactic work for everyone? Of course not.

However, you might want to think about humorous things that your band or you would do, and tweet/post those ideas.

You might decide that you could do some comedy skits with your band members, or come up with a Tiktok dance.

If you have an established fan base, they might be able to help you through word of mouth or sharing on social media, which is a real music promotion strategy.

The best music promotion strategies prove to fans that their artists are interesting and charismatic people, and there are different ways to go about it.

If you are a mysterious musician that is camera-shy, the best music promotion strategy might be a Reddit AMA rather than going live on Instagram.

Either way, real music promotion comes across as natural rather than forced.

Music Promotion Corp is an established and respected music promotion company, and we understand that artists aren’t always ready to spend thousands of dollars.

While other companies are interested in getting a one-time payment and don’t go out of their way for their clients – we offer some great customer service options to make sure that our clients are satisfied.

Artists should come up with a number in mind for their music promotion campaigns. If you are a brand that is getting national attention, you might think that $500 a month to get more social media engagement makes sense in terms of a real music promotion strategy.

Of course, if you are a major artist with record label backing – you might decide to spend thousands of dollars per month and may find that it pays off beautifully.

Music Promotion Corp has some incredible rates, and you can wait for a sale or discount if you are interested in particular music promotion packages.

Regardless, make sure that you have a set budget before researching music promotion services.

Music Promotion Corp also offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so what are you waiting for?

Get Interactive

Artists might also decide to go even farther with their music promotion, and offer contests or sweepstakes for concert tickets and/or money.

There are some very successful artists that have even teamed up with finance companies to give away money, such as a Cashapp giveaway, which is great for social media engagement and could lead to lots of followers.

While a stronger social media presence is great for music promotion, the truth is that many of these new followers might be interested more in money than your actual art.

However, it may lead to more sharing, which increases your chances of going viral with your real music promotion.

Travis Scott recently took things to a different level by teaming up with Fortnite to promote himself. When you consider that there are millions of people all around the world that play that particular game, it’s easy to see how this was a smart move for Travis Scott.

Travis Scott is one of the most famous rappers in the world, so teaming up with a videogame company might not be realistic.

However, you never know! You might find that a real music promotion tactic involves teaming up with a tech company that is doing something extremely cool and is interested in appealing to your fan demographic.

There are also other ways to give back to your fans. One real music promotion tactic? A free concert!

You might feel like this isn’t a smart financial move, but the truth is that some of the most famous artists in the world once performed for free, and sometimes a company is involved that sponsors the concert.

In other situations, you might be able to strengthen your relationship with local radio stations by performing at THEIR concerts, and they might take this as a sign that you are willing to work with them in the future regarding music promotion interviews, and more.

One of the great things about artists and real music promotion in modern times is that your audience is your audience, and it can’t really be taken away from you.

Let’s say that your band gets signed to a major record label deal, but you end up getting in a legal dispute with the label.

Once you are able to get out of your contract, it’s not as if the record label can take away your social media followers.

This is great news for you: if you are making merchandise for your brand, and have 1 million Instagram followers – you might be able to make a significant amount of money independently just by selling merchandise.

You may even decide to start a clothing company, partner with a non-profit. If you are a very successful band, and you all decide to open up a restaurant – you can tell your fans about it to the point where they help your establishment become successful.

It doesn’t matter if you, as an artist, decide to start a dive bar or an interior decorating business, one very real music promotion tactic is to actually start a business.

Many artists are more than just artists, they have changed into creative entrepreneurs.

Technology has allowed people to make money independently, and this can also be leveraged as real music promotion (should you choose to somehow promote your music intertwined with a new product/service/business).

Either way, the best music promotion product might end up opening your mind to new business ideas!

There are many artists that understand that the best music promotion takes money, but it might be the way that you promote that works the best. Are you focusing on Soundcloud, and why?

Have you taken polls and found that most of your fans found you on one social media platform? What are you doing to take advantage of these platforms? Also, are you simultaneously promoting on Instagram, Soundcloud, and Twitter at the same time?

Music Promotion Corp has some incredible music promotion packages for those that want to gain more followers every month.

The steady growth can truly transform the way that fans think about you, and you might find that you get more credibility the stronger that you end up being on social media.

The timing of your best music promotion strategies is important, and you should make sure that your focus is constantly updating.

As an artist, you should be thinking about the fact that new projects are dropping every week, rather than promoting the same album for three years.

The timing of your strategy can help tremendously. If you are a pop singer that has always loved Christmas, you might throw some kind of Christmas-themed virtual concert for your fans to get written up in music blogs.

If you feel like showing off your party side, you can go live on vacation with your friends, and talk to fans about what to expect next.

There are so many natural and real music promotion strategies that can work for you, but it does take some brainstorming.


It’s hard to explain how much music promotion has changed. These days, there are some rappers that are willing to do everything to get more views, whether it’s dressing a certain way, getting a specific tattoo, or more.

You should have a conversation with your team about the best music promotion strategies that you are comfortable with, and make it clear what lines you do not want to cross.

Many major artists have gone through great lengths for the best music promotion tactic – and some artists have even faked relationships for the music industry.

Artists are constantly trying to figure out how to promote their music and get their music beyond a certain audience in a specific city.

Another real music promotion tactic might seem obvious, but get out there!

You have a much better chance of getting cheap music promotion if you are on the road, doing shows because it might mean that fans in different cities are already discussing your music and interested in following you on social media for updates.

Ultimately, the best music promotion is the kind of music promotion that feels natural and fits within your budget.

Music Promotion Corp is here for all of the music promotion packages that you might be interested in, and we have the experience and impact to help you get to the next level. Contact us anytime for more information!

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