Datpiff Promotion

What is Datpiff?

    Datpiff is an online music distribution platform targeted for music lovers. It has urban music, hip hop, and rap music. Datpiff was launched in the year 2005 by John Antonio Griffin and Ashley Lynell Williams. It is headquartered in the US. Artists upload the mixtapes to the site and the fans can download it. The user of Datpiff can register as an artist or a fan. Datpiff does not pay any artists. An artist must have quite a large number of Datpiff downloads, views, plays, streams, 5-star ratings and likes to get a wider audience and reach the market easily. It has 8 million users and an estimated annual revenue of $2.3 million.

Datpiff is an excellent platform to promote your music on mixtapes. Signing up for Datpiff is free of charge. Fees are only asked when you make use of special website features. Datpiff ranks on the top three mix tapes hosting websites in the Google search engine. An artist can upload the music, cover art and media content.

These are checked by the Datpiff server on its certificate and quality and the artist gets the privilege to upload all of the music mixes onto his mainstream. Only if the artist purchases a $50 sponsorship with Datpiff, then any user who even does not own an account in Datpiff is eligible for free download. This sponsored music is also placed on the homepage of Datpiff.

The cover art image and link to the artist’s website is placed at the bottom of each music. This sponsored music is also placed under categories like ‘Today’s top 8’. DJ music is placed on the spotlight category. $300 is purchased from the artist if the mixtape is to be placed in the ‘Featured mixtape’ category and is placed on top of the homepage for approximately seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the benefits of datpiff promotion?

There are plenty of artists that might not be aware of datpiff, but datpiff promotion could prove to be an incredible strategy for many hip-hop artists. For those who don’t know, Datpiff has been an influential hip-hop website that offers free mixtapes to users. In fact, it’s home to many influential mixtapes, and rappers have even shouted out the website on many various songs.

The “mixtape” is a huge part of hip-hop culture, and famous rappers like 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne have strengthened their fanbase thanks to free mixtapes and websites like Datpiff. If you are hard at work on your music – sometimes it’s not just about promoting a show or getting fans to purchase your album – it might just be about getting the word out regarding your latest mixtape.

Artists can also sign up for Datpiff for free, which is great news for artists that might be on a budget. Since it is free, why not take some money and invest in a datpiff promotion strategy? Music Promotion Corp and our experts can walk you through the process and help you decide on the strategy that makes sense for your career, whether you can only spend $30 or $300.

There are all sorts of datpiff promotion strategies that can work – but first, make sure that you have some interesting cover art to help grab the attention of a listener. There are too many artists that spend all of their time and energy into their craft, only to have a mundane picture as their cover art. If you are willing to invest in some intriguing cover art – it might make a huge difference in terms of fans that decide to click on your music and explore your catalog more thoroughly. While it might not work for everybody, datpiff promotion is a great strategy for rappers that are hoping to gain more fans.

What datpiff promotion services do you offer?

Just like many of our other packages, we offer different tiers of datpiff promotion services because we understand that every artist is different. For example, you might be a rapper that has already had a couple of songs chart but are hoping to get your next mixtape promoted properly. You might use datpiff promotion services to promote your mixtape once it dropped since you know that you already have existing fans that love Datpiff and will check out the website/app once your project is released. Other independent artists might invest in datpiff promotion services to gain more brand awareness, and let it be known that you are a new hip-hop artist to be taken seriously.

One of the best things about datpiff promotion services is that you can really tap into a specific market. Datpiff is a hip-hop website, so you might find that the marketing is a bit more targeted towards East Coast hip-hop fans. If you only spend your money on Spotify promotion, the fact remains that you might just appeal to Spotify fans in general rather than fans that love the hip-hop genre in particular. This kind of targeted marketing is often very effective in all industries, including the music industry. Datpiff also has relationships with many different record labels, as an added plus.

Our dedicated experts can help you understand our datpiff promotion services whether you are hoping to spend $100 over a month or thousands within weeks. We believe that Datpiff remains an important cultural center for the hip-hop industry, and the fact that it has remained relevant for so many years is a testament to its longevity. If you are an East Coast rapper, there is arguably no other better place to promote your mixtape – so check out our datpiff promotion services today! If you want datpiff promotion services with quick results, Music Promotion Corp is here to help.

Do you offer datpiff mixtape promotion?

Many hip-hop artists end up becoming famous not even of one song, but it could be an entire project that helps launch their career. J.Cole is one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the world, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, it took him releasing “Friday Night Lights” for him to start receiving mainstream attention, and the project is widely considered to be one of the best mixtapes of all time. Drake, arguably the largest artist on the planet, was only able to enjoy the global spotlight after he released the “So Far Gone” mixtape. Datpiff was also largely responsible for the initial success of Wiz Khalifa. The common theme here is that mixtape, and mixtape promotion is extremely important in hip-hop culture.

It might take some time and money for you to create your best project, and you may even fail on your way there. However, once you know that you have created something special, a datpiff mixtape promotion strategy could potentially help reach millions of people! The beauty of it is that users can check out your music for free, so there’s no barrier to entry. It might be a random freestyle or a track you’ve been working on for years – the right mixtape can end up being featured on the website, which will help your career’s credibility immensely.

Music Promotion Corp does offer datpiff mixtape promotion, and we do so at very affordable rates. Find out about how we can help your mixtape become popular, and reach people beyond your friends, family, and existing fans. If you are interested in datpiff mixtape promotion, feel free to check through our packages and figure out which one fits your budget. Datpiff remains an important cornerstone of hip-hop culture, and that’s one of the reasons why a datpiff mixtape promotion strategy is essential.

Why should I buy datpiff promotion?

There are many artists that might believe that it’s time to focus on streaming platforms, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, for many hip-hop artists and singers, it might be a smart move to buy datpiff promotion for the millions of users that still use the website to download their favorite releases. For those who are unaware, Datpiff has a respected place in hip-hop history and is home to some of the most celebrated mixtapes in the world.

It can also help appeal to a different demographic than if you were just looking to purchase Spotify promotion. Artists should not only promote wherever they can, but the right insights and analytics can also help them hone their marketing strategies for other areas of their career, whether it’s finding out which single to pick, what product to drop, or which one of their past releases to promote.

You may be a Midwest-based or West Coast rapper, but realize that you don’t have many East Coast hip-hop fans. If this is the case, datpiff promotion is an incredible way to make sure that you are appealing to that demographic, and you can learn about what songs they enjoy more than others. In turn, you can later use this insight for promotional material or for choosing songs for your next tour.

You may not have known, but Datpiff worked with Wiz Khalifa back when many fans didn’t know who he was, and now Wiz Khalifa is an international star with millions of followers. Many streaming platforms are great for major artists, but datpiff promotion still focuses on those entry-level artists that may not have been able to be written up in hip-hop blogs or interviewed by hip-hop media. The fact that datpiff promotion has helped so many artists is a testament that if you are a rapper – you may want to buy datpiff promotion as soon as possible.

Which is the best datpiff promo I can use from your site?

Music Promotion Corp understands that there are many artists that cannot spend thousands on promotion whenever they want, because they might not have the backing of a record label. This makes datpiff promo that more effective – if you want to go viral on a website that has helped many projects gain popularity, it makes sense to invest in some datpiff promo. If you have released a mixtape, there might be no other better way to promote it than by using one of our datpiff promo packages.

Datpiff differs from other companies in that it is still very much a music discovery platform – and record labels, to this day, browse through the website hoping to land upon someone who could potentially be a star. This is another reason why it might be beneficial to prioritize datpiff promo: it could potentially lead to connections that could change your life.

It’s also important because Datpiff appeals to older hip-hop fans since the site has been around so long, and this niche has long been overlooked in hip-hop culture. That is definitely changing, as two of hip-hop’s giants, Jay-Z and Nas, have helped the rap industry accept the fact that rappers age, and can still put out some incredible music. Many other rappers have used Datpiff promo to satisfy their fans in between official releases, as well, which is one of the reasons that the website and app have been so highly praised in the past.

We offer affordable datpiff promo, and you can start off with as little as $10 or $15 and get quick results. However, we do believe that our best datpiff promo package is none other than the Datpiff Go Viral package, which is currently on sale for less than $100. Otherwise, you might want to try out the Datpiff Starter Pack, to check out whether you might be interested in more than a one-time promotion down the line.

What datpiff promotion packages do you offer?

Music Promotion Corp is proud to offer different options when it comes to our packages. We know that the buzzworthy artist that has had a song go viral has many different needs than an independent artist that just recorded the first project of their life, and wants to test the waters in terms of finding out feedback and figuring out how to market themselves. Our datpiff promotion packages cover the spectrum, whether you are trying to boost some plays on a mixtape you created a while back or are hoping for a full-fledged marketing blitz for your amazing new project.

Our datpiff promotion packages aren’t reserved for clients who can only afford thousands of dollars in marketing. We believe that every artist deserves the right to be heard, and Datpiff is one of the most respected places on the Internet in terms of hip-hop mixtapes. To this day, there are many users that appreciate the nostalgia of Datpiff, because it might be where they discovered some of their favorite artists. The company is still great in terms of discovering music, as well, and you might find out that you can establish a very loyal fanbase just through effective datpiff promotion packages.

You can promote a song, which is great for those who are trying to get feedback for a song. You can also promote an entire project, and you might find that it leads to more followers on your other social media platforms, which helps strengthen your social proof. A link to your Datpiff mixtape in an Instagram bio, for example, might be a cross-promotion strategy that works effectively for you.

Datpiff is also doing its part in terms of remaining relevant. They even offer a premium feature to unlock unlimited downloads, which is another reason why you might want to think about datpiff promotion packages. Datpiff has over 15 years of hip-hop history, and it’s still going strong! Consider purchasing one of our datpiff promotion packages today and you might find that it was well worth the money!

What datpiff promotion campaign should I use first?

Before you decide on a datpiff promotion campaign, the first decision should be to figure out whether you are trying to promote one song or a whole project. It is much easier to offer brand messaging regarding one specific song, for example, and you can easily choose artwork and copywriting that fits towards that particular song. However, a datpiff promotion campaign is more suited towards promoting an entire project, since Datpiff is known for its mixtapes.

There’s a “guerilla” feel to a datpiff promotion campaign that might end up more effective than it would on other platforms. While there are plenty of artists on Datpiff, it is much easier to stand out in terms of promotion there. Spotify can be great, but when there are major artists that have enjoyed billions of plays – it might be easy to get discouraged as an independent musician, and start to look to be a “bigger fish in a smaller pond.” A datpiff promotion campaign can definitely help artists gain more followers among a strict hip-hop audience. You can even promote your mixtape before it’s out, thanks to the “Upcoming” tab on their website and app.

There are major artists that still work with Datpiff, and Datpiff is known for giving a new sense of “creative control” to the artist. Artists also regularly check out Datpiff, so a datpiff promotion campaign can increase your credibility when it comes time to work with other rappers and producers, as well. You might find that a boost thanks to a datpiff promotion campaign might be exactly what you need to make the new connections that will fuel your future career! You might even choose to run a datpiff promotion campaign where you release a Datpiff Exclusive, in order to solidify your relationship with the brand. There are many possibilities that can start, all with an effective datpiff promotion campaign.

Is your Datpiff promotion real?

Many clients and customers have been burned by other music promotion services that claim that they can do all sorts of things that they cannot. They might tell you that they can get you featured or interviewed with a particular figure that sounds a bit far fetched – but you might take their word for it anyway. It can be tough to trust music promotion companies after that. However, Music Promotion Corp is proud to offer real datpiff promotion to our clients.

We don’t believe in a short-term relationship where we get paid and dodge your e-mails. Music Promotion Corp wants to work with passionate artists that are serious about getting their career to the next level, and our organic datpiff promotion can make it so that your mixtape is the hottest thing on the Internet! Believe it or not, Datpiff can completely change the trajectory of your music career, and you might find that more people browse the website than you realize.

To this day, there are some people that only use Datpiff for their mixtape needs, and it’s important to remember to appeal to as many audiences as possible. While they might not be as essential to the music industry as Spotify – it still remains an important part of the hip-hop genre in general. You never know where and when one of your promotion strategies will prove to be integral to your overall success – and if datpiff has helped many other rappers get more shine, why not you?

Our organic datpiff promotion packages will not only give you more social proof and credibility: it could lead to a strong fanbase that leads to support in other areas. A fan base can potentially begin purchasing your merchandise and supporting your other ventures, all because they enjoyed your mixtape thanks to a real datpiff promotion boost. Find out how Music Promotion Corp can help to improve your organic datpiff promotion strategy, even if you are on a tight budget.

Features of Datpiff


The unregistered users to Datpiff can download music for free which are funded by the artists or label. Non-sponsored mix tapes have limited downloads per day for unregistered users.


Premium paid users can do unlimited mix taps downloads that are streamed by any user.


Datpiff has can be used for mobile applications like Android, iOS, Windows Phone7, blackberry and Web OS.


Featured mix tapes, spotlight mixtapes and Today’s top 8 are some of the popular promotion options where users can see the artist sponsored music are eligible for free downloads even without holding a Datpiff account.


Datpiff is the number one online portal for DJs.


Datpiff has a variety of advertisement displays for full homepage wallpaper coverage to small ad units to market your music albums under fixed sizes and prices.

Importance of Increasing Datpiff likes, downloads, plays and streams

It is important to buy Datpiff likes, downloads, plays, and streams to improve the recognition of your music profile, engage your followers and promote your new brand. With more plays, your albums and its corresponding links will be visible to many audiences from around the globe. This sharing helps to promote your music mixtapes and hip-hop music albums. So when audience see that you have more downloads, they obviously be forced to like your profile. People in social media tend to go by the crowd and follow a profile that has a big list of likes. The more the likes and plays, higher will be the ranking in the Datpiff search page. Increasing them give more opportunity for you to grow. It drives real audiences.

How to Buy Datpiff likes, downloads, plays and streams

In order to maximize your views for music that you have broadcasted in Datpiff, you need to consider the following items.

1. You have to post quality content. It must be interesting and engage the audience well.

Give strong titles to your music mix tapes that will create eagerness to listen to the music and increase the click bait.

You can use the link of the uploaded mixtapes to your website or blogs are generating a larger number of clicks, views, likes, and comments.

Share your music links in your other social media accounts like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Build a recognizable brand for your Datpiff account to enter the market and gain clicks. Online marketing is the key to success and gaining web traffic.

6. Be consistent and persistent in posting music to your channels on a regular basis.

You can also buy Datpiff likes from social media marketing agencies by paid means who earn Datpiff likes, downloads, plays, and streams for your account in no time. The social media marketing portals help you effectively to buy Datpiff likes and to buy Datpiff plays. You can approach the social media marketing agencies who have fixed payment structures to increase the number of your Datpiff likes. They have a dedicated 24×7 customer service and the order is completed within a few days time depending upon the number of likes that you have ordered. They greatly support and help you grow your business. You need not to do the marketing. These highly talented marketing strategies are one reason there are many followers to Datpiff channels.

Why Should You Buy Datpiff likes?

Datpiff is one of the best place to view live streaming music and mixtapes. It is very important for those streamers to have followers or fans to build your Datpiff profile and make it popular to the wide audience. Some of the prime reasons why you must buy Datpiff followers are as below:

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