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What is Datpiff?

    Datpiff is an online music distribution platform targeted for music lovers. It has urban music, hip hop, and rap music. Datpiff was launched in the year 2005 by John Antonio Griffin and Ashley Lynell Williams. It is headquartered in the US. Artists upload the mixtapes to the site and the fans can download it. The user of Datpiff can register as an artist or a fan. Datpiff does not pay any artists. An artist must have quite a large number of Datpiff downloads, views, plays, streams, 5-star ratings and likes to get a wider audience and reach the market easily. It has 8 million users and an estimated annual revenue of $2.3 million.

Datpiff is an excellent platform to promote your music on mixtapes. Signing up for Datpiff is free of charge. Fees are only asked when you make use of special website features. Datpiff ranks on the top three mix tapes hosting websites in the Google search engine. An artist can upload the music, cover art and media content.

These are checked by the Datpiff server on its certificate and quality and the artist gets the privilege to upload all of the music mixes onto his mainstream. Only if the artist purchases a $50 sponsorship with Datpiff, then any user who even does not own an account in Datpiff is eligible for free download. This sponsored music is also placed on the homepage of Datpiff.

The cover art image and link to the artist’s website is placed at the bottom of each music. This sponsored music is also placed under categories like ‘Today’s top 8’. DJ music is placed on the spotlight category. $300 is purchased from the artist if the mixtape is to be placed in the ‘Featured mixtape’ category and is placed on top of the homepage for approximately seven days.

Features of Datpiff


The unregistered users to Datpiff can download music for free which are funded by the artists or label. Non-sponsored mix tapes have limited downloads per day for unregistered users.


Premium paid users can do unlimited mix taps downloads that are streamed by any user.


Datpiff has can be used for mobile applications like Android, iOS, Windows Phone7, blackberry and Web OS.


Featured mix tapes, spotlight mixtapes and Today’s top 8 are some of the popular promotion options where users can see the artist sponsored music are eligible for free downloads even without holding a Datpiff account.


Datpiff is the number one online portal for DJs.


Datpiff has a variety of advertisement displays for full homepage wallpaper coverage to small ad units to market your music albums under fixed sizes and prices.

Importance of Increasing Datpiff likes, downloads, plays and streams

It is important to buy Datpiff likes, downloads, plays, and streams to improve the recognition of your music profile, engage your followers and promote your new brand. With more plays, your albums and its corresponding links will be visible to many audiences from around the globe. This sharing helps to promote your music mixtapes and hip-hop music albums. So when audience see that you have more downloads, they obviously be forced to like your profile. People in social media tend to go by the crowd and follow a profile that has a big list of likes. The more the likes and plays, higher will be the ranking in the Datpiff search page. Increasing them give more opportunity for you to grow. It drives real audiences.

How to Buy Datpiff likes, downloads, plays and streams

In order to maximize your views for music that you have broadcasted in Datpiff, you need to consider the following items.

1. You have to post quality content. It must be interesting and engage the audience well.

Give strong titles to your music mix tapes that will create eagerness to listen to the music and increase the click bait.

You can use the link of the uploaded mixtapes to your website or blogs are generating a larger number of clicks, views, likes, and comments.

Share your music links in your other social media accounts like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Build a recognizable brand for your Datpiff account to enter the market and gain clicks. Online marketing is the key to success and gaining web traffic.

6. Be consistent and persistent in posting music to your channels on a regular basis.

You can also buy Datpiff likes from social media marketing agencies by paid means who earn Datpiff likes, downloads, plays, and streams for your account in no time. The social media marketing portals help you effectively to buy Datpiff likes and to buy Datpiff plays. You can approach the social media marketing agencies who have fixed payment structures to increase the number of your Datpiff likes. They have a dedicated 24×7 customer service and the order is completed within a few days time depending upon the number of likes that you have ordered. They greatly support and help you grow your business. You need not to do the marketing. These highly talented marketing strategies are one reason there are many followers to Datpiff channels.

Why Should You Buy Datpiff likes?

Datpiff is one of the best place to view live streaming music and mixtapes. It is very important for those streamers to have followers or fans to build your Datpiff profile and make it popular to the wide audience. Some of the prime reasons why you must buy Datpiff followers are as below:

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