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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world right now. It started its distinct journey in 2008 and is now available in most countries on the planet. Spotify has been expanding into new territories. Its inventory is also increasing exponentially. The platform was confined to English initially but over the last decade, it has included all major languages spoken across the world.

The popularity of Spotify provides musicians, singers, songwriters, producers and labels a great opportunity to reach out to their potential fans. But the massive inventory of songs and albums makes it difficult for anyone to generate enough traction. Unless you are a celebrated artist already and have a following on some platform, gaining sufficient traction on Spotify can be one uphill battle.

It could be a battle that you will not win in the near future. There are millions of songs and tens of thousands of artists. The millions of users can only listen to so many every day. They too are likely to follow what they like and whoever is popular on the platform. Those who are yet to attain some popularity may not get noticed at all.

Reasons to Buy Spotify Plays

Spotify was conceived as a transparent platform for musicians. Its primary purpose was to empower budding musicians so they can reach out to an audience. The developers surely wanted more artists and users to access the platform. They wanted the site to grow. The problem with such enormous growth is that there is too much happening on the site at any given point in time. How many users will embark on a painstaking search and explore mission to find new artists whom they may or may not like?

There are many reasons to buy Spotify plays. First, your songs or albums will get enough plays. Your tracks need sufficient numbers of plays and your profile needs a substantial following. If you do not have enough listeners then the site and the users are not going to be interested in you. The platform will not feature your songs anywhere. Your compositions will not find a place on popular playlists. Users will not be able to discover you or come across your profile by chance.

As you begin to buy Spotify streams, you will have more listeners and not just those you pay for but also organic plays. More people will find out about your songs and many might consider following you. The popular songs uploaded on your profile can also get placed on playlists, thus assuring you a greater outreach. These are essential developments for any artist to attain popularity on Spotify. Not only will you attain popularity but the process shall be expedited as well. You will accomplish your goal much sooner than otherwise if you buy Spotify plays.

The Best Spotify Promotion Services

Several Spotify promotion companies offer a plethora of services right now. There are actually dozens of Spotify promotion companies but many are futile. Some are actually indulging in malpractices so you must avoid them completely. If you want to buy Spotify plays, you must ensure you are relying on a credible company that can deliver. You must also ensure the quality of service is reliable and legitimate. You would not want to spend money and not get the promised Spotify plays. You would not want some fake plays on Spotify that will have no bearing on your actual popularity. Here are some of the best companies for Spotify promotion.


You can buy Spotify streams from this company. Streamify has the ability to deliver plays in a short span of time. The service uses real accounts so you do not get fake listeners. It is essential to get real accounts listening to your songs so the increase in Spotify plays looks natural. On Spotify buy plays only from genuine service providers. If the platform gets to know that your profile is drawing a lot of traffic from fake or inactive profiles then it shall raise suspicion. Your profile could get flagged.

You do not need to worry about the authenticity of the profiles or the level of activity of such users on the platform when you buy Spotify plays from Streamify. You can expect the plays to be delivered quickly and you might get organic growth as well. The assured increase in the number of Spotify plays can boost the potential of sales and hence royalties for your music. Streamify has a free trial and their packages are reasonably priced. You can find all relevant information about the company and its services on the official website. Streamify can boost the plays and popularity of both songs and albums.

Online Music Promotion

Online Music Promotion delivers plays for Spotify songs and albums. The company has different plans so you can choose precisely the number of plays you want. There are bulk orders as well. You can generate sufficient traction when you buy Spotify streams from this company. It has a slightly different approach than other Spotify promotion companies. You must visit their website and create an account, choose a plan and then provide information about the song or track to get the plays. Other Spotify promotion companies do not necessarily make signing up a prerequisite for their services but some might ask you to subscribe.


Artists can subscribe to Spotistar and buy Spotify plays. This Spotify promotion company has monthly plays. Those who need a sustained number of monthly plays or listeners should consider such plans. Those who want a tailored or bespoke Spotify promotion campaign can consider other plans. The website does have the essentials needed to make a song or album stand out from the rest on Spotify. There is no dearth of music, both old and new, on the platform and it is hard to stand out. Spotistar can provide the necessary assistance to create a foundation for popularity.


StreamKO has been delivering organic plays to many artists on Spotify. It is a credible Spotify promotion company. While you still buy Spotify streams from this service, the focus is on getting organic plays subsequent to the promotional campaign. It is only organic growth of popularity that can actually boost sales and royalties for an artist. The endgame on Spotify is not to buy plays to sustain popularity but to get the ball rolling so it creates a kind of a chain reaction.

My Music Viral

My Music Viral is mostly for new artists but those who have been using the platform for a while now can also explore their services. Aspiring musicians, budding artists or amateurs often find it increasingly hard to get to an audience. Anyone who loves music and is on the platform has already favorited many profiles and is busy exploring songs and albums they like. Such users do not have much time to find every new artist that comes up on the platform. This complicates the quest of aspiring musicians as they are unable to reach their target audience.

My Music Viral can resolve that issue to a large extent. It can deliver plays or streams and get people to notice your songs or albums. You can carve out a target audience with this Spotify promotion company. Their service is anonymous and customizable.

Social Fans Geek

Social Fans Geek can deliver plays for your songs on Spotify. The Spotify promotion company is known for fast delivery and it can sustain the popularity attained through its campaigns. It is necessary for artists to stay in the reckoning. The fans should think of them whenever on the platform. Social Fans Geek aims to provide permanent fans to artists on Spotify. It is not just about the plays or streams. It is about the following and sustained fandom. The company also assists artists to share their music, not just among their friends but to a much larger target audience.


Spotify is primarily for amateur artists but some labels also use their services. The objective is the same as that of other Spotify promotion companies. Spotify takes a slightly different approach though. It is not just about Spotify buy plays. The company focuses on playlist placement. It can submit music to curators so they consider the composition to be featured on a relevant playlist. Spotify playlist promotion is quintessential for sustained popularity and expanding outreach.

TT Streaming

TT Streaming tries to enhance the outreach of artists on Spotify and it also works on turning listeners to fans. Any artist will need a significant following to become popularity. Plays may boost the immediate popularity of a song. Profiles get a boost when there is a substantial following. Turning listeners to fans is an important step to boost sales and generate more royalties. TT Streaming has a few packages and they have a transparent modus operandi. Artists can monitor and track the deliverables so they are assured of a return on their investment.

Like Service 24

Service 24 has a vast presence. It can delivery plays or streams for artists generated from over twenty countries. Artists can thus choose a country where it wants the maximum listeners from and accordingly reach out to an intended target audience.

The boost is organic and the Spotify promotion company has a money-back guarantee. Artists can get a full refund if they are not happy with the service or the deliverables.

Mass Media Plus

Mass Media Plus can boost the visibility of artists on Spotify. When you buy Spotify plays from this company, you get them delivered in a short span of time. Their plays lead to more traction and you can get a boost to your outreach. You can get people to talk about your music and subsequently generate a larger following. Mass Media Plays delivers unique plays, which is a prerequisite to get a boost that can lead to sales and actual royalties.

Music Promotion Corp

There are innumerable artists who do not get due recognition because their creations get drowned under the works of others. If an artist is not well recognized, that is not proof of their inability to produce quality music. There are many artists who do not produce good music but they attain some degree of popularity because of how they work on their Spotify promotion.

They buy plays on Spotify, pay for playlist placement and also other metrics of popularity such as likes, reposts or shares, and even comments. It is necessary to have all these if you want your Spotify promotion strategy to be effective. It is not sufficient to buy Spotify plays in some cases.

Music Promotion Corp can deliver all these and more. The Spotify promotion company is the most credible deliverer of listeners, plays, followers, likes, shares or reposts, and comments. The company has distinct packages that artists can consider, compare and choose from. Artists can buy as few or as many plays as they need.

There is also the provision of planning a Spotify viral campaign. Many artists want their songs to go viral but they are not certain how it can be done. Music Promotion Corp simplifies the whole process. They have a viral package that is basically a turnkey solution. Artists do not have to invest any effort or much time. The package is reasonably priced and the service deliverable is verifiable.

Music Promotion Corp deals in genuine plays, likes, and followers. They get real and active people to listen to your songs. There is no fake account or inactive profile that is being churned to generate plays and followers.

The boost to organic growth due to the services of the Spotify promotion company is measurable. There can be ripple effects on sales and royalties.

Music Promotion Corp does not have a free trial but there are freebies that artists can capitalize on. Subscribing to the company newsletter or spreading the word about them on social media can make artists eligible for free plays and followers.

The company upholds privacy as it does not ask for any personal information of artists. Only the link to the song is sufficient to get the plays or streams delivered.

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