There’s nothing wrong with artists figuring out how to make sure that their music gets out to as many people as possible. This might require hiring many marketers to make sure that you have a large social media following, but it’s also smart to invest in Youtube music promotion, as well. Some of the largest artists in the world are able to create videos that actually get millions of views, and you will have to compete. Let’s say that you only have several thousands of views. How can you take advantage of music promotion channels to make sure that this number continues to go up?

You might also be hesitant about which music promo channels are credible or not. Are fans really viewing the content, or are there fake views? If you are a rapper, what hip hop promotion channels do you already listen to and respect? You will have to do some research when it comes to youtube music promotion channels, but there’s a good chance that it will be time well spent.

You might want to gather a list of youtube music promotion services before figuring out what choice to make. Of course, you will also need to figure out what kind of money you are willing to spend to bring in new eyes and ears. We all know that Youtube tends to skew towards content creators with the most views, so here are some youtube music promotion channels that you should be thinking about.

has used them, before making an investment.


We have helped many artists and bands over the years achieve worldwide success, and our experience can help you boost your fan base and brand awareness. Your music video will be promoted through playlists, SEO, and highly customized advertising campaigns.

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MusicPromotionCorp is offering the best youtube music promotion services on the market right now.

With the YouTube starter package, you can get around 1000-2000 new views for your video.

The youtube best package can get you around 5.000-7.000 new views in total.

The most wanted package is the youtube viral promotion which can get you over 25.000 new views and rank your video into the YouTube Trending Section.


There are music promo channels with many more followers than IndieCurrent, but it’s still a solid choice in terms of youtube music promotion. At the end of the day, record labels can spend all sorts of money on marketing their artists – but what about indie artists that are trying to find their way? That’s why IndieCurrent might be a priority compared to other youtube music promotion channels.

IndieCurrent boasts over 150,000 followers – so you might not be reaching millions of people. However, its viewership is quite engaged. If you are looking for an immediate concrete result, this might not be the youtube music promotion choice for you, but it’s one to consider. You should check the other videos uploaded to see whether your music “fits” for Indiecurrent or not.


At the end of the day, youtube music promotion is about numbers. Why not choose one of the youtube music promotion channels with millions of followers? MrSuicideSheep is one of those channels, and it’s a great option for anyone creating electronic music. The channel boasts well over 12 million followers, and it’s hard to argue with that kind of following.

You can also end up on a MrSuicideSheep mix, many of which have over a million views! While it might not be perfect for everyone, for example, those looking for hip hop promotion channels, it’s a great option for electronic artists. There are also 24/7 streams on the MrSuicideSheep channel, which is also great for visibility.

Majestic Casual

If we are going to speak about music promotion channels, one channel that will be on the list is Majestic Casual. Out of all of the music promo channels, Majestic Casual is one of the most respected, which might be why so many people listen to it. Majestic Casual currently boasts over 4 million viewers and has garnered well over 1.8 billion views! This is definitely the kind of youtube music promotion that artists hope for.

One of the great things about Majestic Casual compared to other music promo channels is that they aren’t here to hop on a wave, or promote artists who are currently trending. They believe in discovering and curating music for their listeners, which is one of the reasons that it has so much more credibility than competing music promotion channels. In terms of youtube music promotion channels, it doesn’t get much better than Majestic Casual.


There are plenty of hip hop promotion channels out there, but few of them have the standing of a channel like TrapNation. Trap music is extremely popular in terms of hip-hop trends, which is one of the reasons that TrapNation has been able to amass such a huge following. For those who are wondering about youtube promotion choices, consider that TrapNation has over 28 million subscribers. It’s definitely hard to deny that kind of reach.


Music promotion channels won’t be able to guarantee you millions of views, but the right fans listening to your music can make a huge shift in your career. Let’s say that you’ve been creating songs that people are enjoying, and noticed that you’ve been able to reach 5,000 views on a video. The right youtube music promotion can change those views dramatically, to the point where you are now getting tens of thousands of views.

At this point, your fans might spread the word about your songs, and you could potentially create a real buzz around your next project. This buzz might even lead to the music industry is interested in signing you, or putting other deals on the table that can help you financially. It also might lead to other artists wanting to pay you to collaborate, as well.


TrapNation is one of those music promo channels that every artist hopes to land on, and it’s easily one of the best hip hop promotion channels in the world. You may find that an incredible song of yours is able to amass hundreds of thousands of views, and that kind of promotion can prove to be invaluable.


There are other music promotion channels under the “Nation” brand, and if you are an artist that is interested in making laid-back music, this is the kind of youtube music promotion that you are probably looking for. There is great news for those who make music like this – millions of people love to listen to “chill” music while they are at work. There is nothing wrong with upbeat/party music, but what about students and professionals that want to work and study while enjoying some of their favorite tunes?

ChillNation is one of many youtube music promotion channels that can give you real exposure and help your following. It’s also one of the music promotion channels that can help you go viral, which can help you when it comes to booking live shows or collaborating with other artists. ChillNation itself has over 9 million followers! It’s definitely one of the music promo channels you should be thinking about.


There are lots of hip hop promotion channels out there, and TrapNation is definitely considered one of the most well-known. What about its sister channel, RapNation? It might be more realistic or affordable in terms of youtube music promotion, and it’s definitely something you might want to consider.

Fearless Records

There are all sorts of youtube music promotion channels that you might be exploring, but if you’re a rock artist – it doesn’t get much better than Fearless Records. Unlike other music promotion channels, Fearless Records is a real record label with an established fan base! The record label has over 2 million Youtube subscribers, and one could argue that their brand is much stronger than other music promotion channels given the fact that they have signed and promoted real acts and bands.

For those who don’t know, Fearless Records was formed in 1994 and has its foundations in punk-rock. If you are an artist that makes rock music, or punk rock in particular, this is the kind of youtube music promotion that you might want to consider investing in.


There are many ways to think about youtube music promotion. You might focus on one specific genre, and understand there are music promotion channels that will definitely help, given the fact that they feature music that happens to fit your “niche”. You might even find that they will be happy to work with you. Of course, there are other music promo channels that have millions of subscribers, that might want to charge more for their services. You should figure out your budget and intentions before anything else.

There are all sorts of ways to become successful as a music artist, and it might involve a lot of time, work, and money. There are some artists that are considered “overnight successes” that have been working hard for years, only to find that a content creator on TikTok may have just helped their career more than they ever imagined. While youtube music promotion isn’t the only tool to take your career to the next level; it is still an important one.

You should do your best to make sure that you are choosing legitimate music promotional channels that can deliver on their promises. You might find that some services talk a good game, but are interested in your money more than actually following up on anything. You might want to research these music promotion channels or speak with someone who has used them, before making an investment.

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