There are many ways for artists to gain popularity in modern times, and so many strategies that are available. Some artists are able to hone their voices through social media or have a song that ends up going viral thanks to memes and/or dances associated with the song. Other artists have their big break by collaborating with larger artists to strengthen their fanbase. Many other artists are able to gain an audience through a podcast, as well.

Artists have also found ways to buy Spotify plays thanks to various companies that provide the service. This has proven to be a smart strategy for artists of all kinds and with fan bases of all sizes. There are various companies that allow music artists and entrepreneurs to buy Spotify plays, and each of them has its pros and cons. Here are some of the best websites to consider if you are interested in figuring out how to buy Spotify streams.

Music Promotion Corp

Music Promotion Corp can help artists buy Spotify streams, whether you are hoping to spend a small amount of money or hundreds of dollars to boost their visibility. This is a great option for artists in the US, as you can receive most of your listens from the United States (you will also get listens in Europe). All of the streams are eligible for royalties, although it can take up to 7-10 days for the service to work.

This isn’t the kind of company that deals with fake users and/or streams. If you are an artist that is serious about figuring out how to buy Spotify streams, you may want to consider Music Promotion Corp. They also offer playlist placement services, as well.

We offer the best playlist promotion service on the market!


One of the most convenient ways to buy Spotify plays is to go through StreamDigic, which has a stellar reputation in the music industry. One of the benefits of using StreamDigic is that they can help boost your streams within 24 hours, which is ideal for those who want immediate results. Their promotion isn’t just limited to Spotify, either.

You can buy Spotify plays on Stream Digic – but you can also purchase views on Youtube, as well. This might go a long way towards increasing your rankings and visibility to a global audience. Their customer service is also excellent, as they are known to respond within several hours.


There are various companies that can help you buy Spotify plays, but BuyRealFollower can help increase your follower account. This is integral to platforms like Facebook, which boasts BILLIONS of monthly active users.

If you are interested in everything from more streams to more Instagram likes, BuyRealFollower can help tremendously. The company has a lot of experience with social media marketing, and its rates are quite fair. If you are interested in a more comprehensive marketing strategy, BuyRealFollower might make the most sense for you as an artist.


Let’s say that you are a music artist and you aren’t interested in increasing your follower count, but care more about your music being visible. In this case, Spotistar might be the best option for you to buy Spotify streams. One of the benefits of the service is that it is quite cheap, with Spotistar offering 1,000 plays for only $5! This is among the lowest rates you can find when it comes to Spotify promotion and is much more realistic for many artists out there.

If you purchase monthly plays – this can go a long way towards being more visible on Spotify. When you consider that Spotify is one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world, it’s easy to see how this company might be a great decision. Another plus? You don’t have to reveal too much personal information to get started. In a world where companies are always trying to monetize data – this should give you some peace of mind.


There are some artists that are trying to buy Spotify plays once or twice to make it seem as though their audience is bigger than they are, or to try to establish some initial credibility. What about bigger artists that simply want to buy Spotify streams, but also have an established fan base already? Streambeet might be a bit more expensive than other companies, but they also might be able to do a bit more for you.

You can find rates lower than Streambeet’s, which offers $10 for every 1000 plays. However, they can also support larger campaigns. You can even land on several playlists if you are willing to pay more, as well.

ans, and respect from other artists.

Mass Media Plus

Many artists might be hesitant to buy Spotify streams because they feel as though they will be exposed. One of the benefits of Mass Media Plus is that the company markets itself as offering royalty-eligible streams, which means that money actually can go back into your pocket if you decide to purchase one of their packages.

Many clients have great things to say about Mass Media Plus. The company guarantees the security of its clients, and you can even track the progress of your order! Mass Media Plus has a range of features that are quite unique and is a professional option when it comes to artists who want to buy Spotify plays.

My Music Viral

Let’s say that you’re an artist and feel like you just created the best music of your life. You might not have an established fanbase, but you believe like your new song or album is the one that will put you over the edge. You might find that an investment with My Music Viral can go a long way towards your career.

My Music Viral boasts the fact that it can actually get you worldwide Spotify plays, rather than focusing on a region. Their rates are also competitive for anyone who is serious about spending real money to buy Spotify streams. However, it should be noted that the service is limited to 10,000 plays for each song.


One of the great things about artists who buy Spotify streams is that they end up looking more legitimate to anyone who delves into their music. In modern times, this also means that they are more credible when it comes to an influencer, marketing, and advertisement deals. StreamKO is the kind of company that can give you a real competitive edge.

Your plays will be evenly distributed with StreamKO so the growth appears more organic than usual. This is definitely advantageous for those who want to make sure that their fanbase appears “real”, rather than spending a few dollars with a company that doesn’t care about a long-term relationship. StreamKO has a larger partner network than some of the other companies listed here.



You will find that many artists who have tried to buy Spotify plays found that their experience wasn’t worth it. However, GetFans has a great customer rating – which is a testament to the fact that they are great when it comes to delivering real results.

GetFans is known for helping with artist rankings in general, which is much bigger than simply getting more Spotify streams. Their rates are also quite affordable.

There are many talented artists that simply aren’t able to get their foot in the door when it comes to the music industry. Let’s be honest – many record labels are looking at followers, views, and statistics along with overall skill and marketability. There’s nothing wrong with investing in your future and career to make sure that more fans are able to see and appreciate your art. Why not make the jump?

We all know that there are many moments where an artist can truly reach the next level. It might be about getting in the studio with the right producer, getting the right “look” on a playlist or website, or receiving a shout-out from a more famous artist that enjoys their work. If you are willing to buy Spotify streams, you are willing to invest in your career in a way that might lead to true success.

If you are an artist that is trying to buy Spotify plays, there are many companies out there that offer this service. There are also companies that offer packages so that you can increase follower counts, which can help with overall credibility. You may find that this initial investment can help jump-start your career, which can lead to more connect

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