MusicPromotionCorp is an organization with a rich experience of 15 years and above in providing the best of the music promotional services and cheap music promotion to thousands of budding artists who want to create a breakthrough in the music industry. It works by creating a perfect and suitable fan base of followers and subscribers over any of the suitable social platform for that particular artist throughout the world. It strives to fuel up the passion of these artists to have their music heard by a large group of the audience sharing a bond for that genre. This brand has a very top notch reputation of serving about 10000 clients and hence honing up their skills of music at very affordable prices and faster means. This article discusses further on this topic and explains how one can avail these services for cheap music promotion easily.

About the services in a brief

    There are a certain number of packages available over the domain of the MusicPromotionCorp, from which the artists can choose their suitable social media package that can cover all of the requisite networks. Upon the selection of the package, the corporation would then guide the person in connecting to an authentic audience with real accounts over the social media and then get their music heard to such a large populace. On the other hand, the privacy of the user is also kept intact and it is ensured that the user does not face any form of data leakage or theft problems. The platforms over which the promotions can be done are basically divided into 7 types: Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Promotion on the 8 different platforms

The following are the 8 different modes of presentation that can be used by any of the budding music artists to create a strong foundation of authentic subscribers and followers for popular viewing of their respective music and have cheap music promotion: –

  • Youtube PromotionThis includes all of the promotional services required for making the artist’s Youtube channel popular and hence get more subscribers interested in that genre of music. It also includes guiding the artist on the importance of a strong subscriber base and how the artist can get the desired recognition and monetization of his name. It is available in different packages, ranging from the US $5 to $155 and hence provides the users with a good choice. Any form of queries can be answered easily by visiting the official website and hence paving a good path for the popularity of one’s music.
  • Spotify PromotionBeing one of the leading music promotion platforms of the world, having a strong follower base over Spotify would indeed be of immense value to the budding music artists. The more the number of followers over Spotify, the more would be the chance of getting into the suggestions and recommended hearings list. Using only organic Spotify promotion, this corporation creates a network over its famous partner lists. Any further queries can be answered easily over their website.
  • SoundCloud PromotionBeing proactive over the platform of SoundCloud would aid the artists in getting identified within the sea of the music listeners. Hence, one can even promote his or her music via this SoundCloud Promotion package, via which one can share his or her music easily over the platform and create a brand name for him or his band in overall. The promotion methods are purely organic and do not have any form of spamming.
  • Instagram PromotionThe popularity of Instagram in having musical promotions is highly unmatched. Under this package, one can get the tips and techniques to have a number of real followers, likes, comments, and views and also the proper way to have a boost of the account for wider exposure and credibility. Any further queries on the Instagram promotion can be easily answered over the website.
  • Facebook Promotion The first thing that comes to mind after hearing social media would be Facebook and such is also the power of the platform of Facebook. Through this package, one can get the customized page campaigns for the audience, required audience engagement tips, qualitative content sharing and tips on the optimized sharing of the page. The versions of the package are available in economical prices to make it accessible for every kind of artist.
  • Twitter Promotion Though used primarily for sharing of important political tweets, Twitter can still be a budding platform for creating a good fan base by making certain hashtags popular. This package can aid in the selection of such hashtags so as to increase the visibility and SEO of the artist over the web.
  • iTunes Promotion A popular forum for the Apple users, iTunes is the platform for the artists to enter into the iOS domain and have a fan base of these users. The best of the deals are available for this package and one can get the expert advice on the use of online promotion market and expose his or her music to the audience.
  • Radio Promotion MusicPromotionCorp is connected to a major of the popular radio stations and streaming providers and hence can aid the budding artist in getting connected to such platforms easily. This package unveils the tips to get the music aired over the radio platform on frequent occasions and have a customized radio promotion over these stations.

How does this work out?

On the basis of the desired package and platform, one can choose any of the above-mentioned ones and fill out some important details that the website asks. Post the confirmation from the artists’ side, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the results to get updated and hence get the delivered package. The payment method for the same can be any of the convenient online methods like PayPal, bank transactions etc. The data security is cent percent insured by the corporation and any form of further queries can be directed easily to the customer service forum.

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