There are many cheap music promotion tools that can actually be more effective than you could imagine. Many people believe that it takes an excessive amount of money to get anywhere in the music industry.

While it’s true that some of the most effective marketing methods do take money, the truth is that there are ways you can spend a small amount of money that can lead to some real Spotify music promotion and itunes music promotion.

Artists cannot survive without a fanbase, and you should always be thinking about how to promote your music.

However, there are some artists that believe that all they have to do is get some music promotion cheap in order to become successful. It doesn’t work that way.

You might make some incredible music, but what’s the point of creating a classic album if no one really knows about it?

MusicPromotionCorp is one of the best music promotion services in the world and would be happy to help you meet your goals.

Here are some cheap music promotion tips that can help you navigate your music career.

Stay On Social Media

There are many individuals, all around the world, that spend hours per day on social media.

As an artist, you might want to consider putting out social media content every day to make sure that you remain relevant and seen.

You might even want to consider hiring a social media strategist to figure out the best strategy for your music or researching how to get cheap music promotion through social media.

Your fans want to know more about your opinions, and you might want to consider giving your opinion on some great TV shows, music albums that they didn’t expect you to listen to, or even fashion trends.

Your fans can then connect and/or debate with you, and feel like you are more accessible.

If you consider that most social media platforms don’t cost money to create an account, this is the kind of cheap music promotion that can end up changing your life!

You may find that the right social media strategy leads to more tickets being sold, and more streams.

Think About Giving Back

Let’s say that you are an established artist and you are already selling out shows across the nation. This is obviously a great sign, and that means that fans are willing to spend money to see your live show.

What about holding contests to make sure that your fans stay excited about a show? You might have fans that simply cannot afford to see a show when you come to their city.

Why not tweet out that you have two pairs of tickets for your latest show, and want your fans to record a video of them singing/rapping along to your song, and that you will choose one of those submissions as the people to give the free tickets to?

It might sound simple, but contests are the kind of thing that the best music promotion services would recommend.

You might want to consider giving out money through Cashapp as a cheap music promotion tool, as well.

You may be surprised to find that your tweet or post gets shared hundreds, or thousands, of times, in hopes that someone can win some money.

You also might want to build a community and do some Soundcloud music promotion by asking fans for their e-mail addresses.

If they respond to their e-mail immediately, you can send them your latest song and ask for their feedback.

After all, if they are following you, they are aware of you as an artist, and clearly are the type of person that would support you.

You might get some cool feedback regarding your music, and this is a great way to get cheap music promotion.

There is also another way regarding how to do music promotion – try to find some sponsors and put on a free show!

This is the kind of organic music promotion that is hard to beat. You get to bring out fans who can enjoy your music for free, and you get free publicity. It’s a win-win!

The Right Business Moves

Let’s say that you are an extremely popular soundcloud rapper, and you’ve just had an incredible year in your music career.

You’ve gained millions of fans on social media, and many people are waiting to hear what you have to offer on your debut album.

You already have some hit singles that are gaining traction and are wondering about the next step.

What can you do to make sure that your organic music promotion continues, and that fans are interested in what you are doing next?

One answer might be to do a tour! This isn’t exactly cheap music promotion, as it does take a lot of money to tour – but it also can make you a lot of money!

However, you have to think long and hard about you as an artist and find the right artists to tour with.

If you declare that you are touring with two obscure R&B singers, that isn’t the kind of Spotify music promotion that you are looking for.

You will want to find two rappers that have a similar style and social media followings.

This way, you can both realize how to promote your music to each others’ audiences, and it can help BOTH of you tremendously. Of course, this can also lead to collaborations on songs or even projects.

If you are thinking about how to do music promotion, remember that these specific choices, regarding collaborations, tours, and more…make sure that you are making the right music promotion services decisions.

You should find some people you trust to give their opinions on making the right choices, as well.

Offer More Content

Technology now allows fans to know more about artists than ever before. They might be aware of tweets that artists have liked, and wonder about their opinions on certain topics.

You can offer content as a cheap music promotion tactic, whether it’s footage of you hanging out with friends, or fans, or simply documenting the way that you create your music.

You might want to consider interviewing producers and engineers that you work with to create footage.

Does this mean that you have to create a documentary about your music career? Of course not. However, you can break up these clips and offer them to Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, and many other platforms.

This footage might not seem like much, but what if it leads to fans realizing that they like the way that the music sounds in the clip?

This is a way to make sure that your content leads to Spotify music promotion, which can increase your Spotify followers.

The best music promotion services understand that there is more content out there than ever, and you should put out as much as possible in order to make sure that you remain relevant. This can come in so many forms.

What if you took a topic, outside of music, that you are interested in, and conducted an interview with another influencer?

You might find that you gain a whole new group of fans by figuring out how to get cheap music promotion, and it’s not as if you necessarily need to pay to interview someone.


Fans can be extremely fickle. They might listen to one album all week, and forget that it even existed a year later.

This is the name of the game, and it’s one of the reasons why artists resort to cheap music promotion tactics – they help remind fans that they are here, and have something to offer.

Of course, some artists don’t take advantage of this fact, and would rather remain elusive and mysterious.

While there is nothing wrong with this, the truth is that so much can be done through youtube music promotion, SEO, itunes music promotion, and more.

Of course, ads are always an option if you do have a significant budget to work with.

There’s nothing wrong with cheap music promotion or figuring out the best way how to promote your music.

You should be thinking every day about the best music promotion services to work with while making sure that you are constantly posting on social media.

It doesn’t cost anything to tell a fan that you appreciate them, and this is the kind of cheap music promotion that is free and can prove to help you in the long-term.

You should consult with those closest to you about the best music promotion cheap tactics, or how to get cheap music promotion.

It’s smart to think about combining forces with a similar artist to make sure that your social media strategy has a better chance of working, as well.

Of course, you should also think about diversification – and figuring out how to work with music promotion services to market other things that you have to offer – whether it’s a TV show, podcast, or clothing line.

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