There are so many different ways that you have to think about music promotion as an artist.

Are you a rapper that is focusing on growing Soundcloud plays, or are you most hoping to add more Spotify followers?

Either way, there are so many different ways to come up with creative ideas that can help grow your fan base.

You might want to focus on one specific platform, and it might be Youtube for you. It doesn’t matter what or where you want to take advantage of when it comes to organic music promotion, it can be a smart investment.

You should decide which songs you want to promote, and also take advantage of as much music promotion free as possible.

Music Promotion Corp can help your songs and videos go viral, which may end up helping your music career and boosting your visibility.


One of the great ways to get more impressions is to take advantage of hashtags. You might want to consider using popular hashtags like #FollowBackFriday and make sure that some of your fans follow each other.

You also could post old pictures of yourself and poke fun at previous fashion trends by using a #ThrowbackThursday hashtag.

This is a great way to increase impressions and an organic way of music promotion, as well.

Let’s be honest: there are plenty of pop artists that get on Instagram to flaunt their sex appeal.

This is a great way to determine how to promote your music, especially if the vast majority of your fans are the opposite sex from you.

This is a great way to also add links to music promotion SoundCloud, also. It’s also a great music promotion free tool that can help you make sure that your fans listen to you on other platforms like Spotify, Tidal, and more.

Have Fun

There are many celebrities that have become superstars because fans ended up loving the way that they speak and act, and you should make sure that you are having fun on your social media platforms.

This might involve a funny Instagram Live video of you celebrating with friends at a nightclub, or showing off someone that you are dating.

Your fans want to follow you to get a better sense of your life, and showing that you are having fun is the kind of free music promotion that helps fans know more about you and your life.

You can also do free music promotion by showing you listening to a beat and asking your fans which artist might sound good on a beat. This is genius for several reasons – you can encourage fans to @ the artist that they want you to work with.

The other artist might start getting hundreds or thousands of mentions, and it might lead to real collaboration. Instagram is great for these kinds of fun connections, which can also lead to other opportunities.

This kind of heartwarming content works as a great way of organic music promotion, as fans get to know more about who you are and your interests. You might be a rock musician that likes gardening, or a rap artist that meditates – opening up to your fans is arguably the best form of organic music promotion in the world.

Either way, Music Promotion Corp can help you come up with a branding strategy that makes sense.

Get Booked

We all know that a great live show is a huge asset for an artist, and you might want to figure out whether you are successful enough to land on music festivals.

If you perform incredibly well at a music festival and are the talk of the weekend, that’s the kind of priceless organic music promotion that can take your career to the next level.

You might also make sure that your stage experience is unique, whether it involves choreography or free music promotion through the form of landing on a unique cultural festival.

If you have the right music promotion youtube, it can also lead more fans to come to see your live shows.

The more that you get booked, the more that you will gain followers of all kinds, and you might consider shouting out your usernames on platforms in between songs on stage. You never know how many fans in the crowd might end up following you!

If your performances are exceptional, then fans might end up uploading footage and/or clips on the Internet, which can also help raise your profile.

Reach Out To Critics

You also might want to consider reaching out to music writers and see what they think about your music. If the response is positive, they might end up writing about your music in a respected publication.

One of the easiest ways to reach out to writers is through Linkedin. Let’s say that you read a piece about an album, and you are stunned at how well-written it is.

If you can establish a relationship with music critics, that can lead to some incredible organic music promotion.

You might also enjoy reading certain music blogs in your off-time, and you might want to consider music promotion SoundCloud on their actual page.

You might want to consider reaching out to the staff and seeing what it would cost for your music to be mentioned in a blog if that’s even an option.

You might find that the readers end up following you on music promotion Spotify, as well.

You can also figure out whether music influencers are open to music promotion. You might be surprised – there are some celebrity influencers that might offer some kind of promotion deal that makes a lot of sense.

Let’s say that a music influencer has half a million followers, and posts that he/she is open to $40 promotion deals. This might be the kind of promotion that can lead to thousands of people hearing your music!

While it might not be a free music promotion, it can be an incredible way to reach thousands of people very quickly.

There’s nothing wrong with consistently putting out music and reaching out to new music blogs whenever they pop up.

You may find that a blog ends up becoming more popular down the line, and now the old blog articles about your music are just free music promotion that will continue to exist as online content for years to come.

If you can also figure out deals regarding how to promote your music with a blog, you might want to consider that kind of partnership.

Pay For Promotion

You might put a lot of time, energy, and money into your music career, but there’s nothing wrong with music promotion services that can help you with music promotion youtube.

If your music video ends up being recommended by social media algorithms more and more, it might end up surging in popularity and views – which helps a lot when it comes to negotiating business deals.

If you can manage to pay several hundred dollars on music promotion per month, while also leveraging connections for music promotion free – you might find that your career will grow quickly.

A record label might also be convinced by the right marketing strategy, and you should make sure that they remain transparent and encouraging regarding your music promotion ambitions.

There’s nothing wrong with free music promotion, but there’s also nothing wrong with spending some money to make sure that your music can reach more people.

Music Promotion Corp is a surefire way to get more people in tune with what you are offering creatively, and it doesn’t have to drain your bank account!


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to organic music promotion – who can you reach out to that might offer music promotion cheap?

Also, which influencers would you want to reach out to, and are willing to pay for their services?

Do you have any estimate on what that would cost, and are there any mutual friends that you can reach out to for an introduction?

Artists have gotten famous for many different reasons. Some have had users share their music promotion Soundcloud to the point where their song has a lot of likes.

Others might have created a unique music video that is relevant to the times and managed to get views that way through music promotion youtube.

It doesn’t matter how you manage your organic music promotion, just as long as you are constantly promoting with appearing too “spammy”. It’s not only important to engage with fans, and comment back to them to show your appreciation.

It’s also important to build a kind of list to make sure that your fans are always within direct reach.

This gives you more leverage in your situation, whether it’s trying to get hired for a marketing campaign, or trying to e-mail fans about your latest interview.

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