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Before the advent of YouTube and Spotify, musicians including singers, songwriters, composers, producers and other artists associated with the craft had to rely on record labels to attain nationwide popularity or international stardom. Agents or talent hunters played a major role.

Local popularity also influenced the potential of an artist to get signed up by a renowned label. YouTube and Spotify have changed that and a new paradigm is in place.

Anyone can present their music to a global audience on and through such platforms. Spectacularly talented artists have been discovered on Spotify and YouTube among others. Some of them have become global sensations with their singles and albums.

There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to the best Spotify promotion companies, and content creators worldwide are trying to figure out how to get more followers on the platform.

It’s also important to understand that this isn’t just limited to music artists. Spotify is now a big player in the podcasting space, and have even made huge acquisitions in the sector. If you are a podcaster, you also might want to do some research on the best Spotify promotion companies to help you get more fans and listeners interested in your content.

You may want to stay away from Spotify promotion companies that are offering unrealistic promises. If a Spotify promotion company claims that they can make you famous overnight, or even within a month – you might want to ask for concrete results and figure out how and why they are making those claims.

Content creators should also inquire as to whether Spotify promotion companies are based in specific countries – and what locations in the world they want to target.

There are artists that might make a specific kind of music that is very popular in a foreign country, and the best Spotify promotion companies can help them take advantage of that fact. While you might not have the resources to tour in that country anytime soon – establishing an international fanbase can end up crucial to helping your fan “community” grow exponentially.

It’s also a great way to bring some new leverage to your next deal, whether it’s a music deal, an endorsement deal, or an influencer deal of some kind.

The best Spotify promotion companies also are able to deliver results quickly. Some of the larger Spotify promotion companies may have many clients, but you should make sure that you aren’t lost in the shuffle, and are considered a priority.

Some Spotify promotion companies may be upfront about the fact that they prioritize the artists that spend the most money with them, while others might act like you are their priority for the first few weeks, then change their tune down the line.

You also may want to inquire about whether a Spotify promotion company has a major blog or not. If they do, they might be able to post your content consistently – and this can be worth it alone!

If a major curator finds your music on a Spotify promotion company blog and ends up putting you on their popular playlist – this is obviously a huge step towards getting more exposure, more fans, and more followers.


Importance of Spotify for Undiscovered Artists


Spotify is not the only music streaming service in the world. There are several others. One of the reasons why Spotify is the most favored platform for hundreds of thousands of artists is exposure. YouTube is not just a music streaming service. It hosts all kinds of videos.

The target audience is not using the platform solely to listen to songs or watch music videos. Spotify is dedicated to music. It does not distinguish among genres. In fact, it celebrates experimental music and evolving genres. Spotify is not about the status quo. It is actually reforming the industry.

Another significant aspect of Spotify has made it a default choice for musicians. It is the target audience. The people who use the platform to listen to new songs and share the kind of music they love are interested in discovering new talents. There are people who love a certain type of music and are only committed to the select few artists they have loved over the years.

Spotify has more of those fans who want to explore new music. This is crucial as a new artist needs a receptive audience. Spotify promotion service by MusicPromotionCorp will help you gain the fame you always wanted.


Challenges await New Artists on Spotify


Spotify is an empowering platform for artists. Musicians can upload their songs, share the tracks with potentially millions of people all around the world, earn royalties and there is a probability of getting an offer from a record label. Artists who manage to get their songs featured on popular playlists of Spotify usually attain fame in a matter of hours.

Such songs often go viral in a short span of time. This boosts the plays and followers or subscribers almost overnight. However, not everything as simple as uploading a song on the platform and hoping there will be thousands of people rushing to listen to the track. Many challenges await new artists on Spotify. This is why artists seek the services of Spotify promotion companies.

Signing up for a profile, getting verified as an artist, uploading a song and then sharing it through various channels including social media are simple exercises. All artists are familiar with these processes. Even if someone has not done any of it earlier, understanding the procedures is not a challenge. The problem is the competition.

There are innumerable solo artists and bands vying for attention. There are numerous Spotify playlists too but only a few are truly popular. There are a limited number of placements on all such playlists. It is needless to say that every artist will not get featured on a playlist of their choice. This simply means the artist has to find another way to reach out to their target audience. This is never easy.

Spotify playlist promotion companies can assist artists to get their songs featured. All Spotify playlists have submission guidelines. The curators of the Spotify playlists have their preferences and compulsions. They must feature new songs but not at the cost of disappointing their followers. The curators have to be convinced that a song of an artist is suitable for the playlist and hence should be rightfully featured. This is not an easy task.

Many of the Spotify promotion companies U.S.A. based artists may consider can fail to get a song featured on a preferred playlist. The scenario is not much different for Spotify promotion companies in the U.K. As an individual artist or a group, it is imperative for you to find the best Spotify promotion companies.


Reasons to Consider a Spotify Promotion Agency


Very few artists are marketing mavericks. Fewer artists are lucky enough to have their first uploaded song on Spotify or any other platform go viral. Most artists have to wait for years before they have a twist in fate and get recognized for their talent.

Spotify provides a platform for artists to share their creations but it does not in any way guarantee a certain quantum of listeners or fans. Unless a song has a sufficient number of plays and the profile has a decent following, Spotify is unlikely to feature either of the two and the larger audience may also remain oblivious of the existence of both.

A Spotify promotion agency can get the plays, followers, shares and even comments. The top Spotify promotion companies can get songs featured on preferred playlists. The same song can get featured on multiple relevant playlists.

The most effective Spotify playlist promotion companies can plan the process in advance and can lay the foundation before the song is released on the platform. Spotify playlist curators can make it happen. There are some playlists that want new songs and they want to get the first opportunity to feature those creations. This is only possible when a song has not been released or is just about to be uploaded and shared on the platform.

Spotify Curators of other playlists want to feature songs that already have a substantial number of plays. They also prefer artists who have a significant following. The best Spotify promotion companies can help you to satiate these quintessential criteria.


A-List of the Best Spotify Promotion Companies:


Pitch Playlist


Pitch Playlist is one of the top Spotify promotion companies right now. The company increases the numbers of plays and followers in an organic manner. As a result, a song and the profile of an artist get greater exposure. If outreach is your primary objective, then Pitch Playlist does a fair job and it has a proven track record. There are many Spotify promotion companies that claim to deliver what they promise but fail.

Pitch Playlist is not one among them. They are also one of the best Spotify playlist promotion companies. The specialists at the firm listen to a new song that has to be promoted. They come up with a strategy depending on the type of song. Every track cannot be promoted in the same way. From choosing the right playlist to pitching a song properly to the curators, a lot has to be planned and executed perfectly for a strategy to actually work.

Pitch Playlist is mostly known for its ability to promote hip hop, pop, rock, dance and electronic dance music. Artists or bands can consider their trial packs, test the services and then decide to go ahead or not. There is a fine mix of packages to suit different needs. You can determine your immediate objective and accordingly choose a package you can conveniently afford. The firm intends to get songs to get featured by Algorithmic Playlists.

These playlists such as Release Radar and Discover Weekly use algorithms to track the growing or declining popularity of songs and artists so they can find the best tracks for their target audiences. Their Spotify music promotion packages are very good and can help you.




Fiverr is a suitable option for those who do not have a sufficient budget. The top Spotify promotion companies do not necessarily charge a hefty fee for their services. But, there is an old saying; you get what you pay for. Fiverr is not the ideal option among Spotify promotion companies in the U.S.A. or the U.K.  It is not really a marketing firm. There are people using the site and offering their promotional services.

The fees they charge are usually reasonable. There are many people who do not deliver and some resort to questionable means that can cause more harm than good. Fortunately, the site does host reviews from real clients so you can pick and choose the best pros in this niche. Best Spotify promotion service can be found here as well.


Omari MC


Omari MC is among the few Spotify promotion companies that use nothing but organic means to boost plays and followers. There are no shady practices. No bots are deployed to artificially boost the number of plays or followers. The entire boost is organic. The real people who are using the platform, listening to songs and celebrating various types of music are reached out to and they are enticed to check out a new track and profile of an undiscovered artist.

The firm also does a fair job with analytics. It is not sufficient to get plays for your song. How many people are actually listening to the full song, where specifically are they skipping and if some are returning to play other tracks are crucial metrics that should be analyzed. Real Spotify promotion can be found here.

Omari has worked for more than five thousand artists to date. It is a substantial clientele for a company that is not too old in this business. However, the firm has some policies pertaining to the type of music they promote. The company does not promote explicit music. If the lyrics have anything derogatory or what may be offensive to many or some people, then such a song will be flagged and the company will not promote the artist on Spotify.

Not many Spotify promotion companies have such a policy. Depending on what you are composing and how you perceive this policy, it can be a great thing or a completely unacceptable stand.


Juss Russ Digital Marketing


Juss Russ Digital Marketing also specializes in organic Spotify promotion. There is an official blog where artists can promote their music. The blog can provide more exposure. The company also promotes the music of its clients on various social media platforms. One issue with Juss Russ is its pricing. It is certainly not one of the most affordable options among the top Spotify promotion companies. Undiscovered artists usually do not have a lot of money to spend on different types of promotions. Every penny has to be spent wisely.


Spotify Promotion by Music Promotion Corp


Music Promotion Corp is easily one of the most reasonable yet phenomenally effective Spotify promotion companies. It has routinely found a place on almost all the lists of top Spotify promotion companies ever since their inception. The sheer numbers they can deliver without using any inorganic or questionable tactic beats most of their competitors.

The prices at which they deliver are equally surprising. Music Promotion Corp is also one of the finest Spotify playlist promotion companies. They are more than just familiar with how playlists work. Over the years, they have developed a lucid understanding of how curators think. Since they have worked with most of the curators whose playlists may be relevant to you, there is a good chance your song will get featured with the tactful approach of the specialists at Music Promotion Corp.

Very few of the best Spotify promotion companies have the kind of experience they have with playlists. Music Promotion Corp has already worked with more than two thousand different playlists. This is a distinct accomplishment among Spotify playlist promotion companies. Some of the top Spotify promotion companies get people interested and redirected to songs or profiles of artists but they are not always successful at getting them to listen to the full compositions.

Music Promotion Corp has developed a specialization in targeting the right audience depending on the genre and subgenre of music. The marketing gurus at the firm know which type of audience is likely to listen to a given song and their entire approach to create exposure is planned accordingly.

Music Promotion Corp has many packages. Almost every kind of need is addressed and they can also customize their services. The company has an impeccable track record of delivering. The prices are not too high and there are some freebies from time to time.

Artists who want a genuine following on Spotify and wish to get featured on relevant popular Spotify playlists should consider Music Promotion Corp.

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