Let’s be honest: it can be extremely difficult for an artist to get the attention of new fans in modern times. There’s nothing wrong with an amazing live show, but it’s not as if tours mean that you are scaling your success in the right way. You might have hired a celebrity stylist to make sure that you are on the radar of fashion websites, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a successful music career, either. What about investing in an incredible music video and then trying to figure out the best music video promotion company to hire?

It should be noted that there are all sorts of music video promotion services out there, and not all of them will deliver as advertised. There are some music video promotion services that are more interested in a one-time payout than a long-time relationship. Obviously, it would be best if artists could avoid these music video submission websites. Let us assume that your music is already making waves, and you’ve been written up in various websites already. That sounds great, but how can you take your career to the next level?

Luckily, there are some credible music video promotion services out there.

You should consider your budget and expectations before deciding on the best music video production company for your specific needs. Here is a list of some of the best music video promotion company options out there.


Promoting your music video the right way and reach the right audience on YouTube will increase your chances of becoming more successful with your music career. 

We offer the best youtube promotion services on the market that will help you get more views. With our best youtube package, you can get over 5.000 new views for your videos.

Creating a music video is an important step for every musician. No matter how large your following is, provide creative visuals to complement songs. Music videos attract viewers and will stretch your content capabilities to express your talent.

Our YouTube Viral promotion can help you become famous and rich in the Trending YouTube Section!


There are some great options when it comes to companies that can write a press release for you, or even get you featured in certain outlets. After all, many music media companies have extensive relationships and understand that up-and-coming artists are interested in more visibility. However, how can you make sure that you are choosing the right music video promotion service?

Promolta has a solid reputation among artists that are trying to gain more Youtube views, and you might want to consider it as a real option. The price plans aren’t that expensive, and $200 can get you 10,000 views. While this doesn’t guarantee the success of your music video submission by any means – it can certainly help get a lot more eyes and ears on your music.

One of the reasons why Promolta is ranked among the best music video promotion services is the fact that they actually offer a free trial! This is huge for artists that might not have the massive budget that established artists have or those who are careful about their marketing budget for a particular reason. You can also target specific countries! However, it should be noted that Promolta might take its time in terms of music video promotion services, compared to other companies out there.


It can be difficult for artists to find the right companies for music video submission, and the search itself can be daunting. What do they guarantee? How much do you have to spend? These questions can be confusing, and there might be so many conflicting opinions and reviews out there that make it difficult to find the right answers regarding the best music video promotion.

One easy way to determine the best music video promotion company is to examine exactly what you need. Are you hoping to pay $10 for a short-term boost before an important business meeting? Are you trying to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month to gain new fans and followers? If you establish these expectations, it can be a lot easier to find the right company for music video promotion. One of the benefits of WeDoPromotion.Net is that they can help you in either way in this respect.


Daimoon Media

It’s hard to get a real answer out there if you are an artist in search of the best music video promotion, and you may come up with different answers from different people. One of the reasons that Daimoon Media has separated itself from the pack in terms of music video submission is the fact that they’ve already built a large following BY THEMSELVES. Specifically, Daimoon Media already has an established base of over 12 million followers.

If you want music video promotion and are hoping to spend $20, however, this isn’t the service for you. Daimoon Media will require hundreds of dollars, and that’s one of the reasons it’s considered the best music video promotion services. It might be more expensive more than most, but it can deliver some concrete results.

You can actually monetize your video and gain ad revenue, which is another long-term investment that might prove extremely valuable. If you truly believe in your art, you might consider this the kind of “plus” that edges Daimoon Media over the competition. If you are serious about the best music video promotion and are ready to spend thousands of dollars on multiple videos – this might be the choice for you.

HIP Video Promo

There are all sorts of decisions to make when you are trying to figure out the best music video promotion services: and it’s about much more than how much they cost. What is their reputation like? Do you know any other artists who have used them for music video submissions? What kind of tangible “proof” is available? Does it seem like they truly offer the best music video promotion, or do they only exist for a quick buck?

HIP Video Promo is a great company for music video submission, and there’s one word that explains why: experience. You will want to find music video promotion that has been around for a while, and the company has existed since 2000. At the very least, this means that the company understands how to adapt to important technological shifts in ways that other music video promotion services might not be able to.

One of the greatest things about HIP Video Promo is that they can actually say that they’ve helped out some bands that you might know. It might be up there in terms of the best music video promotion company, as HIP Video Promo has actually worked with successful bands like The Lumineers, Maroon 5, and Metric. As if those names weren’t enough, they have also helped with a music video promotion for the likes of Minus The Bear, Bloc Party, and Elvis Costello.

If you are serious about the best music video promotion, and really putting yourself out there as a brand: HIP Video Promo clearly has a successful track record that is impossible to ignore. There is nothing wrong with hoping for some more affordable music video promotion, but why not choose an established company that already knows what they are doing? If you are thinking about serious places for music video submission, this should be on the list.


There are countless artists out there that are trying to invest in themselves and get themselves to the next level. They might already be signed to a major record label but feel as though the visibility isn’t there. They can reach more fans through music video promotion. There are many other artists that might have a local buzz but are hoping for some more national attention. It can be exhausting to search for the best music video promotion company, but it can also be one of the best investments you ever made.

You will, of course, want to put your best foot forward. You should be choosing the “hit song” in your catalog for your music video submission, or an extremely creative and unique music video that you believe can go viral with the right support. The best music video promotion can be effective, but you will want to make sure that the product is as incredible as it can be in the first place.

After that, you will want to establish a clear budget. Do you have anyone willing to invest in your music, or your music video promotion? Are you hoping for any music promotion, or are you searching for only the best music video promotion company? How long is this campaign going? Are you interested in the best music video promotion services for days, weeks, months, or even years? Before making any important decision regarding music video promotion, you should have all of the answers to these questions, and a clear idea of your budget. You may find that using a company for music video promotion can lead to so many other money-making ideas, that it makes complete sense for you.

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