It’s interesting to think about the ways that artists carve out a career for themselves. They might’ve had an incredible music executive as a mentor, who taught them about the music business and the ins and outs of music marketing.

Other artists might have had a connection through their manager, or even through the family. Some artists blow up because of one particular music video that made waves in the music industry, and they haven’t looked back since.

An artist requires so many people to make sure that they remain relevant. It’s not just about a manager looking out for their best interests, it’s also about creating new revenue streams. It’s about music marketing companies that understand the best way to market artists, deals that entertainment lawyers carefully look over, and connections that can ensure success.

One of the best things about hip hop music marketing companies is that it can help success come faster than ever before, which can lead to more ventures and investments.

It’s tough to try to figure out which one of the music marketing companies you should choose, and you should look to other artists as inspiration. What companies are making sure that their artists are always seen and heard? What terms are they offering, and can they prove valuable in ways outside of music?

Music marketing companies might get a bad reputation, but some of them can change the life of an artist relatively quickly.

Music Promotion Corp

If you are looking for the best value in terms of music marketing, you also might want to consider Music Promotion Corp.

Your music will be promoted through playlists, SEO, and highly customized advertising campaigns like E-mail marketing to thousands of listeners.

Being an industry leader in music promotion, these results are sure to be authentic and real.

The company has a lot of experience when it comes to boosting views and listens, and can also help get the exposure that you need. You can help your music marketing for many different platforms, and rates are quite affordable.

If you are looking for Spotify marketing or youtube video marketing, then MusicPromotionCorp is the right choice.

Hip Hop Push Media

There are hip hop music marketing companies that might claim that they can do something for you, but how can you be sure? Even if you are dealing with a company legitimately, you might find that they don’t have your best interests in mind. They also might be focusing on previous clients more than new clients, or feel as though you shouldn’t be a priority. This is obviously something that could affect your career for years to come.

You should figure out how you want music marketing to work for you, and what you are aiming for. Are you hoping to upload more content to let fans into your personal life, or is that not an option? Do you want to hire hip hop marketing companies to make sure that other industry players know that you are open for network and collaboration?

Hip Hop Push Media is one of many music marketing companies that have a track record and reputation. The company has worked with thousands of artists, producers, and DJs, so it’s not as if they just came out of nowhere. They can help get radio interviews, TV interviews, and more. In terms of music marketing, Hip Hop Push Media can give you a “push” in the right direction.

Planetary Group

One of the most well-known companies in music marketing is none other than Planetary Group. It should be noted that Planetary Group is located in Los Angeles. If you live on the East Coast and are hoping to work with a local music marketing group to take you to the next level – this might not be the choice for you. Regardless, it’s still a big music marketing company that deserves its recognition.

If you are interested in a full-on PR strategy, this is the kind of music marketing company that you will want to work with.

Quite Great

One of the great things about music marketing company Quite Great is that it can do so much for artists in many different ways. Since the music marketing company was established in 1996, they have been a major music marketing force. They’ve worked with all sorts of incredible artists, and this is definitely something to explore if you have the right budget. Quite Great is actually UK-based.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 company looking for a corporate video, or a rap group hoping for some hip hop music marketing companies – Quite Great can handle both of these clients! It can also offer a comprehensive brand strategy, which is much more than what many other music marketing companies can even dream of doing. You might be able to work with Quite Great whether you are a jazz musician hoping for a bigger buzz, or a corporation hoping for some bigger revenue.

Music Promo Today

Music Promo Today is a music marketing campaign that can handle marketing strategies for you, but can also help you establish a real presence on social media. We all know that billions of people use social media, so why not leverage these platforms to connect with more fans, and make sure that others can hear your music for the first time? The music marketing company has been featured in Forbes and Billboard, to give you an idea of how successful they have been in the past.

Music Promo Today is also a music marketing campaign that has the distinction of being an official partner of Universal Music Group, one of the largest record labels in the world. As a result, they might be a little bit too costly for the average struggling artist, but they can certainly deliver.

Starlight PR

If we are talking about hip hop music marketing companies, we have to speak about Starlight PR. They have worked with some of the most famous artists in the world, including DaBaby and Post Malone, and Cardi B. It’s easy to see that they are focused on the hip-hop sound, and are one of the most effective music marketing companies in this space.

You can get access to many different music packages and contacts through Starlight PR, and it’s the kind of music marketing company you should consider with a real budget. If you are looking to boost views or listens for a day or two – this isn’t the music marketing campaign for you. However, if you have been searching for a hip hop music marketing company that can deliver real results within several weeks, Starlight PR is an obvious choice. They can even get you major press features that might be out of the reach for music marketing companies that have just started. Why wouldn’t you want a well-connected music marketing company like Starlight PR on your side?


There are all sorts of hip hop music marketing companies that have a lot to offer, but artists have to consider WHERE they want help. Some artists might want more organic exposure, and might be interested in purchasing Soundcloud promotion listens rather than Youtube promotion. Other artists might be signed to a record label that has curated their image very carefully, and believe that the most music marketing effort should be in creating a music video that can go viral on Youtube. Either way, you should make sure what your music marketing priorities are.

Music marketing can be tricky, and there are many sketchy managers and publicists out there that take advantage of artists that already don’t have a budget. Artists should check on reviews to make sure that customers are getting what they are paying for, and recognize that the right hip hop music marketing companies might be worth the price.

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