Wouldn’t it be great to make music you love and also get a profit out of it?

The key to making money out of your own art is simple: a music licensing agency.

There are much music licensing agencies that can give you a hand in promoting your music and putting it out there for the world to listen. And, of course, give you a hand to start earning money. Since there are many and it is easy to get lost, here is a list with the best music licensing companies for you to start making a profit.

1) Tunecore

Even though many people use this site to upload their music to popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music; Tunecore is also relevant to music licensing and publishing companies.

For only a $75 one-time fee, you will get to submit an unlimited amount of music to be placed in Film, TV and Video Games. The platform keeps 15% of the royalties and a 20% of the sync licensing check. Yet, the costs are nothing compared with the quality of the service.

Soon enough, your music can be in important TV Shows and movies like Jimmy Fallon, TBS’s Conan, Lethal Weapon, FX’s Atlanta and Amazon Echo. The possibilities are endless.

Get started by simply uploading your songs to Tunecore, and submitting them for new opportunities to come.


2) Rumblefish

Our second recommendation for you is Rumblefish, an option that promotes music through diverse methods. Named like the Coppola film, this music licensing site will widen your audience base, as it will get your music into film, television, websites and numerous kinds of media.

Rumblefish can even license music for sonic branding, so don’t be surprised if your song becomes the most recognizable trait of a brand. Maybe you’ll find yourself listening to your own music at a brick and mortar store.


3) Getty Images

I bet you thought that Getty Images was only related to photographs and videos. Well, this is not the case. This popular platform has a music licensing option available through the site Pump Audio.


4) BeatPick

Like other music licensing websites, BeatPick can get your music into television shows, films and advertising. Currently, more than 300 artists have their music licensed in BeatPick, and more than 5000 songs are available through them. So, why do not give it a try?


This music licensing website has the advantage of giving you more freedom to decide where your music ends up. YouLicense works as a marketplace so it allows independent exchanges between artists and music seekers.


6) Scout Music

If you are producing music or in search of the ideal tune for your project, Scout Music is a good place to begin. This versatile music licensing company has a big library with different kinds of music, like pop, urban, indie and even classical. They have licensed music all over the world, to ad campaigns and television programs. Scout is also a committed company, as it is involved in the production and supervision processes.


7) Sentric Music

Last but not least, Sentric Music, a licensing site that has connections located in many corners of the world. If you are ambitious and want a lot of recognition, Sentric Music might be what you are looking for, as this website has many opportunities to get your music into video games, TV, films and advertising.

If you want to promote your music, then MusicPromotionCorp is the right choice!

Use our music promotion services and get thousands of new listeners.

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