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Music distribution has always been a complicated process. Music distribution companies have their strengths and weaknesses, territorial limitations and of course varying influence. A music distribution company with a massive presence in the United States may not have the same influence in Europe. Likewise, distributing music throughout Asia is a completely different ballgame.

Digital music distributors do not have the conventional limitations of territory, but they too must adhere to the policies of the different mediums. A digital music distributor has to deal with many of the same challenges as a traditional music distribution company.

The Importance of Music Distribution Services

Music distribution is no longer about the physical circulation of produced records, cassettes and discs. It is largely digital and the few physical copies are more about novelty than the actual purpose of playing the songs. This is where music distribution services come into the scheme of things. What an artist, singer or band requires is not a music distribution company but a full suite of services to get their productions out there, through as many mediums as available and as large an audience as deemed possible depending on the target market.

The importance of music distribution services can be easily gauged by acknowledging the multiple objectives in the process. A digital music distributor takes charge of submitting produced songs and albums on different platforms. Apple or iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and radio stations are the customary ones.  After you succeed, you should get the music promotion services from MPC.

There are many others. Submitting music is one objective. Getting the submitted music noticed by the target audience is another herculean task. Then, a digital music distributor must work on the prospect of making a specific song or album go viral. These are daunting challenges and only the best music distribution services can be of sufficient help.

Best Music Distribution Services

There are several music distribution services available at your discretion. It is common now for traditional music distribution companies to take charge of digital submission and promotion as well. You may very well take the conventional route or consider one of the digital music distributors. Music distribution should be a multipronged approach. That is the only way to expand the scope and impact of distributing music. Let us check out the best music distribution services, both free and paid.


Free Music Distribution Services


There are a few music distribution services that you can avail for free. Amuse is one example. The company has been around for half a decade. The team at Amuse comprises experts in the music industry. They do not charge a proportion of royalties. They do not take away the rights of the artists or band. Amuse has a stated mission of providing absolute control to artists.

Their focus is on independent artists. The company can get produced music submitted to Apple Music and iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Napster, Google Music, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube, and Shazam, among others.

Artists and bands can release their productions using their phone and directly through the Amuse app. There is no fee to be paid. This does pose some problems, as any and every artist can use the platform. There is no exclusivity, so the ultimate submission and availability of music on any chosen platform becomes just another droplet in an ocean.

Artists and brands can release information and artwork through the app. The whole process takes very little time. The app also enables you to study the performance of your track, such as assessing streams and downloads. The platforms pay royalties to the artists or bands through the app. Users can withdraw their money with just one tap.

The free music distribution services do nothing to promote a particular song or album. This means an artist or a band will have to work on promotions and other engagements with the audience on their own, or by using other music distribution services.

In that sense, Amuse offers a service that is more submission than actual distribution that can take the music to the intended audience and effectively reach them. Making your music available on different platforms or at music stores is not the ultimate objective these days. One has to actually get the music streamed or downloaded to make any money.

Paid Music Distribution Services


Distrokid is a digital music distributor. They can publish your music on all major streaming platforms and at music stores. Artists and bands pay an annual fee of just short of twenty bucks. The creators retain all the rights and they also get paid the royalties in full. The company does not stake any claim on either rights or royalties and other forms of monetization. The annual fee empowers users to upload as many songs and albums they want in a year.

CD Baby

CD Baby has access to a network of more than a hundred and fifty platforms, including streaming and download mediums. The music distribution company charges just short of ten bucks for every single or a standalone song. The charge is forty-nine dollars for an album. In addition to this, fifteen percent of the royalties are to be paid to CD Baby. This is one of those music distribution companies that can specifically target the audience that an artist or band intends to reach out to. Demographic targeting or geographic details can be used to distribute a song or an album with precision. This is not something every digital music distributor can do.


Tunecore charges almost ten dollars for a single and thirty dollars for al album. This music distribution company also has a network of more than a hundred and fifty digital music stores and streaming services. The digital music distributor does not ask for any part of the profits or royalties generated from sales. All streaming and download revenue is paid in full to the artist or band.


Ditto charges twenty-five dollars per annum to release unlimited songs. The music distribution company can publish your songs or albums through more than two hundred stores. This includes Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube among others. There are different plans you can choose from. Artists can go for the least expensive plan. Professionals and labels can explore the more expensive music distribution services, which are also multifaceted. Artists get round the clock support, there is trending data and other statistics pertaining to sales; analytics. Artists get to keep their royalties in full. They also retain all rights.

Record Union

Record Union does not have a fee for an artist to register. There is a fee for every submission and release. There are three kinds of music distribution services available. Singles can be released for as little as seven dollars. The price goes up depending on the number of stores and platforms where you want your music to be made available. The charge is an annual fee. Record Union also charges fifteen percent of all royalties. This means the royalties generated through all the stores and platforms enabled by the music distribution company will be taken into account. The company does not withhold any of the rights of the artists.


Spinnup is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. It is a music distribution company and also a record label. Signing up is free. A free account comes with features for artists and a dashboard for social data. Artists should pay for every track to be released. Singles are charged just under ten dollars. Spinnup has a network of forty-four music stores and streaming services. Artists retain all rights and get paid full royalties. If a track or an album become substantially popular, the record label of Universal Music Group can handpick the songs and choose to sign up for the artist or band.

Music Promotion Corp

There are other paid music distribution services such as AWAL, United Masters and Level. They charge a portion of royalties. There are services fees too. Beyond these conventional music distribution services, there is a need to promote a song or album and that calls for effective promotion. This is where Music Promotion Corp plays a vital role.

Music Promotion Corp can make music distribution more effective. Unless and until any target audience discovers an artist and their creations, all forms of submission and release or distribution in its entirety becomes inconsequential. There are innumerable tracks available on streaming platforms and music stores that have not made any ripple, let aside triggering a wave.

Music Promotion Corp simplifies distributing music and helps artists find a footprint. The purpose of releasing music is to enable an audience to discover an artist. This can happen only when a song or an album finds its place on official charts, featured or recommended sections, playlists and if a track goes viral. Music Promotion Corp has distinct services for different platforms. We offer free music promotion for Soundcloud and also Spotify.

The services are reasonably priced. Artists can scale up a promotional campaign as and when they feel such a need. Whether it is the number of streams or the count of followers, their promotions can do what distribution services fall short off.

Try our music promotion packages and get your music viral in 2020!



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