There are countless artists that are interested in having a larger following and might feel frustrated at the fact that their fan base isn’t growing quicker. Of course, much of this depends on the talent of the artist. However, the truth is that the right network and submitting music to the right blogs can go a long way towards making an artist successful. An artist that cultivates relationships with the top pop music blogs has a great chance at reaching higher levels in the music industry.

There are so many music blogs out there, and you shouldn’t be submitting your music to all of them. You will have to make wise choices regarding the music blogs to target and take your genre and style of music into consideration. Regardless, these are some pop music blogs that should be on your radar when it comes to music submissions.



There are some top pop music blogs that are respected, and Idolator is certainly one of them. Idolator was originally created in 2006 but has thrived ever since. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for music news, interviews, photos, or more – Idolator is one of the top pop music blogs on the planet.


PopCrush is one of the top pop music blogs and focuses on celebrities as well as music. It’s a great place to try submitting your music, even if the website does cater more towards artists that are already extremely famous. PopCrush also offers more entertainment than other pop music blogs, such as polls and trivia.

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There are many top pop music blogs out there, but many of them lack the credibility of a website like PopJustice. The website was actually established by music journalist Peter Robinson, who has written for many well-known publications. The blog has become so popular that there are actually a series of Popjustice books.


There are many music blogs out there that focus on rappers, but HipHopDx is easily one of the biggest rap blogs in the world. If you’re a pop artist, you might want to consider submitting to top pop music blogs. However, if there’s an element of hip-hop in your music, you should certainly consider submitting to HipHopDX.

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There are few blogs that can claim that they’ve been around for a decade, but Fluxblog definitely is an inspiration for some of the modern music blogs in the world. The website was actually established in 2002 and is still going strong. The website is considered integral to the “MP3 blogging” culture during the time. It remains one of the top pop music blogs in the world. The website is not as relevant as other music blogs in this day and age, however.


One of the interesting things about HypeBot is that it offers more than many other music blogs. First, you can read up about music news and music technology news, which is great for those who are hoping for more than music blogs offering reviews and celebrity quizzes. HypeBot might not be mentioned with other top pop music blogs, but it’s up there.

Brooklyn Vegan

Brooklyn is one of the most important cities in the United States when it comes to culture and music – and many would argue that the borough actually has a global influence. The blog Brooklyn Vegan is known for discovering underground artists before they enjoy successful mainstream careers and is easily one of the top pop music blogs in the world.

However, it should be noted that submitting to Brooklyn Vegan is most beneficial if you happen to be an artist in New York City. While other music blogs focus on national music news – Brooklyn Vegan tends to focus on NYC music and events.


Stereogum is one of the most established music blogs in the world, and its reputation remains that way. Stereogum has won many various awards and was established in 2002. It’s become world-famous for its “Band To Watch” column. The publication is also known for its humor, as well.



Billboard is one of the top pop music blogs, even though most fans know the company for its charts and music news. Regardless, it’s still considered among the top music blogs for some who still consider the website a “blog”.

Billboard actually existed as a print magazine, unlike many of the other music blogs on this list. Specifically, Billboard was founded well over a century ago: in 1894.

Pigeons And Planes

Pigeons And Planes is one of the top pop music blogs, and many have praised the fact that the website has some of the best music writing to offer. It remains among the most-mentioned music blogs in the music business.

Pigeons and Planes was such a successful blog that it was eventually acquired by Complex. It should be noted that this particular pop music blog tends to lean towards hip-hop music.

Indie Is Not A Genre

This blog is quite unique, which you could probably tell from the name. Out of all of the music blogs based in Germany, there is probably no music blog in Europe with this kind of global reach. Indie Is Not A Genre is an excellent place to submit your music to, and you might even end up developing a global fanbase!


Cougar Microbes

Some music blogs don’t even receive that many submissions, because they might not be one of the popular music blogs at the time. Cougar Microbes doesn’t have that problem whatsoever – you can tell that it’s one of the top pop music blogs considering they receive HUNDREDS of submissions per day. That’s one of the reasons that the blog has so many writers, and it’s definitely a plus if you can get your music featured here.

Atwood Magazine

There’s nothing wrong with making lists of music blogs, but you should consider the type of pop music blogs that you are considering. Atwood Magazine is more known for its editorials, but a mention in this blog could potentially go a long way. The website describes an urge to “celebrate creativity”, and it’s a great website that celebrates art in general.


Owl Mag

Many music blogs are based on the East Coast, and some have argued that the music industry tends to have a bias for that region. However, Owl Mag is based in San Francisco, and it’s one of the top pop music blogs. This is often why they can afford incredible contests and giveaways. The blog doesn’t just focus on one part of the world, either – anyone around the world is welcome to submit.


Earmilk is one of the most respected music blogs in the world, even if it isn’t among the top pop music blogs. The website focuses on dance and electronic music but speaks on music news in general. It has grown from a small music website to an international brand.



Earmilk is one of the most respected music blogs in the world, even if it isn’t among the top pop music blogs. The website focuses on dance and electronic music but speaks on music news in general. It has grown from a small music website to an international brand.

The Line Of Best Fit

When we speak about the top pop music blogs, there’s a good chance that The Line Of Best Fit might not be mentioned. It might not be worth pursuing if you are an artist that is already signed, or have a deal on the table.

Regardless, it’s one of the music blogs that is most known for discovering indie music. If you are an indie artist hoping to get more of a buzz, this is definitely the place to submit. If you can get featured, it can do a lot for a new artist: MILLIONS of fans read it every month!


There are artists that become famous for many different reasons. They might have performed well at a live show, and an executive approached them after the show. Other artists might have connections to large artists that helped fast-track their career. Many other artists have become slowly discovered on the Internet, and music blogs have played a vital role in that discovery.


Music blogs don’t guarantee success – but you will never know where your music can be featured unless you actually put in some effort. Of course, if you’d rather not be bothered by the business aspect of your music, consider contacting a manager, agent, or publicist to take care of submissions to pop music blogs. You will find that being mentioned in blogs can definitely keep your brand relevant in the eyes and ears of the public.

The right music blog placement can help you make the right connections that could lead to a bright future in the music industry. If a blog is consistently covering an artist, it is safe to say that they are receiving a significant amount of attention from the music industry.

You don’t have to pay the top pop music blogs in order to succeed – there’s a chance that there are other moves to be made, and relationships to be cultivated. However, the truth is that artists and bands should submit their music to the top pop music blogs because that kind of publicity can only help!

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