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If you are looking to promote your music via iTunes to increase the rate of sales, then this article is all about to teach you how to do it the correct way and get your music listed in the list of Top iTunes Chart.

To be a successful musician who is creative is going to be a taxing job, which requires your full dedication to give out the best at the mentioned time. But their job is not limited to create good and melodious music, they also need to promote the music and gain popularity throughout their lives.

Music is a great asset of musicians and to make their livelihood the musicians are required to promote their song to reach the audience in any part of the world.

    Earlier when a person had started his business be it any product they use to visit door to door to advertise their product and increase the sales in the market. Likewise today many musicians are using the same strategy but online via marketing agencies that help them to reach possible visitors and at the same time promote their music.

Hence today it is known as the digitization era which has improved the condition even much better.

Thus through digital marketing methods, it had today become easy to promote one’s music but still there is a great need for a taxing job who can find a marketing agency with reduced efforts.

   Whether you are familiar or not, iTunes promotion services are considered to be one of the best digital media marketing techniques.


Best iTunes Services for Promoting Music


  • Today iTunes is accessible on any SmartPhone, tablets, and PC. Today they are leading the music industry in spite of having a hefty number of competitors and are thus the world’s biggest music retailer to deliver the best services for the promotion of music. According to the users on iTunes, it is advantageous to get listed on the front page of iTunes music.
  • One can utilize iTunes various promotions services to help the user get more plays, downloads and at the same time increase their sales. Let’s have a quick look at some of the important points which help the music featured on iTunes music:
  • iTunes has a specialized team who choose their featured items weeks before. So if you wish to be featured, then the musician is required to plan their release date weeks ahead so that they can promote and increase the pre-order sales that are required for iTunes. Also, the links which you provide should be easy to access and clear.
  • If the user is using a third party to enter into iTunes then also they help those individuals in increasing their pre-order sales and message keywords. The pre-order sales are always combined with their release date sales and hence customize to improve their position in iTunes music promotion.
  • To get shortlisted on the home page of iTunes you need to be noticed first. It is nothing to do whether the music is sung by a single musician or by a big band; the iTunes team just makes your song visible to the audience. Whether you are using social media campaigning or promoting by other means, the music should be downloaded enough to let it noticed by the iTunes team.
  • You might feel it as a basic thing, but let me remind you if your song is professionally recorded then nothing can beat your music. If the song lacks high-quality recording then no one would like to hear it and hence popularity is impossible. So it is essential that a good studio and production house are necessary to hire. If the recording is done properly with top quality then no one can beat you.
  • The iTunes promotion team mostly prefers albums over the singles. They have distinct single charts for other genres, which help grow in their status and influence.
  • Although you will be surrounded by tough competitors to get listed on the front page of iTunes among the various bands that are from big production or quite famous, then you are required to plan your time accordingly to feature the best to attain fan following at the same time.

How to increase music sales and stream online?


  • For any musician, marketing their own song is a difficult job. It is that job which takes the fun out of the music. Check out these points that help you to market, distribute, promote, make money and get famous. They are sure to guide the listeners or audience to utilize the best streaming platforms that achieve your better digital sale.
  • People all across the globe search for popular songs and are always keen on listening to different versions or cover of such songs. You can prepare to record a cover of famous songs to get followers and if they like your version they will get interested in listening to your other songs. Before covering any song it is necessary to clear the right issues beforehand.
  • When the user is searching in a digital music library your music should have an attractive image on the cover art as it soothes their eyes to increase the curiosity of the person, and they get attracted to download and listen to it for once, hence increasing the chances of streaming and buying.
  • The title of your song should be copyrighted. As a lot of people search for those songs which are clear with titles. This makes your song popular and more visible to the audience to gain potential fans.
  • Selling of any album or through a direct link could be a bit risky to most of the people. All are not comfortable to share their payment details. Hence it is wise to use trusted sites like apple promotion, iTunes music where you can share your link with the details of the payment that are just one click away, to help the listener access it easily.
  • If you have fan following, share their reviews and testimonies of your account, on iTunes religiously. Access the iTunes promotion services to benefit these testimonies and reviews written by your followers as they will gain you more followers for your music.
  • Try to get listed your song in a streaming playlist as it can draw more fan followings. Try searching for a playlist that is similar to your song genre. Recommend your song into the playlist to make it visible and get shared.Because the playlist is evergreen.

Let your song be heard by all the people, and if your song has potential then it will become more popular and help to increase your fan following.


 Thus to get yourself noticed and make your music popular one needs to follow these pointers mentioned above and avail the services of iTunes. If you follow these above pointers and produce good engaging music that will definitely help to increase your fan followers and popularity of your song.

Musicians who are serious about promoting their music and want to go viral must try our iTunes viral service.

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