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Artist management companies have a multifaceted role. An artist management agency transforms a talented artist into a brand. Some believe that aspiring musicians or new singers and bands need artist management companies. The truth is every artist needs a manager, new or old, aspiring or popular.

Authors have literary agents for a reason. There are publicists too. Celebrities in the fields of sports, entertainment, and even politics have specialists managing their public profile. Publicists, agents, and managers go beyond the nitty-gritty of maintaining the personal brand of an individual.

An artist management agency assists a musician to get greater exposure through various means. Whether it is a brand endorsement or getting featured among the best in the business, negotiating the terms of an agreement with a record label or managing the tours from the start to the finish, artist management companies can do everything.

A typical artist management agency has a team of professionals. These professionals specialize in marketing, management, promotion, ticket sales, social media, royalties, copyright laws, and other legal as well as financial matters. Artist manager companies also handle sales of merchandise.

There are many different artist management companies with many different strengths, and this is important to consider before choosing management of any kind. For example, if you are a pop artist that is more concerned about image – you may want to deal with a company that can help you connect with songwriters and develop your “image”, rather than an artist management company that is focused on helping you find artists to collaborate with.

There are so many aspects to artist management. Some music managers focus more on handling all business aspects of an artist’s career, while other music managers might be more “friends” of an artist, and ready to deal with their personal needs.

You can do some research regarding what a company’s strengths are in order to make a final decision. Artists should also do some research regarding artist management companies and their weaknesses, as well.

You might also be an artist that has a very clear vision of their career and wants to maintain complete creative control.

This obviously would mean that you wouldn’t want to deal with a full-service artist management company that is willing to deal with all sorts of aspects of your career, including creating your social media posts and writing your press releases.

Some artists are looking for different things and will have to make sure that their personality aligns with their music manager. There are some managers that seem to want to be “the star” themselves, and chase publicity to the point where it seems like their charisma is actually overshadowing the artist’s superpower.

While most artists aren’t like this – it’s something to think about. In addition, there are other artist managers that might not be as trustworthy as others. You may want to ask around the music industry to make sure that you are dealing with a company that is reliable.

Ultimately, all artists want reliable artist management services that can help get them to the next level in their careers. If there is an artist management company that charges much more for their services, a trade-off is expected.

Some artists might be fine with allowing an artist management company to take “a bigger cut” as long as it helps their music land in TV shows and movies, which can help them reach millions of people.

Other artists might want to keep the rate at 10% or 15%, but the artist management company may not have the same connections and/or resources.


Artist management companies in the U.S.A. may work on commission or retainer. The commission is usually a percentage of the ticket sales. This is also referred to as the booking fee. It ranges from five to fifteen percent.

If an artist sells merchandise, then a certain percentage of that sale is also accounted for as commission for the artist management agency. Some artist management companies for music insist to work on retainers. This is usually an annual fee. New artists do not have to feel compelled to pledge a certain amount to such artist management companies in the U.K. or anywhere else in the world. There are many that work on commission.

It should be noted that artist management companies are not booking agents. Booking or ticketing agents will only charge a commission on the revenue generated at live performances. This commission is usually ten percent of the ticket sales. There is no royalty or commission on sales of records and merchandise.

They are not a part of the publishing process either. Undiscovered artists, budding or aspiring musicians and even those who have attained some popularity can benefit by hiring artist management companies.



Best Artist Management Companies


There are different types of artist manager companies. Some specialize in promoting solo artists, whether musicians or singers. Some specialize in promoting bands. Likewise, specializations vary as per the genres of music as well. Not every artist management agency is equally effective at promoting a pop star.

There are agencies that have developed a forte for hip hop. If you are into rock or alternative rock, then there are relevant options too. The current state of the popularity of an artist also influences the choice of the artist management agency. Considering artist management companies in U.S.A. or U.K. is not a substitute for music organic promotion.

Those who use Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud among other platforms must also have a music promotional strategy for these mediums.


AM Only


Lee Anderson of AM Only is one of the better-known names among artist management companies for music. Anderson has worked with Skrillex, Rudimental, and Zedd. They credit a part of their successes to AM Only.


Creative Artists Agency


Creative Artists Agency has promoted the Eagles, Britney Spears, One Direction, Maroon 5 and Trainor. This is one of the few artist management companies that need no introduction. It has generated nearly two hundred million dollars from tours for the Eagles. It has generated more than five hundred million dollars from tours of One Direction.


Paradigm Talent


Matt Galle and Corrie Christopher Martin of Paradigm Talent have represented Shawn Mendes and Imagine Dragons. This artist management agency has organized sold-out events at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. It has helped songs such as ‘Treat You Better’ to become chart-toppers.


ICM Partners


ICM Partners has represented Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap and Kehlani. It organized a tour for Kehlani not too long ago. The tour spanned twenty-seven cities. Twenty-six of those shows were sold out extravaganzas.


William Morris Endeavour


This firm has more specializations than most artist management companies for music. They represent artists from the television and movie industry as well. William Morris Endeavour has represented Adele, Sam Smith, and Calvin Harris. They are one of the largest artist management companies in the world following multiple mergers and acquisitions. They are a powerhouse. Their presence straddles the globe.


Cinematic Music Group


This is one of those artist manager companies that particularly specialize in dealing with live performances. The experts at Cinematic Music Group know how to plan and execute a perfect live show. Everyone has had their share of disappointments at live performances.

Sometimes the sound is not right, the lights may not be perfect, there are weird disturbances in the output and the audience engagement is often subpar. These people are the remedy for such problems.


Artist Management Companies for Rap; Hip Hop


Artist manager companies should specialize in music marketing, promotion, sales, branding and more. They must also have a lucid understanding of a genre and the subgenres. In a way, an artist management agency serves as the intermediary between the musician and the audience. If they do not understand the genre or what the fans are looking for, then there can be a serious problem and the objectives may remain elusive.

Artist management companies with immense knowledge and a perfect understanding of a certain type of music can deliver a personalized strategy.

Hip hop artists and rappers can consider MAAD Management. The company is headed by Michael Trampe. He is a rising star in the media and entertainment industry. He is a speaker, promoter and marketer.

He also specializes in social media management. Also known as Mike, he is a disc jockey with a lot of firsthand experience in music. Mike is an integral part of many prominent programs and events in the music industry. He is also associated with the live network television FOX 29 Philadelphia.

C3Presents or C3 Management is a full-service artist management company. It represents artists in various niches including hip hop, indie, electronic and alternative. The artist management agency has a team of experienced professionals in the industry. The firm can deliver innovative solutions for rising stars in music.


Artist Management Companies for Country; Folk


Arrow Music Management has been a leader in the niche of country and folk. The company is just over twelve years old. It specializes in creating, developing, music marketing and expanding business models for artists. This is regardless of the past or current popularity of an artist. The boutique artist management agency serves musicians all around the world. It also deals with pop, indie, rock, and electronica. As one of the innovative artist management companies with clearly defined objectives, the firm can boost sales of music including digital content, merchandise, booking for live shows, licensing of music and sponsorships.

Big Loud Management is an independent artist management agency with its captive publishing department. The firm also has its own production and management services. The artist management company is led by songwriter Craig Wiseman, experienced producer Joey Moi; renowned managers Kevin Zaruk and Seth England.


Artist Management Companies for Classical; Jazz


Primo Artists based in New York is a relatively new player. It is dedicated to promoting classical music. Charlotte Lee brings over twenty years of experience in the industry. The boutique artist management company has been around for nearly five years and is already a name to reckon. It already represents celebrated classical musicians and rising talents.

JWP Agency is a much older company and has a long track record of dealing in multiple genres. It is a full-service entertainment company. Jim Wadsworth Productions has been around for nearly thirty years now. It manages artists, their branding and involvement in different types of private, corporate and public events, deal with bookings and in recent times social media. JWP Agency primarily focuses on world music, jazz, and fusion. The agency has multiple bases in the U.S.A.


Artist Management Companies for EDM, House; Dance


CG Agency is headquartered in New York. It has mobile offices in many parts of the world. The artist management agency specializes in the production and promoting musicians in the electronic dance music and house genres. The company is around twenty years old.

If you are into electro, drum, and bass or dubstep among other types of bass music, then CG Agency is the right choice. One House Artists is another fitting choice in these genres. The company is known for its innovative booking and management services.


Artist Management Companies for Rock


Red Light was founded by Coran Capshaw in 1991. Based in Charlottesville, VA, Red Light Management played an instrumental role in growing the popularity of Dave Matthews Band. The local favorite went from clubs to one of the most celebrated touring groups ever. An important element of this accomplishment was that the entire growth was organic.


Artist Management Companies in the U.S.A.


If you are based in Los Angeles, check out Milk and Honey. It is a hybrid management company in the entertainment industry. It specializes in artists; repertoire and marketing. It is a boutique firm and also has offices in Nashville and New York. It is planning to launch an office in Europe.

If you are in New York, then you may check out Foundations Music. It has an amazing network and strategizes entirely from the perspective of an artist. Their business models are personalized. Atlanta based MMMGT and RSH Agency are respected names in the industry.

MMMGT specializes in rebranding, in addition to typical artist management services. RSG Agency specializes in merchandising, artists; repertoire, global distribution, sponsorships, and tours.

Thirty Tigers is one of the best artist management companies in Nashville. The company was set up in 2002. It was founded by Grammy-winning producers David Macias and Deb Markland. The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and North Carolina.

They also have an office in London. Other well-known artist management companies are Artra and Alligator Records in Chicago, Illinois; Ralph Jaccodine Management in Boston, MA; Valholla Entertainment in Miami, Florida; Full Circle in Philadelphia, PA; Seaminx Artist Management in Dallas, Texas; California Artsman Inc. in San Francisco, California and SoSouth Music Distribution in Houston, Texas.


Artist Management Companies in the U.K.


IE Music is one of the finest artist management companies in London. It has been at the forefront of the evolving music industry, especially after platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud along with YouTube and social media completely changed the manner of engagement with the audience.

The company not only embraces these new technologies and digital interfaces but excel at leveraging them. The artist management company specializes in fan communications to drive everything from ticket sales to more streams and downloads.


Establish the Foundation for Effective Artist Management


Undiscovered or new artists need a foundation for effective management. The promotion on a large scale can only work when an artist or band has a substantial following. There should be a base upon which the whole branding apparatus must rest. Once the brand is established, it creates a completely new foundation of massive following and engagement with audiences far and wide.

Till such time, undiscovered artists have to use platforms and marketing like Spotify promotion and SoundCloud promotion among others such as YouTube promotion.

Appointing one of the best artist management companies without having an interesting target audience may be a tad premature. The reasonable following can be developed with companies like Music Promotion Corp. They can deliver the plays and fans required by an artist to establish some degree of popularity.

An artist management agency can then build on it and take an artist from being undiscovered to getting discovers and subsequently celebrated.

Music Promotion Corp can be the difference between remaining unknown and getting discovered for new and aspiring artists. Music Promotion Corp specializes in boosting plays and followers for artists on all major platforms including Spotify and SoundCloud.

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