There are so many businesses and artists that are obsessed with tracking their Instagram likes, and many have resorted to Instagram likes apps to help fuel the process.

It’s no secret that many fans actually look at how many times a picture has been liked, and that is now considered a form of “approval” for many fans.

For example, if a picture is uploaded by a major artist and it has far more comments than likes – there’s a good chance that it’s a situation where the artist might be involved in scandal or controversy.

Either way, it can be tough to figure out the best app for Instagram likes.

Instagram is a huge platform for artists and entertainers, and it’s a great place to let your fans see other sides of you.

You might use Twitter to tweet out some interesting thoughts of yours, but you can actually go live with fans on platforms like Instagram.

That’s one of the reasons why finding the best app for Instagram likes can be a huge way to increase your followers quickly. As if that wasn’t enough, entertainers can also give “behind the scenes” looks and footage to their fans.

Artists and bands should figure out what exactly they want from the best app for Instagram likes, and how they want to use the likes to their advantage.

Instagram boasts hundreds of millions of users, and there are many artists that are targeting their demographic rather than Facebook’s demographic (for example).

Here are some of the best apps to get likes on Instagram for iPhone.

Consistency And Engagement

Before you search for the best app for Instagram likes, you should already have an Instagram strategy in place.

Artists should understand how often they make Instagram posts, and should even do some insight/research regarding the best time to post content, and the kind of content that they want to support.

You can’t really expect much from a social media platform if you aren’t taking it seriously. Artists should also take hashtags very seriously because it can help them find specific fans that fit their demographic.

If you are not the kind of artist that is willing to come up with some great and creative Instagram ideas, you might not want to even consider a free Instagram likes app.

Artists need to understand that there is power in taking advantage of a certain hashtag or going live with someone that they are going to collaborate with.

It’s a great way to get more exposure and remain in the music industry conversations, even if you haven’t dropped a project in a while. It’s also arguably the best platform for a music artist to make announcements regarding a new project, tour, song, or otherwise.

There are so many apps out there that claim that they can get you free likes quickly, but what’s the best like for like the Instagram app?

Let’s explore some of the options out there:

MusicPromotionCorp is the best Instagram promotion company for artists that can help you gain more Instagram likes, followers, and views. You can buy 100 Instagram likes for $1 and 500 IG likes for $5. 

Buy Instagram Likes with confidence from one of the top companies on the market.

Artists and bands also should communicate with their fans in the comments, as well, and they should be engaging with them before even thinking about the best app to get likes on Instagram.


If you are searching for the best app for Instagram likes, there’s a good chance that someone will mention Stormlikes.

The price is quite affordable, as you can get 100 likes for only a few dollars! For artists on a budget, it’s hard to find this kind of value.

The app has also been around for a while, which is great for those who might worry about credibility and transparency.

Customer care is available 24/7, which is another huge plus. There are many great customer reviews regarding the app, as well, and you don’t have to enter any sensitive personal information.

Stormlikes also promises real likes, as well, for those who don’t want any bot followers whatsoever.

Likes Plus

There are many Instagram likes apps, but Likes Plus is arguably the best Android app for this kind of service. If you have an Android, this might make sense for you and/or your band. One obvious drawback is that Likes Plus isn’t available for iOs.

If you are searching for the best app to get likes on Instagram, understand that Likes Plus has a great interface, is well developed, and is very easy to use.

You can also match clients using hashtags, and it has the experience and credibility to work with many various brands. However, customer support is a bit lacking.

There are also various versions of the app, some of which have more features.


There are many ways to get likes on Instagram app, but Instarabbit is one of the newest companies in the space. Instarabbit might not have the experience as some of its competitors, but it proclaims that it can deliver results very quickly.

If you want a short-term best app to get likes on Instagram, you can get up 250 likes per post within an hour! It’s hard to beat those kinds of results. It might cost as low as $1.99, which is cheaper than the competition.

There are some drawbacks here to Instarabbit – there’s no mobile app to make it easy and convenient. There also isn’t any phone support for those who want more transparency.

However, there are some good aspects to Instarabbit, which is why it is regularly mentioned as one of the best apps for Instagram likes.

You can get unlimited posts per day, and you don’t have to put in your password in order to get results. You also get likes from real users! In terms of Instagram likes app: Instarabbit is up there!

Social Viral

One of the coolest things about free Instagram likes app is that Social Viral can actually work for you for FREE! You get more points by earning stars through liking other people’s posts, and you actually get more likes from users that have similar interests.

Social Viral is definitely one of the best apps to get likes on Instagram for iPhone, and it’s held in high regard.

There aren’t any bots, and there are some real users that will follow you. You can actually get limitless likes thanks to Social Viral, which isn’t always the case with many of its competitors.

The delivery is quick, and the fact that it’s an Instagram likes an app that might not necessarily cost you money is a great plus.

The app is also very well-designed and easy to use, as well. Social Viral is a free Instagram likes an app that is definitely sticking around for some time.

Follower Pro+

There are many apps that can claim to give you a boost in terms of Instagram likes, but few of them have features like Follower Pro+ offers. Some would consider it the best app to get likes on Instagram, and you can get a lot of insight into your account.

If you want to track metrics regarding followers, who unfollowed you, and who deletes likes/comments…

Follower Pro+ can give you those kinds of statistics. This is a huge plus in terms of Instagram likes apps, and it might be the tool you need to elevate your music career.

The like for like the Instagram app is great, but many of them cannot do what Follower Pro+ can. If you are an artist that is steadily making money, there are some optional paid features that are great!

It’s also a free Instagram likes app, as well, but the company operates on a freemium model. You can also earn coins by liking posts and following users, as well.


There are so many executives and music industry professionals that are paying close attention to Instagram likes, and the best app for Instagram likes might be hard to find.

First and foremost, you will want to figure out how much you want to spend on Instagram likes, and figure out a good way to engage your fans.

Will you be giving back to your fans, and will you be promoting something specifically? Also, you can get likes on the Instagram app by simply offering a window into your personal life, or asking your fans a question.

You will want to ask your fans questions to make sure that they respond and engage, and like/comment on more of your posts.

What’s the best app for Instagram likes? It might be about a certain amount of money to spend, while others might just want a well-designed app that can get the job done as soon as possible.

Artists that don’t have many resources might want to figure out the best site to buy Instagram followers for as cheap as possible or even get likes by liking other posts and photos.

You might also want to think about your privacy since no artist wants their personal information out there simply because they wanted to use a free Instagram likes app.

Alike for like the Instagram app is a great way to start off in terms of engagement, but you should have more marketing strategies regarding how to grow your fanbase.

You might want to showcase more of your personality, or cross-promote with other artists, or even become an influencer for products and services.

Either way, it can be tough to find the best app to get likes on Instagram for iPhone – unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

Some artists even resort to fake “beefs” and arguments in order to get more attention and Instagram followers, and you should figure out what works for your specific brand.

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