There are so many artists out there that are trying to figure out how to make a cheap music video, and it’s about much more than just promoting in one way.

We all know that artists have to focus on their music, image, and many other aspects of the music business.

However, music videos are a great tool to galvanize your audience, and they can lead to many new fans viewing your music video and hopefully being converted into a fan.

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If your music video begins trending, there’s a good chance that it can elevate your music career, and you might end up getting contacted by music label executives and representatives.

However, you might not have all of the resources that you wish for. You might know a music video director who can give you some tips on how to save money, but the truth is that music videos often take a significant amount of money.

Also, you need real youtube promotion for your video marketing after the video creation is done.

How will you get the attention of fans if you don’t have a massive budget? Lucky for you, there are music video tips that can help you keep your budget low. Here are some music video tips that artists on a budget might find useful.

Friends And Fans

A music video often involves so many moving parts, and it’s one of the reasons why labels can end up shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a music video without breaking a sweat.

They understand the importance of presentation, and that fans are expecting a certain level of quality.

If you are an independent artist, you might be struggling in terms of finding actors that will be involved in your music video. First and foremost, you will want to tap your network of friends to see if they will be able to help.

Your friends might already support your music career and be delighted at the chance to appear in a music video. If any of your friends are busy, but you have a fan base, you can ask them if any of them have any music video skills.

Your stylist friend might not be able to help tremendously, but he/she can give some advice on wardrobe choices.

Similarly, a photographer might offer some interesting locations for the music video, and you might have someone that can help you edit the video, as well.

It isn’t always easy to make a cheap music video, but friends can give you ideas and suggestions that other people might charge money for.

The point here is that you should ask around for as much help as possible. These roles are all intense, and you can end up saving a lot of money by finding someone who likes your music who is willing to help you.

Of course, you should make sure that you let it be known how much you appreciate their time and effort.

Keep It Simple

There’s nothing wrong with having a crazy vision for your music video, but you should understand that your band can’t exactly travel around the world for a music video. Y

ou might wish that you can film some romantic scenes in Hawaii, but it might not exactly be a logical step given where you are in your career.

You will have to do whatever you can to improvise, but there’s one important point: try to make a cheap music video in one location.

If you need two locations, that’s fine, but remember how this will work logistically. If you have transportation for everyone involved to get from one location to another, and it won’t cost you a tremendous amount of money, great!

However, the last thing you want is to plan an epic road trip as one of your music video ideas, only to find that you don’t really have the gas money to make it work.

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It’s also important to keep it simple because you can’t pay your friends and fans the top dollar for their services! Sure, as an artist or a band, maybe you can order everyone pizza or other food.

This would be a great gesture to show them that you appreciate everything that you are doing for them, but if you are a struggling artist – you can’t exactly pay them for their time.

Since you can’t pay them for their time, you should be respectful of theirs. If you bring out thirty people to a desert and aren’t shooting anything, but everyone is dealing with scorching hot weather – this is the kind of lack of consideration that can cause issues down the line with friends and/or fans.

There is another advantage in making sure that you don’t waste anyone’s time: you can get the shots you need quickly! You will have to move quickly if you want to take advantage of a sunrise or sunset, for example.

Either way, try not to overcomplicate everything when it comes to realizing how to make a music video. It might sound straightforward in terms of music video tips, but KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Understand What’s Expected

If you are an artist and you are hoping to wow everyone with the way that you dance, you will have to learn your dance routine and hope that it shows in the video.

If you end up partying the night before and show up to shoot a music video cheap hungover – there’s a good chance that the music video won’t turn out the way that you hoped.

The last thing an artist or band wants is to upload a music video to their channel only for it to be mocked or disrespected. If you don’t want this to happen, you should put your best foot forward.

Your band might have a unique idea involving costumes, and if so – make sure that the costumes are bought and paid for. This might mean nagging some of the people in your band to make sure that they purchased what they need, or that they will show up to shoot a music video for cheap at the right time.

Every person needs to understand their role, and that’s the smartest way to figure out how to make a music video.

You should also realize that not everyone in your band might not agree with your music video ideas. If you are in a band with ten people, you will have to figure out a way to take a vote regarding how to shoot a music video for cheap, and what music video tips that they think make sense.

Call In Favors

Let’s say that you’re a band with all sorts of music video ideas but don’t know where to start. You call up your manager and start telling him/her about your to shoot a music video for cheap, and he/she begins to brainstorm about who they can contact for help.

They might inform you that a venue owner owes you from a past favor, and you could potentially use their venue as a location to shoot a scene or two.

A makeup artist might owe you a favor, and you may even know a music video editor that owes you from a past music video somehow.

The idea here is to check through your network and see who can help you out – and it might not be for the reason you think. You might know an actor that is eager to help you simply because he/she is a huge fan, and for no other reason.

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They might not need the money, but would be happy to help you develop your music video ideas, and might even offer feedback or ideas, as well. You may even be able to find someone who is willing to invest in your music video or loan you money for expenses that you did not consider.


You might be an artist that just started recording, and knows absolutely nothing about how to make a music video. You also might be an established brand that has already recorded dozens of videos, but just want to find a way to understand how to shoot a music video for less money.

Either way, you should make sure that you aren’t repeating any old concepts of yours, and that your fans will want to see a music video for the song that you chose.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a big-budget music video, but the truth is that there are many independent movies and music video ideas that make it big regardless.

SoundCloud Rappers have been known to shoot music videos in their neighborhood that go viral, and many of these videos used a lot of music video tips in order to stay within budget.

At the end of the day, if the music is there, and you are telling a story – there’s a good chance that your music video will be successful, whether or not you understand fully how to make a cheap music video.

At the end of the day, music videos can cost a lot of money. However, it’s up to bands and artists to get creative regarding the message. You may decide that you will shoot a music video for cheap that will focus on two lovers, and choose to focus on the story rather than any “special effects.”

Similarly, you can also change your music video ideas from an “exotic island”, and switch it out for a nearby lake.

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It will take some work to figure out how to make a cheap music video, and you should consult with your team before making any drastic steps.

The right music video can thrust an artist into the international spotlight, whether it’s about a dance routine, how attractive someone is, or simply because of how incredible the music video ideas were.

Either way, it can be a huge tool for any and all entertainers, and it’s one of the reasons that so many content creators turn to Youtube and Twitch.

If you have the right music video ideas, you may find that figuring out how to make a cheap music video was one of the best things that you could ever do for your career.

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