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Which are the benefits of beatport promotion?

There are many streaming platforms where artists can make a name for themselves, but too many artists are overlooking the potential associated with Beatport promotion. For those who don’t know, Beatport has been around since 2004 – which gives it a different sense of respect and credibility with respect to online music. If you are an electronic artist, you might want to take a special look at investing in Beatport promotion

Beatport is most popular when it comes to dance/EDM/electronic music, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still improve your social credibility through Beatport promotion. You might find that increasing your Beatport plays leads to more fans and followers than ever before, especially if you regularly promote your Beatport profile on other social media platforms. You might find that purchasing several thousand plays for Beatport promotion is a great way to add some social proof to your brand before contacting influencers or blog writers, for example.

Beatport promotion might not be the center of your marketing strategy, but it’s a great way for dance artists and DJs to help make a name for themselves. Of course, artists should also interact as much as possible with other content creators for maximum exposure. Beatport can lead to more followers on Spotify, which could lead to more royalty revenue. Similarly, if you eventually decide to start a podcast or a Youtube channel, as well, you could capitalize on this same fanbase thanks to your previous Beatport promotion. 

If you make dance music of any kind, Music Promotion Corp can help you navigate the world of promotion and marketing, and you might want to add some calls to action in your profile, as well. You should also figure out how to make sure that you are sending a cohesive message regarding song artwork and album artwork, as well.

Which beatport promotion services do you offer?

Music Promotion Corp understands that the music industry is more focused on numbers than ever before. There is a massive difference between a folk artist with ten thousand followers on Twitter, for example, and a social media influencer with tens of millions of Instagram followers that can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with a single post.

While it might not be overnight, you might find that Beatport promotion service can help your search engine rankings, which leads to more fans of your genre finding your music, discovering your social media platforms, and potentially supporting you in the future.

We offer Beatport plays for artists that want to increase their social credibility, and with the right viral attention, you may find that you can promote your album and actually achieve sales as a result. Of course, it’s important to remember that growth should be gradual. Artists should not be purchasing hundreds of thousands of followers while only having hundreds of plays – this makes it very clear to the visitor that there might be bots involved. This is, obviously, not good for any artist’s image.

 If you are able to be organic with your Beatport promotion service, it can lead to more revenue down the line. You might find that music venues begin to offer you more money to play, which can help independent artists make a living, on their own terms, while retaining creative control. Beatport also has appealed to other genres, as well, and is expanding offerings in the house genre, as well. Why not use a Beatport promotion service to help promote your latest house album?

Artists should also remember to update their profiles whenever it is time to promote a new song or project and may find that Beatport promotion service can lead to connecting with supporters that eventually turn into loyal fans.

How can I get on the beatport chart?

Let’s be honest – most of the artists that end up on the major artists are those that have very large budgets in the music industry. For example, if a pop artist has the #1 song in the country – there’s a good chance that they have a lucrative deal with a very large record label, an expensive producer providing them with the beat, and they may have a marketing campaign that involves billboards, commercials, and social media influencers.

 For independent artists, there’s a good chance that they can’t land on any major charts – but with our Beatport promotion, you may end up landing a Beatport chart position! It will take a significant amount of plays, but it’s absolutely possible, and it could lead to a connection with a new music manager, blog writer, podcaster, or producer. We live in a world where everyone is competing for attention on the Internet, so why not invest in getting on a Beatport chart?

Artists should make sure to choose the best possible song to promote so that it begins picking up organic plays and can be shared on social media more often. You might just kickstart your own music marketing campaign for the single after buying enough plays, but you should make sure that the song is a great reflection of who you are as an artist (and/or band). We believe that getting a Beatport chart position is a great way to elevate your music career significantly.

If you are an artist in the dance/electronic genre, the Beatport chart gives you a different kind of credibility that means more money for you. We all know that there are incredibly talented people that simply don’t have the money to promote their album, which is why Music Promotion Corp keeps our Beatport chart position packages quite affordable. We hope that you find a package that makes sense given your budget and expectations!

Are your Beatport promotions real?

Music Promotion Corp understands that Beatport has a better brand reputation than many other music platforms out there, which is why it’s been in business for over 15 years. Beatport is an extremely important part of the dance music scene, and one of the reasons for its gradual growth in popularity over the past decade. In fact, hundreds of millions of people have downloaded music on Beatport, so why not invest in some real Beatport promotion?

Independent artists often do not have the time, money, or resources to consistently promote themselves. They may even have to rely on their own network to book gigs around their city, but you can scale your marketing efforts thanks to the Internet. We all know that dance music is popular in many various countries all over the world, so Beatport promotions could potentially help you gain fan bases in places that you’ve never even been before? If done correctly, real Beatport promotion can help elevate your career in a big way.

Of course, artists should also invest in more than just Beatport promotions, and attempt to connect with as many music influencers as possible. Also, they might want to reach out to the media and see whether they could be interviewed for blogs, Youtube channels, and music websites. With this kind of comprehensive strategy, it makes it much easier for the artist to be seen and heard. 

We also believe that real Beatport promotion requires you to link back to your Beatport profile as much as possible. Let’s say that you update your fans about your tour in a Youtube video – consider linking your Beatport profile in the description and telling your fans to go check it out. Similarly, you should also consider shouting out your Beatport information in an IG live, or on Twitter, as well.

Why should I buy beatport promotion?

Many artists believe that their talent will bring them success, but music industry experts will tell you that this simply isn’t true. The entertainment industry doesn’t always award the most talented – sometimes it awards individuals that have a certain image, are hopping on a specific trend, or simply are talented enough to fill a certain place in the market. Either way, one thing is for sure: artists and entertainers that understand how to market themselves are usually the ones that end up winning big in terms of their career success.

Artists that buy Beatport promotion are ones that truly care about their place in the dance/techno world, and it only takes several thousand fans to start a worldwide movement. We have seen techno artists, time and time again, blow up because of one particular song or remix that went viral. Why not buy Beatport promotion for the work that you are the proudest of, and see how it is received?

One of the reasons why the decision to buy Beatport promotion is so important is because it’s a chance to make a wave on a platform where there are many potential fans. Of course, artists should focus on consistently giving their fans a certain amount of music if they expect constant growth. It might take more time and energy to create unique content for different social media platforms, but the effort can end up worth it down the line.

Many artists and DJs have made the decision to buy Beatport promotion and eventually went more mainstream, which led to money and fame. While no music marketing agency can guarantee money or fame, Music Promotion Corp can promise an affordable way to buy Beatport promotion for your next project. Make sure that you check out our affordable packages, and remember that we deliver quicker than the competition!

Which is the best beatport promotion?

You might be a DJ hoping for the best Beatport promotion that many can buy, and are unsure of exactly where to look. The sad truth is that there are many marketing agencies that will claim that they can help an artist go viral, only to take the money and run. Music Promotion Corp can deliver results quickly, which is what makes us the best Beatport promotion company that you can ask for. 

There are millions of people that check out Beatport to see what’s hot and trending in the dance music scene, which is why it has such cultural importance in the music industry. While it might not be a company worth billions of dollars, like Spotify – there are many DJs that understand that finding the best Beatport promotion can lead to more followers and fans – which is a kind of “social currency” in the music industry these days.

If you spend thousands of dollars on our best Beatport promotion packages, you might find that you begin getting more followers on Twitter and/or Instagram, and it can help you build an audience within that particular niche. You should also try and promote your music in as many ways as possible, whether it involves a Youtube influencer, a podcast interview, or other strategies and approaches.

The best Beatport promotion is affordable promotion, and we have a range of packages to choose from whether you are trying to get thousands of plays on your new single or are hoping to promote your entire project over the next year. Either way, we can help you achieve more social credibility, and believe in a long-term relationship with our customers.

Some dance artists already have a very loyal following, but their music may have been getting fewer spins lately. You also might be someone that is very new to the genre but has a buzz and wants to boost their Beatport plays a bit. Either way, we offer the best Beatport promotion packages in the world and are happy to guide you through the process.



Do you offer beatport song promotion?

There are some artists that are interested in promoting their entire album – but every once in awhile, an artist makes a song that they know can take their career to the next level. Many bands have created smash hit songs and knew that the song was special before it actually became popular, and there are even cases where songs have been out for months and then suddenly gain a lot of steam, get more plays, or go viral. Beatport song promotion is a great tool that could potentially help an artist go viral in the dance music scene.

It can be difficult to separate yourself from some of the other artists out there if you don’t have a massive following, and sometimes it takes that ONE song to finally get you heard. Music Promotion Corp can help you focus on how Beatport song promotion can get more fans interested in your music, and you may even find that they explore some of your other songs as a result.

One of the great things about Beatport song promotion is the fact that there are so many DJs on Beatport, as well. This helps to create a new sense of community among the users since there are DJs that can not only collaborate with other dance artists but also end up giving them more visibility in their own DJ sets. This is one of the reasons why Beatport song promotion can be so important in terms of a marketing strategy, and Music Promotion Corp can help!

Even though Beatport tends to focus on the techno and electronic genres, you might even find that it’s easier for YOUR music to stick out if it comes from a different genre. Don’t be afraid to invest in some Beatport song promotion, no matter what kind of music you make.

Why Beatport Promotion is Important?

    Beatport is a web-based application and cross-platform music streaming service. It was launched on the 7th of January in 2004. Presently a subsidiary of LiveStyle, Beatport allows disc jockeys, musicians, producers, and electronic dance music composers to upload and share their creations in three distinct formats.

     The American head office is in Denver in Los Angeles and the European headquarter is in Berlin. While the likes of SoundCloud and Spotify do not distinguish genres and welcomes one and all in the music fraternity, Beatport is more specifically for electronic dance music and electronic music, including originals and remixes. Artists can upload full songs and albums. Musicians and disc jockeys can sell their creations. Music lovers from around the world can access the site and celebrate their favorite genre. Beatport tries to curate the songs or compositions, originals or remixes on its platform to maintain a certain quality of music. It aims to sustain the disk jockeying and remixing culture with equal impetus for originals.

Features in Beatport


Beatport Sounds has a huge selection of sounds, beats and also samples to complement all the production types.


Beatport charts track what the DJ choose to buy every week. It also serves as a barometer for what the fans hear at clubs and all the events worldwide.


Beatport Pro is available for supporting all Mac platforms.


Beatport music management software helps DJs to organize the hug digital libraries and also to directly access the Beatport Pro store to download new tracks for their needs.


Beatport website has links like Genres, tracks, releases, charts, stems and sounds on the top for easy navigation. Genres are divided into best new tracks, closing tracks, Beatport hype and beats in school.

Importance of Beatport Promotion

Beatport can be classified as a niche streaming platform, primarily owing to its exclusive focus on a specific genre. This works in favor of everyone who is working on electronic music and electronic dance music. Electronic music is clearly the most popular genre right now. It is celebrated with much greater fanfare than any other genre, including classical, rock and pop. The popularity of the genre and the exclusive prioritization of it on the site make Beatport promotion significant.

Beatport is also an online music store. Artists, disc jockeys, composers, mixers and re-mixers or producers who want to develop a following should consider effective Beatport promotion to reach out to their target audience. Despite the platform celebrating a handpicked genre, the audience is not homogenous. There are users from various parts of the country and around the world. Not all have the same preference within the realm of electronic music. Beatport promotions should be planned accordingly.

Beatport has plenty of useful features for both creators and audiences. The site has a massive selection of songs including different types of beats and sounds. There are samples for creators that can complement different types of production. Beatport charts are available for disc jockeys to buy different tracks and there is a record of all such purchases. The charts and trackers also serve the purpose of identifying the kind of music and specific compositions that fans are listening to clubs and other music events around the world. This enables disc jockeys to come up with their own playlist that will resonate with a target audience.

There is Beatport Pro for Mac. The Beatport software for music management software empowers disc jockeys to organize and manage massive digital libraries. Creators can also download new beats or sounds and tracks as and when needed from the Beatport Pro store. Users can browse all tracks and releases, study charts and explore new sounds. The application has an interface that is simple to navigate for both creators and fans. Any promotion on Beatport should make good use of all available features and the best practices to get a track of its due boost so it can have the necessary exposure.

How to Get Started with Beatport Promotion?

Creating an account is simple. Go to the website and you will find the option to create an account on the top right. Provide your name, choose a username and password, enter your email address and get started with your profile. Upload your creations and share them with the world. Like other streaming platforms, you have to look for plays and then followers. Songs and remixes can be played and liked by users. Profiles can be followed. Users can also buy songs or albums from the store.

Beatport promotions can be about generating plays by getting more listeners. You may choose a Beatport promotion service to get more followers. Most artists will have to choose Beatport chart promotion sooner or later. There are many types of packages and services so you must buy Beatport promotion depending on your present needs and how you wish to grow your outreach and popularity in the near future. Music promotion on Beatport is similar to how you can enhance your outreach and influence on other streaming platforms with subtle differences. A reliable Beatport promotion service can easily tackle the varying nuances and deliver the listeners, followers or chart placement.

Before you can plan any form of Beatport promotion, you must find the right company to deliver the measurable results. You should not plan Beatport promotions that are vague or unclearly defined. The outcomes should be definitive. Any Beatport promotion service that cannot deliver verifiable results should be a nonstarter. Even if you are vying for Beatport chart promotion, the outcome must be clearly visible and independently verifiable.

One has to consider three major factors in Beatport to determine the popularity of your track. They are the number of times your track is played, how many sales the track has had and how many followers the artists or album has. So have quite a decent number of Beatport followers which the curators consider and make them decide which album has to be featured in the Best New Tracks option. One can gain more followers by many methods. These followers increase gradually over time. To increase it instantly, you have to buy Beatport followers with the help of social media marketing platforms

Beatport has won several International Dance Music Awards since its inception including the Best Dance Music Retailer and Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer in 2006, Best Dance Music Retailer in 2007, Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer in 2008, Best Dance Music Website and Best Specialty Retailer in 2009, Best Dance Music Website and Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer in 2010, Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer in 2011, Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer in 2012, Best EDM/Dance Music Retailer in 2013 and Best EDM/Dance Music Retailer in 2014.

Should you Pay for Beatport Promotion?

There are organic ways to promote your music on Beatport. You can leverage the power of social networks and social media to reach out to more potential fans. A few artists will find many takers in a short span of time and others will have to plan other types of Beatport promotions. For instance, most artists will need a sufficient number of plays for their compositions. All artists require a foothold, which is attainable only when there is a substantial following. Unless artists are getting numerous followers organically, it is necessary to buy and hence one must pay for Beatport promotion.

There are a few types of Beatport promotion services. Music Promotion Corp has specific packages for different objectives. Artists can buy plays. There are packages that can get artists a thousand plays. One can avail fewer or more plays. The simple objective is to get listeners for every track. Artists can also get listeners for their entire albums. The best Beatport promotion is a more holistic campaign. It is not sufficient to get listeners or plays. One must include likes and followers while planning Beatport promotions. There must be an organic growth of a profile and the increasing influence should not be reflected only by plays but also followers.

Sales play an important role in the platform. Unlike some other streaming sites where monthly listeners, likes, followers and reposts can establish the popularity of a song, album or artist, Beatport promotion must lead to sales to clearly indicate that a profile is being well accepted and endorsed by fans. Effective Beatport promotion service encapsulating plays or listeners and followers should lead to sales. Music Promotion Corp also has a viral campaign. This type of Beatport promotion essentially persists till a song or an album goes viral. A viral campaign naturally transforms into Beatport chart promotion. The curators on the platform will pay heed to viral songs and albums. Such a profile gets a huge boost when the songs get placement on popular charts.

How to Strategize Music Promotion on Beatport?

Beatport promotion should not be random. All Beatport promotions opted for by a musician should be meticulously planned and effectively executed to have a larger impact. Artists should start with a few plays. Secure a thousand and five hundred listeners or five thousand listeners. Provide the required boost to a song. Then buy followers. Do not buy followers exceeding the number of listeners. There should be a sense of proportion. The growth should appear to be organic and real. Music Promotion Corp uses real and active profiles to drive plays and to increase the following. Get more listeners or plays than followers but do not focus solely on the former as the latter needs to grow as well. Both indicate popularity.

Viral Beatport promotions should not be planned in isolation. There should be plays or listeners and followers alongside a viral campaign. This shall imply to the users and also the curators that a song or album is being truly loved and celebrated by fans of electronic music. Beatport chart promotion should also be in the reckoning as one goes for more listeners and followers. No music promotion on Beatport should be about any one aspect of popularity. Only holistic promotion on Beatport will have a sustained impact. Buy Beatport promotion bearing in mind the short term objective and the long term goal. The best Beatport promotion can create a ripple effect and it shall lead to a momentous organic growth of popularity.

How to Boost Organic Beatport Promotion?

No matter how many Beatport promotions you pay for, you will need organic growth of popularity and the sphere of influence must expand beyond what a campaign can do for you. The best Beatport promotion service can get you started, set up the foundation upon which you can build your popularity and also provide interim boosts as and when needed. Eventually, it will be the music and the organic following that will lead to sales. There are many ways to boost organic Beatport promotion.

It is imperative to engage with fans. This engagement should not be limited to Beatport. The interactions should transcend the platform and cover all popular but relevant social media and streaming platforms. An artist may not generate identical traction on all social networks. It is sufficient to capitalize on those where an artist is getting enough engagement. Social networks can help spread the word around. It is not uncommon for fans to learn about the presence and popularity of an artist on Beatport through other channels, especially social media.

An effective organic Beatport promotion is to use relevant tags. Consider the tags as keywords, just as how websites are optimized for search engines. The more relevant and used your tags are, the greater are the chances of fans finding your music on Beatport. Not all Beatport promotions have to be about reaching out to the audience and securing listeners. Promotion on Beatport can also be about getting exposure naturally through searches. This is also why Beatport chart promotion is so important. Many fans do not go beyond the charts and the featured tracks. There is so much music on such platforms that fans always find something to like and they do not always want to discover new artists proactively. The medium of exposure, such as charts and features or search results, should be used optimally for organic Beatport promotion.

There are quite a few approaches to music promotion on Beatport. You must have clear objectives. You should choose a reliable Beatport promotion service. Find the right songs or tracks to promote. Post your compositions in a timely manner and get the instant boost with immediate Beatport promotion. Do not let a new song get drowned under other compositions. Aim for Beatport chart promotion and then engage with the audience to establish a connection. All Beatport promotions should have measurable outcomes as only that will justify the investment. The best Beatport promotion strategy is to combine paid and organic campaigns to generate plays and increase the number of listeners, grow the following and get placed on charts.

If you want music promotion services, then MusicPromotinonCorp is the best choice for you. 


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