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Which bandcamp promotion services do you offer?

We offer a variety of Bandcamp promotion services, whether you are trying to promote a single song or an album. There are different situations at different times. You might find that nothing needs to be promoted one month, but that you are trying to promote three songs simultaneously the next month through Bandcamp promotion services. Down the line, you might decide that it’s time to promote an entire project.

You should think about what exactly you want to promote before deciding on one of our Bandcamp promotion services. Bandcamp does focus on the artist, so it might be worth it to try to promote an entire project because it could get recommended to more Bandcamp users as a result. However, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to promote one specific song, or amplifying the fact that you are now selling new merchandise.

Bandcamp is a great way for independent artists to “DIY” their way into interacting with diehard fans, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s smart to invest in Bandcamp promotion services. Why not invest in a platform where it’s about more than just a song, or an album – these fans truly want to know about anything that you have to offer, as soon as possible. We currently have discounts on our Bandcamp viral package, which means that you can snag it for less than $100! For those hoping to spend less, we have cheaper Bandcamp promotion services, as well.

We understand that different artists have different budgets, so you might decide on the cheapest Bandcamp promotion services around. For people like this, Music Promotion Corp does offer a Bandcamp starter package. While it was formerly priced at $15, we are currently offering it at a discounted $10. Music Promotion Corp also offers our Bandcamp Best Seller package for $25, which is another great way to start your Bandcamp marketing strategy.

Which are the benefits of BandCamp promotion?

There are many platforms that artists have to consider before they begin getting serious about their content. You might be an entrepreneur that wants to make sure that they establish a Youtube following or a dancer that is focusing on Tiktok. However, Bandcamp promotion is the kind of marketing strategy that can truly help independent musicians achieve fame.

One of the great things about Bandcamp users is that they often aren’t hoping to listen to their favorite artists because that’s something that can be done on larger platforms like Apple or Spotify. Instead, many users are interested in finding new artists on Bandcamp, which is why Bandcamp promotion can be so effective if used correctly. 

Believe it or not, fans actually go out of their way to PAY artists on Bandcamp, which is much different than other platforms where they might simply want to listen to a song or album. Since Bandcamp is so focused on support, you might find that focusing on Bandcamp promotion is a great way to actually see a return on your investment regarding your artistic career. One easy and smart way to make sure that fans know about your Bandcamp promotion is to put a Bandcamp link in your various social media bios. You might even discover other artists once you get involved in Bandcamp promotion, and that could lead to more followers, collaborations, and money, as well. 

While there are many music platforms that have failed after they began, Bandcamp is steadily becoming more popular because its such a unique way for fans to discover artists that they can’t find on the radio or through a Youtube algorithm. It can be exciting to discover new music that truly speaks to you, and every independent artist should make sure that they are thinking about Bandcamp promotion if they are serious about making money from their music.

Why should I promote my bandcamp music?

Often, music artists are trying to find a way to make some money due to platforms that are willing to connect fans to artists. For example, you might have noticed that you have a large Instagram following, and it could be because of your image/personality. You may then decide to promote your music on Instagram, and put in links to stream your music. While this is great, the truth remains that you will only get paid pr stream in this case.

However, one of the reasons why it’s important to promote Bandcamp is that it’s a much more direct way for fans to support you. For example, you can even have fans actually put in the price that they want to pay for your product. While this means that some fans might put in a low number because it’s all that they can afford, it also means that there might be other fans that are willing to donate much more simply because they appreciate your music. Why deal with a middleman taking some of your money when you could just promote Bandcamp links?

You could then keep them engaged with new releases through Bandcamp e-mails and updates, and it’s easy to see how someone can make a living if they have enough fans. You will often find that the artists that promote Bandcamp are the ones that want more creative control over their career, and dictate the future on THEIR terms.

There’s a “cool” factor regarding independent musicians that aren’t controlled by record labels, and if you promote Bandcamp – you can have more control over your fan base and finances. It isn’t easy to promote Bandcamp, and you might find that a few of your fans don’t use it – but the fact remains that the decision to promote Bandcamp could prove to be a very fruitful one.

What are the best bandcamp marketing packages from your site?

Music Promotion Corp understands that not every artist is the same, and you might require a different strategy or package than another artist. Let’s say that you are a new artist that is struggling to make $100 a show – you are not going to want to use the same strategy as a famous singer who is trying to push their streaming numbers higher. Of course, Bandcamp caters more to smaller and more independent musicians, which is one of the reasons that artists without large fan bases should focus on Bandcamp marketing packages. If your fan base is growing, that’s great too – Bandcamp can still make for a more “exclusive” community including some of your biggest fans.

Our Bandcamp marketing packages can help you get more attention, and you also might want to combine it with other packages that we offer. You will not only get hundreds or thousands of new listeners, but it means that these Bandcamp users might end up purchasing some merchandise from you – so it’s easy to see how Bandcamp marketing packages can be worth it for those trying to promote themselves better. Our Bandcamp marketing packages can help you get popular on Bandcamp, which might be the stepping stone you need to eventually gain hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of fans.

Many believe that artists should simply focus on the biggest platforms, but that could be a fatal mistake. While there’s nothing wrong with a Facebook marketing strategy, the truth is that Bandcamp marketing packages might end up actually netting you much more money since the focus isn’t just on streaming – but it’s about support. Before you think about a Bandcamp marketing package, you should look up artists and bands that you respect and see how they managed to build a fanbase on Bandcamp as examples to follow/think about.

Is your bandcamp music promotion real?

Music Promotion Corp takes our reputation very seriously, which is why we don’t decide to run fake follower campaigns. We believe in longevity and the power of quality music, which is why we work tirelessly to provide real Bandcamp promotion to artists that decide to invest in their future. Some companies might claim to offer Bandcamp music promotion, but really are simply trying to trick artists into handing over money.

One of the great things about Bandcamp music promotion is that fans often aren’t just invested in music – they can invest in you. You might find that you are making some real money by selling merchandise through the platform, and some real Bandcamp promotions can help improve those numbers. We offer a variety of Bandcamp music promotion packages and are serious about delivering results as soon as possible.

Another way you can maximize real Bandcamp promotion is to ask to include your Bandcamp links the next time you are featured or interviewed on a platform. After all, why not include this link when it could lead to people actually purchasing your project and merchandise rather than simply streaming your music? Many Bandcamp fans are EAGER to support and interact with content creators, while users on other platforms might simply want to play their favorite hit songs. There is a much different demographic here, and understanding this fact is key to honing your Bandcamp music promotion.

Music Promotion Corp is proud to offer real Bandcamp music promotion. We stand with independent artists and understand that it can be extremely difficult to stand out and establish a reputation. We know that even independent artists can struggle on Bandcamp, and it isn’t always easy to establish a fanbase. The beauty of Bandcamp is that it can be easier than ever to promote upcoming shows, releases, and products, in ONE place.

Which are the best bandcamp promotion tips to promote your music?

There are many Bandcamp promotion tips to consider, and you should take the time to research and read about things that you can do to improve your chances of getting discovered. First and foremost, you should understand how to accurately categorize your music. One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to label your music the wrong genre because it means that fans of your genre don’t actually get to discover your work.

You can also choose a location to promote your music under the “Discover” feature, and you will want to choose this city carefully. If you become featured in the “Discover” tab – it can be a very good sign to anyone from bloggers, curators, or even booking agents that might be interested in booking you for a particular venue. Artists and bands should also make sure that they are using the right artwork across all platforms to create a cohesive brand strategy, as well.

These Bandcamp promotion tips might be straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many artists and groups forget about the details. In terms of Bandcamp promotion tips, you also might want to get some feedback from your fans regarding everything from artwork, merchandise, to even overall branding. You’d be surprised at the insight you can gain just by asking some questions on social media, for example.

The music streaming services are provided by various created music pages or websites nowadays. You can find all the genre tracks in any of the sites or pages on the web. You can even offer your music to sell to the one who wants to purchase them. There are numerous spots online where you can offer your music, among them one is Bandcamp page music administration. This is one of the amazing administrations for the song labels and artist for sharing and earning money through music. Its main mission is to let clients find their favorite artist songs and have fun. The Bandcamp promotion business is done to gain profits worldwide and has been fabricated mainly to put the artist in the first place. Here, you can be able to find the stunning fresh music and straightforwardly bolster the specialist who will make the music. A merchant accessibility is required to share music or sell it on well-known online stages. This music service page, Bandcamp is the place where you can make a record and list your music physically to make it available at a cost based on your personal preference to be purchased.

This app service is a platform where the users will purchase advanced music, a shirt, a ticket of their particular interested song artist. The money user paid goes to artist of a song. As they gain profits, you can gain benefits of selling your music through this page administration provided. Its gaining prominence as it is progressing day by day with huge profits. Bandcamp is used by a huge number of fans present in this world and this is an essential apparatus for a huge number of specialists. As people can offer their music on their own terms and earn cash. This page portrays their administration, makes it simple for fans to interface with and bolster craftsmen they adore.

The reasons to join in the Bandcamp

As mentioned, you sell or offer your music of your favourite song artists through this music page service. Here, lets discuss some of the reasons why it is best to join in the Bandcamp.

Zero diversions

Not at all like a considerable measure of destinations that are out there. Guests aren’t besieged with popups, advertisements, popups, and connections to profiles of various types. This page is somewhat similar to an arrival point with negligible diversions, and accentuation on the craftsman, music, and fine art.


The Bandcamp promotion is done through the locales that have a background marked by making deals versus those that don’t.


The tracks of Bandcamp plays and downloads for your benefits. It makes the details accessible to you.


You have your personal choice in your hands to offer or sell music based on chosen prices by you. And you can likewise give your fans a chance to pay what song they need. Furthermore, they enable you to offer merchandise through their site.


It makes it simple to set up, tweak your page, and rundown the available music that has to be a purchase, as it provides a straightforward interface.

Here, you can make an account for free of cost but this page service does take cash on deals.
Regardless of what benefit you use to offer your music, there is dependably a cost.

Promote your music on Bandcamp

The song artists prevail on this page administration offering music are for the most part can create buzz for their music. Likewise, advance the way that their music is accessible on this platform. They have the essential offering tricks to promote their music, such as:

If you want to sell music then you should as of now band site or have a craftsman or song artist. Particular law isn’t required in enlisting on numerous spaces to advance your music. Ensure to keep in mind that the web addresses of Bandcamp are short and basic. Motivating individuals going to your site address is likely less demanding than inspiring them to recall the Bandcamp address. Get a custom area first and then send your fans to that region. Computerized dispersion is essential, particularly in the present music industry that is divided. In case, if you are endeavoring to get your clients to purchase music and tune in to your music on unique stages. You will dissipate deals and plays everywhere which makes it difficult to support your profit. Rather, for advancing your music on this site or page service, be proactive if this is the stage you did pick.

If you have an advanced collection with at least tracks of seven or more than that then this music service take note that you can boost your income by charging seven dollars for the collection. You can charge four dollars if you have fewer tracks. This is a rule more than whatever else based on admittance of Bandcamp. The main concern is offered at a value that gets you deals, still, investigate if you want to for better deals. Before offering music, understanding the subject of music and its marketing is important. Decide the objectives, view diverse channels through which you can advance your music, arrange your showcasing efforts, and remain an understudy of the business as the things alter quick.

Thus, normally in any of the industry or field of music where real names and enormous organizations will in general control the terms regarding the song craftsman, and the evaluating. At this point, the Bandcamp page is a much-needed refresher which returns the power in the hands of the craftsmen that is exactly at the place where it ought to be present or needed. Be that as it may, advancement of the music all over the internet is as yet a test, and maybe dependably will be much more. You can find more and more accessibility to music than at any time in recent memory. The greatest obstacle to being survived if they need to offer music with any normality is by emerging as a craftsman and enhancing the following to gain more prominence.

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