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Frequently Asked Questions

What Audiomack packages do you offer?

 At Music Promotion Corp, we understand that there are many different needs for different artists. You may be a major artist that is featured on many blogs, hoping to boost your music up by several thousand plays a month once you notice that they’ve slowed down for whatever reason. Other customers might be an entrepreneur with a podcast hoping to gain more influence and get more notable guests on their platform, and think increasing streams can help them achieve their goals.

The Audiomack Starter Pack is a great way to get familiar with our audiomack packages, and it means that you get promoted to over 100,000 listeners. The delivery is quick, within 24 hours, and it’s a great way to help you get started on the platform. The Starter Pack is normally $25, but is offered for a limited time at $10.

The Audiomack Bestseller normally costs $55, but we are offering it for a limited time to you for $25. We also offer quick delivery (within 24 hours), but there are some improvements: you can actually get your music sent to record labels for more exposure. You will also get 3 days radio play promotion, as well.

The Audiomack Viral Package is our biggest audiomack package to date, and it’s also on sale for a limited time! Music Promotion Corp usually charges $175, but it’s on sale for $115. Your music will be promoted in various ways: through SEO, playlists, and more. This is definitely worth the value if you are serious about your music career!

Of course, you should only choose the audiomack package that makes the most sense for you and your brand. Remember that your music will reach more people the more that you invest, and feel free to take advantage of our free promotion offers and limited time deals. They won’t be around forever!

Why do I need Audiomack Promotion?

There are many artists that target different social media platforms, but Audiomack is definitely a platform that must be considered. While it might not be as popular as Spotify or Apple Music, it’s still a great place for independent artists to get attention. Your audiomack promotion strategy could potentially lead to a record deal the same way that music marketing on other platforms can help you get to the next level.

Your songs might be doing well, but there’s nothing wrong with giving your streams a boost. That number might be more important than you think it is, and the numbers are relevant to your overall growth and leverage in business meetings. Believe it or not, you will be able to increase your feature price based on the number of streams you have, and audiomack music promotion can help make sure that your songs are more visible. You might want to have people around you that can give you some ideas regarding cover art or art direction for your audiomack music promotion. One of the most important things to remember about audiomack promotion is that you never know which content will be relevant, so you may want to go out of your way to promote great content, even if it was created a while ago. You might find that it attracts a newer audience that you didn’t anticipate.


One of the benefits of audiomack promotion is that artists have unlimited uploads. If you are someone that consistently uploads music constantly – this is a huge benefit. Audiomack is also known for its trending page, and there’s a good chance that you can reach out to more bloggers and booking agents if you end up consistently “trending” on the platform. In this way, spending some money for your audiomack promotion strategy might be a very smart move. You also might want to coordinate promotion with different social media platforms to make sure that promotion and marketing is as effective as possible.

How can I promote my song on Audiomack?

Many artists are trying to figure out how to promote song on audiomack the most effectively. The first thing to remember is that Audiomack is focused on newer artists and newer trends. If you are creating content that seems a bit “old school”, you might not want to even figure out how to promote music on audiomack. There’s a good chance that you might be better off checking out the packages that we offer to promote heavily on other platforms.

However, when it comes time to figure out how to promote song on audiomack – one thing to remember is presentation. Fans want to know more about an artist and their story. If you aren’t sure about how exactly to tell your story or describe your music, you may even want to hire a writer to come up with a great bio and fill it out with details. The more details, the better. After, you may want to consider the right layout or color scheme that matches with the song, because it can help create a “mood” for the listener.

Other than that, it’s really about interacting with other artists. You might appreciate many other artists on audiomack, and showing love to other artists is a very organic approach regarding how to promote music on audiomack. Of course, it’s also important to inform your fans that you plan on making audiomack central to your overall strategy – and this can go a long way towards bringing you new fans and followers.

If your music fits the “niche”, you might find that understanding how to promote music on audiomack can help you get discovered by the right pe0ple, whether it’s a loyal fan or an interested music executive. It does take some time and effort, but with the right Music Promotion Corp package – you’ll be on your way!

How can I get paid on Audiomack?

Many artists understand that Audiomack can be a great promotional tool, but there are many people that are more concerned about how to get paid on Audiomack. There are some steps that you can take to make sure that you figure out how to get paid on Audiomack – and it’s not just about individual artists. There are record labels that also want to figure out how to get paid on Audiomack, as well.

First, you should do everything that you can to gain followers and fans. This might not even just be about uploading music as much as possible – you should also be doing everything you can to make sure that listeners are attracted to your profile. This also might mean creating captivating playlists related to your genre, which can also help introduce listeners to your own music in a creative way.

You might not be able to get paid on Audiomack as easily as other streaming platforms. However, that’s changing – thousands of creators are already trying out the AMP. For those who are unaware, AMP stands for Audiomack Monetization Program, and it’s currently in the beta phase. However, this will certainly bring more artists, entrepreneurs, and content creators to Audiomack, and make it easier than ever to understand how to get paid on Audiomack.

Of course, a lot of it is about branding. Do you have a specific logo as a band or artist? Is it featured prominently? Are you doing everything that you can to insert your creativity into the profile, and have you followed other creators and shown love to them? It might take some time to build the right fanbase to finally have a discussion about how to get paid on Audiomack, but it can be done! Music Promotion Corp and our Audiomack packages can also help speed up the process, as well.

Is your audiomack promotion real?

There are some music promotion companies that think that the answer to their customers is simply offering fake bots and followers. However, the truth is that there are many fans that can see through this strategy. For example, if you have a million followers but you are only getting 3-4 engagements per post – fans might not believe that your followers are real. This can obviously be a huge hit to an artist’s credibility. In fact, if you are famous enough, it might even become a news story on several blog sites.

We believe in real audiomack promotion because it can lead to more fans. It might be a slow grind…and you may find that it takes more time than you thought to get to 10,000 followers. There are many artists that have been making music for years, only to find that it’s a hit song down the line that finally leads to a real spotlight on their art. Either way, we believe in organic audiomack promotion, because it’s the most effective way to promote music. Artists should also have a clear expectation of when the promotion is happening, so that they can potentially market it across their channels, as well.

Another organic audiomack promotion strategy is to make sure that you are getting results with your songs, and understand what’s working or not. Let’s say that your band has been creating some incredible 2-minute songs, but found that you recently put out an experimental 6-minute song that is more popular than anything else that you’ve ever done. If the artists feel comfortable with it, you may consider pivoting more in that direction, since it’s clear that your fans appreciate that particular song more than the others. It can be a tough balancing act, but it’s worth it to figure out what is working and what isn’t working.

How can I buy Audiomack streams?

There are many artists and entrepreneurs that are trying to figure out how to buy audiomack streams, and you might be trying to figure out which music promotion services will be the most effective. We all know that more streams often means more followers, which means more interest – and it can be tough to get that initial boost. That’s why Music Promotion Corp can help you when it comes time to buy audiomack streams.

One of the most important aspects when you are figuring out whether to buy audiomack streams is to find a company that offers some great customer service. You don’t want to purchase music promotion only to find that you can never contact the company again, so it might be best to do some research regarding reviews before thinking about how to buy audiomack streams.

Before you buy audiomack streams, remember to update your profile to tell the listener as much as possible. You might want to ask your fans in other groups what they think is your best pic, and give as much insight into who you are, and how you fell in love with music, and how you began creating music. If you are serious about luring people in, you might even talk about your influences and your opinions on the role that art plays in the world. It might depend on the genre, but you should also make it clear where listeners can go to keep supporting you and get updates on your career.

If you are serious about understanding how to buy audiomack streams, be sure to check out our packages. Music Promotion Corp guarantees results, and we also deliver results quickly – which is great for artists or entrepreneurs that require a boost in numbers as son as possible. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our track record.

How much does Audiomack pay per stream?

There are many artists that are interested in making sure that their music is available everywhere. After all, there are different platforms that all have their own audiences. You might choose to target a specific demographic on one platform, while other artists might think that the best move is to put all of their efforts into only one social media platform. Of course, it all depends on what kind of music you are making, and what works for your specific brand.

However, there’s an important question: how much does Audiomack pay per stream? Currently, it’s important to note that Audiomack doesn’t pay publishing royalties, although they do pay master royalties. There is also a new monetization program in beta, for those who are wondering does Audiomack pay. This program might revolutionize the platform in the future, but there are definitely still ways to get exposure on Audiomack.

Audiomack has many lucrative partnerships and they also partnered with Songtrust to make sure that artists get paid what they deserve. For those who don’t know, Songtrust offers registration tools and one-stop global registration that can make it extremely easy for artists to get paid for your art. In fact, Songtrust can even help you collect on your live performance royalties, as well! So, if you are asking does Audiomack pay, the answer is yes – but it’s not very clear about how much it pays per stream. Also, it doesn’t pay ALL royalties, which is

Audiomack partnering with Songtrust is a huge win for artists and songwriters of all kinds, and it offers a lot of conveniences. However, there is a 15% commission fee. Artists should make the decision for themselves how to handle their Audiomack royalties, but Songtrust is a great option.

Do you offer Free Audiomack promotion?

There are many music promotion services that are concerned about making as much money as they can. While profitability is important for any business, we believe in giving artists free audiomack promotion to show them real results. After trust is established, we know that independent artists will appreciate the fact that we have already offered them a boost.

One of the best ways to get Free audiomack promotion is to connect with some influencers or blog writers that believe in what you are doing. If you are an artist or an entrepreneur that is focused on growth on Audiomack, you should understand the power of a network. If one major influencer tweets about your music and/or your podcast because they appreciate your content, it might mean more exposure and progress than years of working hard. It might not seem fair, but this is how promotion and marketing often works.

You might find that free audiomack promotion is hard to come by, but that’s one of the reasons why you should make your friends your advocates. As your fanbase grows, you may find that it’s your fans that help you the most – whether it’s offering feedback on your design, music, or spreading the word about local shows in their city. Don’t underestimate the power of fans – they can literally turn into brand ambassadors!

If you don’t have any connections, consider joining groups of other content creators that are willing to cross-promote each other. You could also create content that is relevant to viral topics for more visibility, but it’s also important to make sure that the content is still organic, and doesn’t come across as forced. Free Audiomack promotion might not be everywhere, but you should take whatever you can get. Of course, if you have enough money, you might consider paying for more advanced audiomack promotion strategies and partners.

Do you offer Audiomack Advertising for New Songs?

Music Promotion Corp. offers a complete Audiomack Advertising solution. We have several different packages available, which means it should be dead simple to find the right package for your new song.

Our base package allows you access to 10,000 listeners on your songs. This should be more than enough to start getting your music trending on Audiomack, which could help get it noticed.

Our most popular package will not only help get your music in front of these listeners, but we can also send your music out to record labels. We have built up a huge number of connections over the years here. This means that we can help to get your music sent to key decision-makers in the music business. This could be the start of an exciting new career for you.

Our largest package offers all of this and a whole lot more. Not only will you be getting your Audiomack songs listened to by 10,000 people, and not only will your music be sent to decision-makers, but we can also craft a complete marketing campaign for your music. This includes submitting your song to the trending section and playlists feature of Audiomack. This package is the ultimate package for helping ensure that your music is noticed.

We offer complete customization over all of the Audiomack packages. This means that you can add on new ‘features’ if you are looking for a more complete marketing campaign. We truly are here to help you to promote your songs in the best possible way.

Remember; Music Promotion Corp. has a vast amount of experience in the world of music promotion. We have helped people to get their songs heard by thousands upon thousands of listeners on Audiomack. We have even helped people to get recognized by record labels. We are the perfect team to work with if you are looking to get your music noticed in increasingly competitive music business. 

Do you offer Audiomack Trending Submission?

The Audiomack trending section is one of the best ways to get discovered through the Audiomack platform. Thousands upon thousands of people scroll through the trending section on Audiomack each day. If you are there, then you have the potential to be famous and generate thousands upon thousands of listeners for your songs.

One of the brilliant things about trending on Audiomack is the fact that each and every song is curated by a real team of listeners. Any song that is included in trending is absolutely worthy of being in the trending section. If you have a brilliant song, then there is a good chance that you could end up being there.

Here at Music Promotion Corp., we can offer Audiomack trending submission. While we cannot guarantee you will be entered into the trending part of the website, mostly because you will need to get past the team of curators, we can help to increase your chances. We have vast amounts of experience with it, and a lot of the clients that we have worked with over the years have managed to enjoy trending success on Audiomack.

Remember; Audiomack only allows submissions for their trending section if the song has been added to their platform within the last month. If the song is older than a month, then the team at Music Promotion Corp is unable to help you. However, luckily for you, Audiomack allows unlimited uploads. This means that you can add new songs whenever you wish, and we can help you to promote them!

Do you offer Audiomack Playlist Pitching?

While there are several ways to get noticed on Audiomack, perhaps one of the best methods is to appear in one of the Audiomack playlists.

Audiomack playlists are curated lists by expert listeners. If your song appears on one of these curated playlists, then you know that it is good. Your potential listeners are also going to know it is good. Appearing on a playlist is a quite route to Audiomack fame.

Here at Music Promotion Corp., we can help to get your song in front of the people that need to be able to hear it to include it on their playlists. We have a lot of experience with getting songs onto playlists on Audiomack, and our experience could prove invaluable. While we can never 100% guarantee that a song will appear on a playlist, you stand a better chance with us than without us.

Unlike trending submission, there is no time limit on Audiomack Playlist Pitching. This means that you can even submit your oldest songs to Audiomack. There is also no limit on the number of songs that you can submit to the playlist team at once. So, why not submit every single song in your Audiomack account? It is probably the best way to get spotted.

We believe that playlist pitching should form a key part of any music promotion campaign, and our team really wants to help you out with this.

Why You Should Use Our Services To Get AudioMack Promotion?

Audiomack is a free online platform to stream and discover music lovers. The streaming platform allows for unlimited uploads. It is a free and more flexible alternative to SoundCloud. The app has become increasingly popular among fans of music, especially those who want to discover new artists and alternative genres. The music streaming hub is busier than ever before and this poses several challenges to both artists and fans. Artists, whether singers or musicians, producers or songwriters, have an uphill battle to gain prominence so more users or fans can find them. Fans or listeners may miss out on some phenomenal music simply because they might fail to discover the promising artists on the platform. This problem can be resolved with smart and effective Audiomack promotion.

Importance of Audiomack Music Promotion

Audiomack is free for artists and fans. It offers unlimited storage so artists have the freedom to upload as many songs as they want. The fact that artists do not have to pay for the service means more people are exploring the platform. Any premium service becomes unaffordable for some artists, especially those who do not have any way to monetize their creations. The unlimited storage available further allows artists to keep uploading more songs, even the experimental creations that may otherwise be discarded if a premium service had to be paid for. The eventuality is that listeners get a vast inventory of songs and hence it becomes increasingly difficult to find new artists and compositions.

Audiomack music promotion is not only significant but a quintessential requirement. Very few artists get lucky to garner enough traction with some of their first uploads. Even those who get a substantial number of plays and get some dedicated listeners, the following may not be sustainable and the outreach may not expand. Audiomack promotion services can help artists reach out to more listeners. There are Audiomack promotion packages designed to make a composition or an album go viral. There are other different approaches to Audiomack music promotion that can make an artist popular in a short span of time. This popularity can also be sustained with ongoing promotional campaigns for every album or song.

Why Choose Music Promotion Corp?

MusicPromotionCorp specializes in promoting music across platforms. Audiomack is one of the many such streaming services and online platforms. Music Promotion Corp has services for SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, and all other well has known streaming services. We also have equal expertise in the social media marketing or promoting different types of profiles and content on social networks. Specialization is the first reason to consider our Audiomack promotion services. We have developed an astute understanding of how these platforms work. We also know what listeners are looking for and reach out to them accordingly.

The second reason to choose our services is the array of Audiomack promotion packages. There are three packages you can choose from. We do not complicate the Audiomack promotion packages. You are aware of exactly what you shall get in return. There is no immeasurable claim that you cannot confirm whether or not the service has been delivered. We have a starter, bestseller, and viral Audiomack promotion services.
The starter pack gets your music to a thousand new listeners. These are real people with active profiles. You do not reach out to fake users or listeners who are not active on the platform with our Audiomack promotion.

The bestseller pack can help you to reach out to thousands of new listeners. It should be noted that the listeners are new and not those users who may have already played your songs or are following your profile. The viral pack effectively popularizes your composition. You can choose a viral promotional campaign for a song or an entire album. The same is true for the starter and bestseller plans as well. The starter pack is priced at fifteen dollars but you can only pay five dollars with a prevailing discount. The bestseller pack costs fifty-five dollars but a markdown price of twenty-five dollars is now available. The viral campaign usually costs a hundred and seventy-five dollars but you can avail it now for only a hundred and fifteen dollars. The viral campaign goes on until your song reaches the required popularity for it to be classified as viral.

As you might very well acknowledge, the different Audiomack promotion packages are reasonably priced. The discounts make the packages more affordable. Even if you do not have a specific way to monetize your songs, you will be able to capitalize on your creations when you get to a few thousand listeners. This also serves as the foundation that you can build on. While you can get a thousand new listeners and more depending on the package you choose, there will be a ripple effect too that shall boost your organic growth or the outreach among your target audience. Our Audiomack music promotion services can be used anytime and as many times as you want for one song, an album or all the works you have uploaded on the platform.

New Features in Audiomack


Audiomack works on the principle that the artists must get paid and not paying the platform. Artists can look for profitable revenue if their albums are posted in Audiomack.


The trending option is shown on the homepage. You need not search to know what is the hot topic right now.


Audiomack focuses on new and upcoming independent artists.


Audiomack has no funding from the outside and it a very lean business. They say it speaks for itself to the wider audience and has over 200 million streams per month and has achieved 99.9% uptime.


Audiomack has ton of resources for both artists and music lovers to listen and to share.


It has unlimited uploads and data.


It has no monthly fee and is available for free.


Audiomack has a pro service known as the Audiomack Premium for monetization and it requires approval of an application.


Platform is built on requests from artists and the listeners. They work on the basis of comments and suggestions posted on Audiomack.


Audiomack has a full streaming service with all the listed audio in it.


Each upload offers a link to buy, follow and download media.


Users can favorite any track, album or a playlist.


One can easily search and browse for any kind of expertly curated playlist by mood, genre and many more.


One can shuffle their favorite collections.


Audiomack has blog and word press links at the bottom of the homepage to know more on its updates.


There is options like accounts to follow, recently added, top songs, top albums, trending and accounts to follow in the home page under the browse sections to help you easily view a particular artists uploads or an album.

Get More Listeners and Boost Popularity with Audiomack Promotion

Many users will not put in any additional effort to find new artists. They will simply go by the trends and check out the featured songs, albums or artists. You have a much greater chance of users finding your music if your creation is in the trending section. Featured works will always get more traction. You must aspire to have your music become a hot topic. This is easier to achieve if you have smart and effective Audiomack promotion. Our Audiomack promotion services will help you to get there. The viral Audiomack music promotion we have can get your song to trend on the homepage of the streaming platform.

Audiomack clocks more than two hundred million streams every month. It has an uptime of more than ninety-nine percent. It has been attracting more artists and users who want a free platform and not pay any subscription fee, albeit there is one for ad-free streaming and better quality of music. You must find your foothold as soon as possible or your compositions may not get the traction they deserve.

Why Must You Buy Audiomack Followers?

Audiomack is one of the best places to view live streaming audio albums. It is very important for those streamers to have followers or fans to build your Audiomack profile and make it popular to the wide audience. Some of the prime reasons why you must buy Audiomack followers are as below:


Buying Audiomack followers enhances or improves your social nearness and brings more individuals to your profile.


To buy Audiomack followers is very essential to promote any new releases and already existing music albums to reach a wider audience.


It is 100% safe and authentic in content.

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