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Discovering new artists and their music has never been easier or quicker. Spotify and other online music streaming platforms have empowered both artists and fans all around the world. All it takes is swift signup and a convenient search to find new artists and their creations, regardless of genre and country of origin.

This revolution has also propped up against a few new challenges, problems that were hitherto nonexistent. There is a problem of plenty right now. Spotify has millions of songs. Users cannot possibly listen to all. This means users should be able to find relevant songs that they are likely to enjoy. To enable this, sites like Spotify have playlists.

There are official playlists curated by editors at Spotify. There are Spotify playlists created by independent curators. Fans create their own playlists. Artists also have playlists, featuring their own songs and music of others.

Record labels, radio stations, marketing brands, celebrities, and many others create Spotify playlists as well. While there was a problem of plenty and it did get a bit sorted with curated playlists, there are now innumerable charts and this has lead to another challenge. There are many popular playlists. There are many that do not have sufficient following.

As an artist, you have to consider Spotify music promotion. You will need more Spotify plays. For that, you must consider Spotify playlist submission. You cannot submit your song to every playlist.

A playlist should be relevant for the genre and also the type of song you want to promote. You must also be able to identify the right curators for successful Spotify playlist promotion. Any type of Spotify promotion should have verifiable results. Only then is the exercise worthwhile. Artists must find the best Spotify playlists if they want to leverage such a promotional tactic to its optimum potential.

Here is a list with the most important Spotify Playlists:

Most Necessary

This is a playlist you should be on if you want a song to become popular. The Spotify curators of this playlist have shown over time that they understand what music fans want. This is interesting when you consider the diverse interests of music fans from around the world. Many people nowadays do not celebrate just one genre.

They celebrate many and the influence of social media, viral songs, and other sensations also influences people to like something they may not have had an expressed preference for earlier. Most Necessary has been able to identify songs that go on to become hits. It does not mean the playlist has no duds but the hits outnumber the flops.

Fresh Finds

Consider this Spotify playlist submission if you are unsigned or have had no major hits in your career till now. Fresh Finds identifies new artists who have serious talent and promote them. True fans of music want to keep exploring.

They love discovering new sounds. Artists who have something fresh to offer will find a place at Fresh Finds. It is not a surprise that this playlist has one of the largest following and also a vast curated chart. The playlist welcomes multiple genres, mostly rhythm and blues, psych-rock and electronica.

Anti Pop

This playlist is for those artists who have something significant to say. If you excel in lyrics and your music is infectious then you are likely to have an easy time with this Spotify playlist submission.

The playlist is also followed by those who celebrate lyrics and catchy melodies. There are some runaway hits on this playlist. There are many fresh talents too. Consider this Spotify playlist promotion for contemporary music cutting across genres.

If It Wasn’t For Gucci

This playlist is mostly for rappers. The discography is vast. It keeps growing. Plenty of celebrated artists are featured on this playlist. Aspiring rappers and budding composers or producers should not feel intimated by the kinds of songs available on this playlist.

There is no reason why the curators will not appreciate a great creation. There are many collaborators for this playlist so artists can also find like-minded fellows who they can team up with at some point in time.

Lush Lofi

Many people are familiar with playlists on YouTube branded under Lofi study beats. The playlists feature relaxing instrumentals. Lush Lofi does the same on Spotify.

There are songs that will transcend you to a place much more tranquil than the nearest retreat you may have. This is a completely different kind of playlist than the ones mentioned already. If you create music that can soothe then consider this Spotify playlist submission.

Free Form

Free Form may not be completely relevant for artists from around the world because it focuses primarily on those who are based in the United Kingdom. The London music scene has always been enthralling. Many genres and subgenres were developed in the underground music scene of the grand city. Free Spotify playlist submission is a top priority for this playlist. 

This playlist tends to celebrate that culture. It is heavily focused on artists but welcomes multiple genres. There is a fine blend of different genres and fans of music celebrate that. Spotify playlist promotion on Free Form can enable an artist to reach out to a completely new audience.

Bedroom Pop

This Spotify playlist promotion is to do it yourself acts. Spotify music promotion should not always be about professionals or amateurs who are looking to get signed. Many homegrown musicians deserve equal footing. Bedroom Pop has an interesting collection. If you have something charming, then consider this free Spotify playlist submission.

State of Mind

This playlist is for everyone who celebrates the past and present of rap. The diverse playlist celebrates gritty music. There are some amazing tracks that can keep fans mesmerized for hours. One can spend a better part of the day without bothering to change anything or even skip. This is one of the best Spotify playlists but mostly for rappers and hip hop artists.


This is again for rappers and hip hop artists but the sheer size of the playlist makes it distinct. If you like a popular rap that is on Spotify then you are likely to find it on this playlist. Some artists may find this Spotify playlist submission a tall ask but the curators do find space for new works.

Sad Indie

The name may mislead you to believe that you are signing up for sad songs. Romantic songs are not necessarily sad. Not all songs about heartbreak bring about tears. Loss is a universal reality and some songs can offer a perspective during a distressing time. Sad Indie celebrates various types of songs that are not just heartfelt but also smart, acutely introspective and fascinatingly revealing.

The playlist is for everyone who wants to celebrate soulful music.

New Music Friday

Consider this Spotify playlist promotion for new releases. There are many playlists that do not get updated for long periods of time. Playlists that already have too many songs and those that do not necessarily focus on new artists have a treasure-trove but it does not grow much. New Music Friday basically releases an updated playlist every week. It is just in time for the weekend fun so most listeners are instantly drawn to the new songs.

Timely Spotify playlist promotion is significant. It is not just the placement but also when a song gets featured.

Mellow Bars

There are quite a few songs on the Mellow Bars playlist that you will fall in love with. This compels many listeners to stay put when the playlists get updated. Artists should seriously consider submitting to this playlist as an integral part of their Spotify promotion for artists.

Gold School

Fans of vintage hip hop are going to have an amazing time exploring Gold School. But that is not where this playlist stops. There is an eclectic mix of new and old songs. Their many throwback moments listeners will encounter while browsing through this playlist.


This playlist does not have any penchant for a particular genre. It welcomes all kinds of songs. Creation has to be distinct. The production has to be immersive. The song can have any type of tempo and the target audience may not be well defined. None of these usual issues matter when Pollen features a song. What matters is the quality of the creation. That is what Spotify music promotion essentially is about.


This is one more playlist for soulful music. Many playlists these days are obsessed with electronica music, heavily edited effects and also auto-tuned vocals. Butter is about the actual voices of singers. If your song celebrates vocals or the sheer quality of a singer’s voice and some melodious music, then your composition is almost assured of a place on this playlist. Butter is also for instrumentals. It is not always the voice that reflects the true sensibility of a musician. The instruments are a quintessential device of communication. But the instrumentals too are more about soulful renditions.

Some of the other best Spotify playlists right now are Get Turnt, Cali Fire, Dazed’s The Only Tracks You Need to Hear and Pigeons & Planes Weekly. Each one of these has its own Spotify playlist submission guidelines. You should stringently abide by the guidelines to ensure your song gets considered. It is also necessary to follow these playlists, listen to the songs and engage with the listeners to know what the curators are actually doing.

All curators have a modus operandi. It is not just about championing a specific genre or celebrating new talent. The curators have to satiate the preferences of the fans too. All popular playlists have attained their current status because they have delivered what their listeners have wanted. They shall continue to do so. Hence, pitching your song or Spotify playlist promotion, in general, is more about showing that your creation suits the larger interest of the curators.

Consider Spotify Playlist Submission with Music Promotion Corp

Spotify promotions via Music Promotion Corp offers many turnkey solutions. You can buy Spotify plays. You can plan Spotify’s promotion for a Spotify viral campaign. You can indeed opt for holistic Spotify music promotion so you get plays, monthly listeners, reposts or shares and placed on chosen playlists. Identifying the best Spotify playlists is only the beginning.

Artists should be abreast of everything that is happening on the shortlisted charts. It is also important to establish contact with the curators. Following them on social media, sending an introductory message and sharing a private link to a song that is yet to be released are some smart movies. These should precede Spotify playlist submission. We offer the best music promotion services on the market and ranked as one of the best Spotify promotion companies in the world.

There are many ways to boost the chances of a successful Spotify playlist promotion. The quality of music is obviously the most important factor but the overall appeal of an artist’s profile does play a role. Artists who have a well organized digital presence, those who are serious about engaging with fans and are active on multiple platforms will get preference.

Curators want artists who know how to cater to the fans. They can contribute to the popularity of a song and the profile of an artist gets a boost but the curators also want the artists to explore other forms of Spotify track promotion. The growing popularity of an artist or their song should also get new listeners for the playlist.

Music Promotion Corp does not advise anyone way to promote music on Spotify. The company suggests a comprehensive approach. It is imperative to have sufficient Spotify plays for a song to be considered worthwhile by curators. Again, a news release or a song that is yet to be uploaded can also be pitched to the curators. 

This may seem to be contradictory but it is not. There are songs that should be promoted on a profile and then pitched to curators. There are songs that should be first pitched to the curators for a greater chance of successful Spotify playlist submission. There should be a fine balance among buying Spotify plays and monthly listeners, organic growth in following and placement on the best Spotify playlists.

Such a holistic Spotify music promotion needs planning and experts to execute the strategy.

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