Viral Music Promotion, this term itself makes the music industry go in frenzy and if you are a musician who has been looking for ways to enter into music industry or get your music album noticed, then you have been searching market left, right, center for any services, ways you can turn the table around. Music Promotion can be a daunting job.

    In early days music promotion was limited to cable TV, now the scenario has changed. Music promotion can be done in various places and virtually. Social Media has increased the work of marketing your music video as so many avenues has opened up to market the video but these avenues if one utilizes correctly can be used to get Viral Music Promotion.


7 Ways to Viral Music Promotion


    The question that arises in every music producer or singer mind is how to get noticed by the audience. This can become a headache for many of us. Though this work is time taking and tedious the results one can garner are so satisfying. We can help you in listing out some of the ways which will most definitely yield results and will get you Viral Music Promotion. These pointers are:

  1. Good Music–The first and the foremost thing that is required and a must is a good quality music and video. Both need to be good to connect to the audience. The audience should be able to resonate with the music you have created. The video must be capable of grabbing the attention and keeping them glued to your song. Many musicians create their own music websites, so that they can attract the audience and when these audiences are hooked and come looking for a singer, they on this website put up the best show and create an aura which keeps these people hooked on to their site. If your music is lacking then initially you may be able to grab the attention but you will lose the followers as well.
  2. Follow successful people – There are various famous and influential people who are in your field. Follow them and look for the ways they use to promote their own music. If possible use hashtags which are noticeable by these celebrities to draw up their attention. If you are noticed by them, you will have a fan base you can’t imagine.
  3. Branding – One of the ways to have Viral Music Promotion is by using branding techniques, which means make a brand of your band, follow a particular style while doing shows or videos, the biggest examples could be Lady Gaga and Marshmello. People connect to similar kind of branding. They expect consistency in these people shows and videos, which hit the mark and make their videos, go viral.
  4. Utilize the Email– The Mailing list is your greatest weapon to publicize your music. Having a large mailing list means that bloggers, curators, and music venues will consider you. This means they will see you as someone who is capable of increasing the flow of audience and thus increasing their traffic and subscribers in return. One can always hire services to increase the mailing list. These services will help you send automated messages and emails to the fan base. You can also increase the subscribers by adding links of your subscription in your social media account, your website or giving out forms at the merch table.
  5. Social Media – The greatest promoter service these days is social media. It is also the greatest weapon to get viral music promotion. Almost every day there are thousands or billions of people who are using one or the other social media network and browsing through the data available there. You should smartly utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more to publicize your event or music. It is said that one must follow the rule of thirds. It should be kept in mind that all the posts that you do on social media shouldn’t just be marketing gigs or promotional events. It should have a good mix. According to the rule of thirds:


    • One-third of your posts that you put out should be promotional.
    • One-third of your posts should be that they provide some value or information to your fans.
    • One-third of your posts should be such that they are engaging and your fans are glued to your website.

By following this rule, in your social media account, you will most likely have highly engaged followers, which is what everyone desires.

  1. Get an App – Getting an App build for easy accessibility of your music is going to help you out in keeping your audience engaged. Apps provide easy access to the audience, mostly everyone out there is using smartphone loaded with so many apps for daily use and whatever they like. Putting your music out there which is easily available will help you by keeping you in touch with your followers and sending push notifications sometimes.
  2. Cover Songs – Singing cover songs is a great promotional event to get noticed. If you don’t have a sizable fan base or followers, doing popular cover songs will get you noticed as the follower’s search for all the variations of their favorite or treasured song and if you have done justice to the cover song, people will notice you and would want to listen to your originals.

    These are some of the ways one can enlarge their fan base and followers to get viral music promotions. You can always hire services offline and online, which provide various packages to get your music popular and create a buzz around the music you have produced.

    One must always remember that hard work is the key to success, being persistent is definitely going to get you good results and make you and your work noticed by the fans and followers out there. Don’t give up and have fun making good music.

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