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Exploring the different types of Spotify playlists and how they work and then I’m going to give you some exact techniques you can implement to get yourself more placements. Pretty simple.

You get more Spotify playlist placements and thus more streams and fans, I help out people which I love doing, everybody wins.



Spotify playlists are the leader in 2020, the way Amazon is in retail. Everyone knows about them, everyone uses it, everyone gets what they want from it. With Spotify, it’s the same and what people want from it are, to discover new artists and music that they like.

The Spotify playlisting method is what users prefer to other streaming services because of how simple it is to use but the discoverability of new artists means a listener will NEVER run out of new music to find. It’s great.

So great in fact that being on Spotify playlists is a metric that is often used to judge an artists’ success. Should it be the be-all and end-all? NO. Yet, it does give a very real-time overview of artists’ listener numbers. The analytics Spotify provides can help you plan upcoming performances or pushing a specific piece of content to somewhere particular.

The playlists at Spotify help break artists in 2020 because streaming is a thing and Spotify’s method of playlisting is great. That’s why people use it. That is also how we are gonna get you playlisted.



Spotify playlists are so great because they have different types of curation methods that allow genres and artists to be blended on various criteria seamlessly. A country star with 2.3 million monthly listeners can be on the same playlists as an upcoming rock band with 39 monthly listeners. Unlikely yes but you get what I mean. So, what are these different Spotify playlists? Algorithmic. Editorial. Listener. Algorithmic: A playlist curated and also tailored to a listener’s taste. Using algorithms, playlists are curated based on a listener’s listening habits.

So if they like Octavian’s music then the algorithmic playlist would also add in music similar to Octavian’s style as they think the listener would like the similar style music from the other artists. Editorial: A playlist curated by the teams at Spotify which are based on music trends and data. ‘Rap Cavier’, ‘New Music Friday’, ‘Happy Pop Hits’.

All of these Spotify playlists are made based on what the teams think to represent the current music landscape in the respective genres. Listener: A playlist curated by the listeners. Yep, the playlist they take to the gym, the playlist of their favorite tunes, the old school 90s RnB playlist your mom loves. All those playlists made by the listeners are listeners playlists. All of the playlists are playlists but they are all different and yet, they all play a factor with placements.


You know why Spotify playlists are used and now know the different types of playlists that your music can go in to. In the following parts of this book, we’re going to explore how to actually get onto this playlist and why being on your best friends playlist matters just as much as you being on the ‘Alternative Christian’ curated by Spotify.

READ THIS: Before you scroll to the techniques read this because this will explain and give context as to WHY you need to consider all types of playlists. Spotify likes to supports artists with playlisting but they will not just playlist anyone and like most people, they help people who first help themselves.

In Spotify terms, if you have some initial support with your release Spotify takes notice and it builds up like a pyramid. Loads of bricks at the bottom and as you get to the top you don’t need as many. So this is what you’ve been waiting for.


#1 – The first technique is getting your friends and listeners to add you to their personal playlists. Getting your friends and listeners to do this is showing to Spotify that the song is a great song and people are listening and adding it to their playlist. This shows to Spotify that the song must be good because people are enjoying it and giving it multiple listens.

So even if you have 6 fans get them all to add it to their playlist and get your friends to do the same. Whether it’s 8 or 37 people if you ask them and they have your song in their playlist that they listen to Spotify will start to pay attention because of how it grows based on listener retention and the number of times they have skipped your song.

#2 – The second technique is utilizing pre-saving and release radar. An add-on almost from the first technique but upload your music to Spotify as early as. When your tune is released, if you have given it enough time, a week before it is released, Spotify puts it into your Spotify followers ‘Release Radar’ playlist.

This playlist is comprised of music from their favorite artists and since they follow you, your music ends up in there too. This can help generate new fans or to let your current ones know that you have a new song out. Based on the analytics received from this, Spotify can then judge if your song is doing good or not and support it how they wish.

#3 – The third technique requires a bit of research but it is reaching out to Spotify playlist curators. When you listen to a playlist, at the top it will say who created the playlist and a short synopsis of the music on it. ‘By Spotify’ for example.

However, the ones you want to try and find are ones that have an email, an Instagram handle or any method of contacting them at the end. Then simply, drop them a DM and send your song for consideration. They are human too, don’t just send your link. Listen to their playlist, tell them what you liked about it and then ask if they have room for another tune THEN send yours.

#4 – The fourth technique is making your own Spotify playlist. Make your own playlist of tunes you like, what you’re currently listening to or ‘Matthews Favourite Church Hymns’. Whatever it is, make your own one. Then, what you do with this is you add songs from your favorite artists and then to this same playlist you add 1-2 of your own songs. Then you promote this playlist. “No way I’ve been put in the same playlist as A$AP Rocky, go listen!!!”

People love big brands and names so by default they will go and listen to the playlist to see that you indeed have been added to the same playlist. People may not listen for your song directly but by listening to their favorite artists on shuffle, your song will come into the mix and because they like the playlist, they’re less likely to skip and they will let your song run, potentially turning them into a new fan.

#5 – The fifth technique is playlist directories. Soundplate, ForTheLoveOfTheBands, etc. You can find places like these with a simple google search and these will have playlists you can reach out to directly to submit your tune to or their own playlists which they push which can also have your tune in. Search, find which playlist your song would fit into, reach out.

#6 – The sixth technique is DIRECTLY SUBMIT to Spotify. Go into your ‘Spotify For Artists’ page and click music. Go to upcoming and you will see your next unreleased single in there, from there click submit a song and fill out the info.

Then your song will be in Spotify’s curation team’s hands, or ears, and they will decide what playlists you fit into. This is the big one, this is how to get into Editorial Spotify playlists. HOWEVER, it is not guaranteed you’ll get playlisted. Also here’s a tip: Submit early. The earlier you submit your tune to Spotify, the more time they have to listen, the more time they can figure out what playlists you will fit on.

So there you go, you now have 6 solid techniques that can and will get you onto Spotify playlists. They all matter, algorithmic, editorial, listener, getting on as many as you can help. More playlists, more streams, more fans, more money. It works. In a day and age where Spotify does count for a lot of an artist and how they are perceived, getting playlist is also a thing. To the point where people are making songs ‘for a playlist’, the same way people were making songs ‘for the radio’.

You don’t want to jeopardize your music, you wanna get it heard by as many people as you can.

Using these 6 Spotify playlisting techniques will help you do that.

MusicPromotionCorp is one of the best Spotify promotion companies that will help you get thousands of new listeners.

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