Organic SoundCloud Promotion is the way for most of the freelancers and singers to get discovered, you know you have the capability to sing and can get the attention of people but that is not enough to increase your fan base. It doesn’t satisfy your creative soul. You want to be heard, noticed and loved by masses since you know you have the talent. SoundCloud Promotion can be the answer to all your desires. Still wondering how a single streaming site can answer to all your queries. Let’s dig deeper and try to understand.

SoundCloud Know-How

    If we have to compare SoundCloud with any other website it would be LinkedIn. It is a type of social network platform where the music producer or artist meet up with their fans and can access releases or previews of various records before they are on the shelves. SoundCloud’s Head Quarter is in Berlin. This platform is widely used and quite famous. Most of the listeners that we come across are looking out for quality music. There are about 175 million active users on this platform which is twice of many other platforms like Spotify. If you are capable of providing quality music to these listeners just imagine the kind of masses you will attract and gain as your followers.

    Here not only listeners but Producers, Musicians, Music Managers, Influencers and many other representatives from the music industry are present if you are able to make connections and grab hold of opportunities you may hit a jackpot.

5 Ways You Can Achieve Organic SoundCloud Promotion

    There are various sites which offer SoundCloud Promotions. You have to choose wisely among the list of services providers, as there are many service providers which use bots to increase your views, plays, and hits. This can give you result for one time maybe but when considered in a long run all of us want that the fans and followers that we have made are real and going to be hooked to us for long. The sites that offer Organic SoundCloud Promotions are very few and before deciding on any you must get reviews and do a proper background check to know whether they are authentic or fraud.

Organic SoundCloud Promotion is one of its kinds as it provides you with a wide array of options for the artist. Some of the ways to achieve Organic SoundCloud Promotion are:

  1. Tagging – Why is tagging required? It is because it makes you discoverable when someone searches the SoundCloud. Using appropriate, simple and straightforward tags and keywords are the trick to achieve this. The more accurate your keyword or tag is it is easier to find it. You can link the tag to your collaborators by using an @ in front of their SoundCloud Name.
  2. Add Buy Link – Soundcloud is a platform which lets you add a buy link to your music, You just need to add the link from where the listener can buy your music like iTunes, Bandcamp or whichever site you use to sell your music.
  3. Art on the Album- On SoundCloud your artwork matters as it gives a vibe of your music, so make it stand out. It matters wherever it goes be it Facebook, Spotify or your website, the art of your album should be depicting your music. Use a JPG or PNG format with 800 x 800 pixels. You can always hire a designer to do this part for you if you are not so confident about it. There are many freelancers which can do this in your budget. Spending a little on part of your album must not be ignored as this is the first thing that people notice when they click. If your art is not going with your music, people may lose interest and look at other places.
  4. Go Pro- Pro is a paid service of SoundCloud Promotions. It has many features which can help you in promoting your music as you can privately share your track links. This can help you in getting connected to the Influencers out there. You can always send unfinished links and ask for the feedback which can help you in increasing the quality of your final release. It also adds a sense of exclusivity which is good when you are sharing it with tastemakers. Another benefit of going pro is you can anytime swap the audio and keep the likes, comments, and plays intact.
  5. Sharing is must – Now your track is uploaded and you are finally viewing the results and hits go up. You are happy with the way your music is making hits in the SoundCloud but are not sure about the future. How many days will the views last, how many days will like come or people will share it? This is just the first step done. Now is the time to get proactive, you must understand that it is a human psychology to help those who help them. So when one says sharing is caring it is so true. You have to keep in mind that just uploading your track is not going to help you have to constantly share works of other singers out there whom you like and can’t get enough of. These platforms work on sharing when you recommend one person other may do the same and just introducing your music to his/ her fans as well, which in turn will increase your followers.

    These are some of the steps which will help you gain organic SoundCloud promotions. If you are looking for ways to increase your traffic don’t limit yourself to just SoundCloud, there are other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter which can also garner great results. These platforms can be directly connected through SoundCloud. The world is open to you with the advent of Online Marketing. Explore it and use it whatever level you want to. These platforms are just the way to reach your goal.

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