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Not only can we help you figure out how to get monthly listeners on Spotify with absolutely zero headaches or hassle whatsoever, we can also help you figure out how to increase listeners on Spotify almost effortlessly – adding as many plays, as many fans, and as many followers as you’d like without you having to do any heavy lifting.

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This is the time to search for your niche in the music field. As there are umpteen opportunities available to share their work, musicians never had it better. At the same time, the presence of important platforms is vital. One of the most popular social networks for music connoisseurs is Spotify.

It is where you can find music novices and veterans share their new work and it brings heaven of music to music lovers. It also has great features to help you get noticed and heard. When the music is available on different vendors, listeners can reach them through those means.

Through this listeners will not miss the latest music, playlists, and uploads by you. So, it is very important to make the music easily available to the listeners.

Of course, to get more Spotify monthly listeners, you need to have more followers and you will also have to ensure that your music reaches as many as possible.

As one of the top promoters in the music industry today, especially when it comes to helping new artists get Spotify listeners, we know EXACTLY what it takes to make it big in the world of streaming right now.

We know that you are going to be up against some really stiff competition, with more artists and musicians able to get their music on streaming platforms like Spotify today than ever before.

We know that there’s a lot of competition out there for the same listeners and the same fans, fans that have a limited amount of time they can spend listening to music every day, but we also know how to leapfrog over that competition so that you get the fans you might have missed out on before!

Below we break down our five favorite tips for cracking the code when it comes to learning how to get more monthly listeners on Spotify without breaking a sweat.


5 Smart Ways To Increase Your Spotify Monthly Listeners


1. Release Content Exclusive to Spotify

    It is the innovative ways that get the most attention. If you want your music to go viral and get more listeners, then you need to give them what they will love. Create exclusive content that will appeal to your followers. Repetitive stuff may be good to just fill in your playlists but they won’t get you, actual followers or listeners.

One of the smartest things you can do, especially as a new artist on Spotify, is make this streaming giant your “exclusive” home for new songs and new albums that you are going to publish – making sure that you funnel all of your current fans (and all of your new ones) to your Spotify account.

Far too many artists today try and “carpet bomb” all of the major streaming platforms out there right now with all of their music, spreading themselves ridiculously thin along the way.

If you take a different approach, exclusively releasing your music on Spotify (at least for a limited time) you’ll be able to drive your play numbers through the roof without having to do much else. It’s one of the best ways to figure out how to increase monthly listeners on Spotify, especially if you’re already active on social media.

Look for niche content to get noticed quickly on the platform. Another point to look for is a good title that will go with your content. Do not give an abrupt title that leaves your listeners confused. IN fact, this is where a descriptive title can help. Try it.


2. Playlist Promotion is Key

    There are several ways you can use the playlists to your advantage. The most crucial thing is to update your Spotify playlists so that your listeners have something new to look forward to. It also keeps your playlist refreshed. The other advantage is that it keeps you ahead of others who may be dabbling in the same genre you should also get your playlist on the Spotify playlist

Another big piece of the puzzle that will help you master how to increase Spotify listeners almost overnight is figuring out how to get your music on influential playlists in your niche and your genre.

Playlist marketing is something that all of the most popular artists on the planet today do really well, and something that “overnight success stories” on Spotify also hit right out of the park.

Not only will you want to identify the best Spotify playlists that can help you master how to gain listeners on Spotify in a hurry, but you’ll also want to make sure that you are releasing songs across multiple different playlists – ideally different songs on different playlists that can help you attract the most fans to your artist profile possible.

Landing a top spot on a Spotify official playlist can be a bit tough (though not impossible), so it might be a better idea to shoot for independently run but still ridiculously influential playlists. At least at first.

Reach out to these Spotify playlist owners with your music as often as you can (at least once a week) and you’re sure to be surprised at just how receptive many of these playlist owners are to share your music, helping you to get the exposure that you’re after.

There are in-house curators who select Spotify playlists depending on their popularity. If your playlist is found to be engaging well with the listeners, then there is a greater chance of you getting on the playlist of Spotify. There are also artists who may create a list of their favorite songs and then include a couple of their original tracks in the mix. You can also use the Spotify Playlist Exchange where you can post your playlist.

Remember to add your description as well as relevant tags to it. It is a give and takes the world out there. If you want others to comment and share your content, make sure you do so as well. The tip is to engage to get engagement from others to your tracks.

3. Share on every social network and other online platforms

    The first thing that can be done quickly to get Spotify monthly listeners is to share your Spotify playlist on your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Just share it where you have a presence. The other thing to do is to create a website or a blog and then share the playlist on it as well.

A lot of artists and musicians use social media marketing sort of willy-nilly, with no real specific strategy behind the posts that they put out, the content that they share, or the engagement that they are building with their followers and their fans. Don’t make the same mistake.

Figuring out how to get more listeners on Spotify (especially when you want to know how to increase Spotify monthly listeners without a lot of headaches and without a lot of hassle) is all about driving new fans to your Spotify account – and social media can really help big time if you’re using it right.

First, make sure that you’re including Spotify links in all of your relevant posts. Secondly, make sure that you have a link to your Spotify account somewhere in your social media bio or profile. Third, make sure that not every post you send out is promotional in nature. Social media is, after all, supposed to be social first and foremost so be sure that your engagement with your fans organically or you’ll burn your audience out in a hurry. 

Of course, there is YouTube which is one of the most trending as well as popular platforms for music. You may not become a YouTube star overnight but with perseverance and good content you can. The key is to work hard and updated. Keep reminding your followers to share and listen to your playlist in a non-obtrusive or pushy way.

You can also promote your new single or work similarly.

4. Leverage Spotify Promo Tools Smartly

One of the best ways to increase monthly listeners Spotify themselves help you with comes in the form of “Spotify codes” and “Spotify buttons” – codes and graphical elements that let you embed your content on your website, in emails, and on social media.

These can be powerful tools when taken advantage of correctly, but again you want to make sure that you aren’t spamming them across all of your social media profiles or and every one of your emails. Spotify promotion is one of the best ways to market your music to a new audience.

When used diligently (and strategically) these tools can help you get more fans faster than a lot of other approaches but you have to be sure that you aren’t burning out your audience at the same time. Sprinkle these kinds of promo tools in your communications and you’ll have a much easier time getting new fans and followers.

Look what Spotify has to offer in terms of helping you get more listeners. Take advantage of its great features and ensure that you utilize them in the best way. A great tool is the Spotify Play Button that you can put up on your blog, website or even Tumblr page.

All you have to do is to use the embeddable code. Here is how you can get it. Right-click on the track or the playlist and click on the option that says ‘Copy Embed Code.’ Paste this on your blog or website and the button will be displayed. It is that simple. You can also use the Spotify codes to help get more shares for your Spotify playlists. Request your followers to scan the code with their phone as it will enable the playing of your music instantly.

There is also the ‘Follow’ button that you can use on your website or blog. It will help you get more listeners for your playlist on Spotify while also generating more traffic on your website. Spotify music promotion is a great tool to get your music out there!

5. Build a network, engage and follow

The last big Spotify promo secret we want to share with you has to do with the power of networking, actually reaching out to fellow artists in your genre or your niche and helping one another build your fan bases and your followings.

This is one of the best approaches to organically figure out how to grow your Spotify listeners, helping you to increase Spotify listeners by leaning on already successful artists that themselves want to grow and cross-promote their music while helping new artists get a bit of a head start, too.

It’s going to surprise you just how receptive a lot of influential artists are to helping newbies master how to get Spotify listeners, especially if they struggled in the early stages of promoting their music on this streaming giant as well.

Find influential and up and coming artists your genre, do a bit of research and listen to their songs, and shoot them a message via email or social media to see if they might be receptive to cross-promoting one another’s music to each other’s audience.

You might have to sort of grind out this networking approach when you’re just getting started, but you’ll find that more often than not artists are willing to do these kinds of mutually beneficial promos – especially if they’re digging the music that you are making, to begin with!

If you like a little more help figuring out how to grow Spotify listeners numbers, how to get more Spotify monthly listeners, and how to really crack the code when it comes to Spotify promotion reach out to us when you get a chance.

We would love to talk a little more about that!

As the rule in any other social network, the general principle to follow on Spotify is also to listen to others so that they will also listen to you. Build a strong community that sees active engagement, from your side as well as others. If you want more followers, you need to follow others as well. In addition to following your fellow musicians, keep an eye out also for more famous artists and follow them.

You will not only get to listen to fresh tracks but you can also be aware of the latest trends. Through them, you can also get a chance to gain more listeners to your playlist as well. As you might be aware, it is a competitive world out there in the field of music. Even if you have the talent, you may not get noticed. In the online frenzy, it is important to stand out and be seen.

Platforms such as Spotify have made it easier for artists to create a mark and get their due share of the limelight. Utilize it to your best advantage and let the world see you and enjoy your music as much as you enjoy it. So, what are you still waiting for?

Grab more knowhow, understanding and working module to buy Spotify monthly listeners and get started.

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