When we consider the growth of the music industry, it has experienced a rapid pace growth. There are on an average 75 million subscribers who are paid, listeners. When it comes to streaming platforms for music Spotify is on top. If a musician wants to grow his fan base, Spotify is the right choice. This is an excellent place for musicians and their growth in the industry. It is also the best platform for discovering relevant artists, new artists, and for the Spotify promotion of the music. To introduce music to the world there are many ways among them best possible way is streaming. But one must understand that as an unsigned artist one may face challenges in generating the Spotify streams. So, it is important to follow guidelines to promote Spotify plays on Spotify. These will help the unsigned artist in getting a better number of Spotify streams.

1. Getting music on Spotify:

    The initial step that one must take is bringing their music on Spotify. But like Bandcamp, YouTube, or SoundCloud there is no way in Spotify where musicians can upload their music for free. So, one must rely on distribution service or record label to get the work done. For example, one can take the help of services like CDBaby, TuneCore, and DistroKid. These services can take off both licensing and distribution of the music. One more good reason to rely on these services is they will pay a royalty to musicians when the music gains enough streams on Spotify. Along with these, there are distributor tools which even offer many other resources, services, and artist tools to help musicians. They can bring anything which the musician needs to prepare his music, sell it, and market the same. Since each and every service here is different one must choose carefully based on their needs.

2. Getting verified as an artist:

    Once the musician brings his music on Spotify he must remember to create an artist profile on Spotify which is verified. This is because once the artist becomes a verified artist; he will get access to all the tools which are needed for managing playlists, and profile. Along with these, he can view the range of stats, and much more. Once the artist is verified it can also bring him enhanced credibility. He may get noticed by curators on Spotify playlist soon. It is necessary to access Spotify for artists to get verified. This is open to every artist and even their management as well.

Here are some benefits of getting Spotify verification.

  • Once the profile is verified, the profile will get blue checkmark
  • Get access to fan insights and analytics
  • The musician will be able to create as well as submit artist playlists
  • He can also customize his profile with bio and images
  • He can send releases to Editorial team of Spotify after the profile is verified
  • He will get access to many other services along with promotion tools

3. Creating and updating the playlist:

    When we consider the stream on Spotify, charts and the playlists are biggest drivers for this. Among these playlists is considered the fastest way to reach the music to the listeners. These can gain potential fans. But always remember that bringing the music to a popular playlist is not easy. The top playlists are usually controlled by either major labels or many times Spotify Editorial team. So, creating your own playlist is considered as the simplest way of generating the streams. This can also help to get more Spotify plays. The other way can be giving support to other artists and sharing your music with them can also get more followers. Along with these, one must remember to add tracks to their playlists frequently. This is essential because through this itself followers can get noticed. This can also bring more and more listeners to the profile. This can also enhance the number of streams and followers. One more idea is promoting and curating the playlists can also keep the musician engaged with his listeners. Since Spotify algorithms can always monitor the activity of the profile, it is very important to stay active.

4. Getting on Spotify playlist:

There are many ways to get the music to get featured on Spotify playlist. Some of them are

  • Creating a Spotify for the artist account is the best way to get on Spotify playlist
  • Another way is submitting the music to the independent curators like Spingrey, Indiemono, and Soundplate
  • Messaging or emailing playlist to curators. Later ask them to add the music
  • Getting the music signed by the label which has high performing playlist
  • Creating playlists which have themes and which features music by other artists
  • Frequent update on playlists
  • Supporting other artists and sharing their work. follow artists which your fan group likes and help them find their best artists
  • Sharing your work on social media, music supporting websites, blogs which can bring more exposure
  • Promoting music on Spotify. Encourage fans and followers to listen to the playlist which you have created
  • Always aim to create the best quality music which can perform well
  • Try to grow your followers, be proactive, stay active, and enhance your streams

5. Using social media:

    It is very important to be active with fans through one or other means. Social media is the best way to communicate with fans. So, make use of social media to stay active and communicate with followers. Use social media profiles to give updates, share stories, promote gigs and music, and Spotify links.  Always try to utilize SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles to connect with the fan base. Using social media, it is possible to send messages, emails, and it is an easy way to connect with the fan base. Sharing Spotify playlists to fans using social media is considered as the best way for promoting music. One can also make use of groups in social media to promote music to a large number of people with similar taste. One can make use of tools which help to manage many social media profiles all at once. This will take less effort than managing profiles one by one.


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