Spotify is a popular music streaming platform developed by Spotify Technology. After its launch on the 7th of October 2008, it saw a tremendous rise in popularity.

Off late, the platform has hit the milestone of 10 million subscribers. Using the platform one can not only promote music but access millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from all over the world.

Spotify is available in both free and paid versions and can be used on PC, laptop and mobile phones. Signing up with Spotify is quite easy, and all you need to do is sign up with your Facebook account.

This would make it easy to find friends and also share songs with them. The platform can also be a great choice for artists to promote their music. This is a great concept but sadly does not revenue for the artists. But the artists can use the platform to gain exposure and popularize their music.

Having a good number of followers plays a primary role here. But how to get more Spotify followers is the question with so much competition all around.

5 Simple Ways To Get More Spotify Followers

    Growing your follower base on Spotify can be a real challenge. Below are certain guidelines which when followed could get you more Spotify plays and also increase your fan base:

1. The first step to being heard and develop a fan base is to get your music on the platform. It is important because unlike platforms like Youtube or Soundcloud one cannot upload all the music for free. Services of a record label or distribution company are required.

They can help sell and market the music by providing various artist tools and resources.

2. Once your music is available on the Spotify platform, having a verified artist profile is the next step. This not only gives a boost to your credibility as an artist but also helps you get noticed by the Spotify playlist curators.

Make sure that the profile is a reflection of your personality and tastes. Information like what type of music inspires you or who are the other artists playing a similar style of music can be important additions.

Having a verified artist profile also gives you access to analytics and fan insights. Having an access to the fan insights can help you learn more about the listeners and their demographics.

You get a clearer picture of demographics, location, listener preferences and also about the playlists that feature your music.

3. With a verified artist profile you also get access to various promotional tools as well. These tools are immensely beneficial for promoting your music and increasing your fan base. For starters, you can sign up for the Spotify ad studio.

Using this one can create ads of approximately 30 seconds that play during ad breaks between songs. Another promotional tool available is the Spotify code. It is more or less like a QR code that is scannable and helps people discover content on Spotify. These codes can be easily shared and deployed on social media and other platforms.

On the Spotify app, there is a built-in scanner that can scan these codes. Embedding a Spotify follow or a Spotify player button can help fans find and listen to your music.

4. Only having a verified artist profile does not suffice the need if you wish to increase your fan base. Social media has become an important marketing tool today. Hence it is essential that you align your Spotify widgets with your various social media accounts.

Posting your Spotify Lins can help you actively engage with a large fan base.  By sharing stories and promoting your music you can encourage your fans to follow you on Spotify. Spotify provides promotional tools using which the artist can share links on Facebook pages and Twitter.

Links posted on the former provide a 30-second preview while the later creates audio cards for the fans.

5. Featuring on playlists can generate more streams and also help gain more followers. But it is essential to understand that getting your music on the Spotify playlist is tough as it is mostly controlled by the editorial team.

The easy way out is to create your own playlists which feature music by other artists along with your own. Always come up with unique playlists that will grab people’s attention. It is not enough only to create a playlist as you need to continuously update it.

When you refresh it on a regular basis the followers get notified. This helps in driving listeners to the profile thereby increasing followers and streams.

Buying Spotify Followers

    Apart from the above-mentioned methods, one can also buy Spotify followers and eventually increase the fan base. There are many service providers available online selling real Spotify followers to aid you in enhancing your fan base.

Using the conventional methods might not always yield great results hence using the services of such companies can be sometimes beneficial. They not only give you a quick boost but also the much-needed viewership to your profile.

Therefore buying Spotify followers can improve your credibility as an artist and give you the necessary exposure to get discovered.


    Since its inception, Spotify today has grown to have a huge base of 40 million users and beyond. This makes it an ideal platform to get your music on the forefront and also help you grow your fanbase.

But promoting your music on the platform can be a challenging one. One has to continuously engage with the audience, remain proactive in updating playlists and also release great music. With its huge user base, Spotify provides you the perfect platform to grow quickly as an artist. Promoting the music on Spotify can only provide the artist with some exposure.

But in terms of revenue, the artists don’t stand to earn much. But despite this one cannot negate the benefits of Spotify. Playing at various events can generate substantial revenue for the artists on their music.

But this requires a massive fanbase which can be achieved by promoting your music on platforms like Spotify.

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